The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 228 - Day Five · Chant of Death

Chapter 228 Day Five · Chant of Death

A single blow of the Human Emperor was mighty enough to change the world. The night turned into day, and the surging white light hit the night sky ten thousand meters away. Everything tangible became specks of dust under the white light. Half of the air force that the five forces put together was gone. Such power was capable of destroying the heavens and the earth.

This was a real death blow to the world!

As the best expert in the Dark World today, even if Wang Tianzong couldn’t exert the power of the ultimate form of the Human Emperor, the destructive force of his one blow surpassed that of the combination of any man and murderous weapon in the Dark World.

The best expert in the Dark World, and the best murderous weapon in the Dark World.

When both of them were at their peak, Wang Tianzong had the daring to consider all the other Invincible Realm experts nothing, with the gun in hand.

The white light that had covered the night was gone. Amidst the overwhelming cheers, only that clear sound seemed to be still echoing.

All the surviving soldiers of the Border Control Corps went mad and roared. They were absolutely loyal to Dongcheng Wudi, but equally, they worshiped the legend of Zhongzhou State.

For centuries in Zhongzhou State, every time the Human Emperor sounded, it meant that Zhongzhou State had won a great victory in a big event. Every time the Wang family of Beihai and the Human Emperor joined the battlefield, it also meant that Zhongzhou State would do its utmost in this matter and fight for every inch of land. Nothing could make Zhongzhou State compromise.

The clear sound made by Human Emperor still lingered on.

The cheers of “Human Emperor” reached the sky.

The broiling white light dispersed the blood-red color in the air. Another clear night appeared above the Nanyun border.

The moon was bright, and stars were few.

Wang Tianzong stood in the void and bathed in the moonlight falling from the sky. He said slowly amid loud cheers, “Who is here? Come out for a fight.”

The voice was calm and indifferent. It was not loud but instantly drowned the cheers on the ground. It echoed through the battlefield, sounding majestic, calm, and confident.

The dark Human Emperor had been transformed into a black bracer, covering Wang Tianzong’s right arm.

With an indifferent look, Wang Tianzong slowly raised the long sword in his hand.

At the moment when the Sword Energy was soaring into the sky, something dark, similar to roaring flames, surged all of a sudden from a void at the same height as Wang Tianzong in the rear of the enemy.

The thick darkness could not suppress the dark, mysterious flame but was dyed darker by it. The void was twisting and shaking, and the black flame spread like ink, darkening the void and the night.

A dangerous smell of violence and death swept through the heavens and earth overwhelmingly. It became more and more visible in the night sky.

“Almost there.”

A muffled sound was suddenly heard in the night sky. Its owner spoke Chinese in an English accent, and every word was full of violent fighting desire.

“It’s still a long way off.”

Wang Tianzong gazed intently at the black flame that was spreading in the void thousands of miles away. His tone was cold.

“The Human Emperor moved. Cannon fodder… They are almost eliminated. It’s time for us to fight back.”

The voice continued to sound, cold and indifferent, as if devoid of all human emotions.

Not to mention the army of Zhongzhou State, even in the enemy camp, everyone who could understand English was angry. They stripped themselves of their glory, put on the black garments which they now wore, and shed their blood. Nevertheless, they were indeed treated as cannon fodder at last. What they got was really lamentable.

The black flame made no noises, but it was spreading more and more violently.

He was telling the truth. In this battlefield, not to mention ordinary soldiers, even Dongcheng Wudi, who was a Half-step Invincible Realm expert, was a nonentity in his eyes. Why should he care about what they thought?

Wang Tianzong slowly lowered his head. He didn’t seem to care about the increasingly fierce black flame in the void. He just looked down at the black Human Emperor which had turned into a bracer.

The black Human Emperor had lost its luster. However, as the black flame flickered ahead, the black metal surface of the Human Emperor kept rippling, as if it were making reactions to the black flame.

Wang Tianzong stroked his bracer, his face impassive.

There were very few records about murderous weapons in the Dark World. The 13 murderous weapons usually appeared at the most critical moments, so some secrets that were not so secretive had not been widely spread.

Especially about the origins of the murderous weapons.

Only a small number of people in the Dark World knew that the 13 murderous weapons had the same source!

They came from the same piece of metal, but they were different in size and color. This rare treasure was first produced by a certain overseas superpower, which fell centuries ago. The treasure was then robbed and divided into thirteen parts.

Nineteen years ago, the murderous weapon named Infinite Sky of the Li family was damaged. Therefore, the remaining 12 Murderous Weapons today were everything the previous piece of metal left. For countless years, various forces and even states had searched for this kind of metal intentionally or unintentionally. But for hundreds of years, this was the only piece of such metal. Since it was carved up, there had been no new murderous weapons in the world.

The murderous weapons were cast into firearms, but they did not need bullets. The energy they emitted was entirely the energy they absorbed.

In short, murderous weapons needed to store energy, which was their biggest drawback.

The last time the Human Emperor sounded was more than ten years ago. It had accumulated energy for more than ten years, but a shot tonight drained its power at one go. As to when it could be used the next time, it may be in a month or two or a year or two, but that was the top secret of the Wang family of Beihai.

But at the very least, in this battle, the Human Emperor, which had been fired, was temporarily unable to function.

However, the result of wiping out dozens of fighter jets with the power accumulated by the Human Emperor over the years did not disgrace its reputation. And the most important thing was that the famous flying teams were obviously the bait of the five forces left to the Human Emperor. If the Human Emperor hadn’t been fired, the Invincible Realm masters hidden in the dark would not have come out to seek death. Then, no one would know how long the war would last.

Therefore, Wang Tianzong simply swallowed the bait with the Human Emperor. Since time was limited, he must fight a quick battle!

The light in Wang Tianzong’s eyes gradually became fierce.

He ranked first on the Divine List, so he was supposed to be invincible throughout the world.

Even if he didn’t have the Human Emperor, he still had a sword. With a sword in hand, he was fearless.

“Even if I can no longer use the Human Emperor, you are no match for me. Aresis, do you really think that a murderous weapon with a short-term energy saving can do anything to me?”

Wang Tianzong slowly raised his head and stared at the black flame in the void. His tone became colder.

From the first moment he saw the black flame, he had figured out who the Invincible Realm master was on the frontier.

That was an Invincible Realm master who didn’t belong to any of the five forces. However, he had a lot to do with Knights Templars.

To be precise, he was one of the masters of Knights Templars.

He was the Saint War Angel of the Vatican, who ranked second on the Divine List. St. Aresis!

“I’d like to give it a shot.”

A low, murmuring voice echoed across the sky.

In the void, the black flame suddenly expanded to the limit.

The murderous weapon had been fully activated.

The black flame was like a tide, and the black tide rose as high as the sky while it was surging.

Wang Tianzong said no more and held his long sword horizontally.

It was a long sword, plain and old, without any strange features. But as the blade was unsheathed inch by inch, the long sword burst forth with incomparable brilliance.

This was a famous sword that had shown up for only two hundred years, and a famous sword that was cast by many damaged swords of the Wang family of Beihai.

The Sword Energy was frightening.

“The sword is named Listen to the Sea.”

There were torrents under Listen to the Sea!


The black flame that rendered the entire sky black suddenly vibrated.

The moment the black flame twisted, a tall and majestic figure suddenly appeared in the void ahead.

The figure was holding a long black gun, more than a meter long and shaped like a shotgun. He aimed his gun at Wang Tianzong and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

There was a sudden explosion in the night sky!

Like a scream, and yet like a sigh.

Five years ago, it was the murderous weapon that had won fame in Northern Europe and had inflicted heavy losses on Dark Knights. It was also the murderous weapon that enabled Knights Templars to successfully withstand the great pressure from Dark Knights. It was also the murderous weapon that belonged exclusively to Aresis, the Saint War Angel of the Vatican.

Chant of Death!

The black flame burst forth, so the starlight and moonlight were completely obscured by it. The black light almost immediately enveloped all the space around Wang Tianzong.

Listen to the Sea was about to be unsheathed.

Right at that moment, almost simultaneously, on both sides of the battlefield, long screams that were loud enough to shake the night sky were heard.

One was from the east and the other west.

It was a long scream of an old man who had an endless fighting desire.

The other voice was relatively young, full of fatigue and helplessness.

The screams sounded one after another, but two flashes of glare approached right after Listen to the Sea was unsheathed.

The Sword Energy was boiling in the air, and the whole world was trembling.

The infinite sword light surged from the east and the west respectively, but the Sword Energy was incredibly from the same source!

The two flashes of sword light possessed different momentum but almost identical Sword Energy and sword intent.

The two strands of Sword Energy were gathered in the air in a flash. The sword intent that was mighty enough to reach the ultimate incredibly mixed instantly, and the power multiplied!

Amidst the black flames that engulfed the sky, the two strands of Sword Energy that gathered together were like rainbows, which instantly made the flames all over the sky dissipate.

Aresis’s pupils suddenly contracted.

For a moment, everything in front of him disappeared completely, and the whole world was only left with the two beams of sword light!

A long blood-red sword flew through the air.

A huge blood-red flag roared across the sky!

Two completely different weapons.

The same sword intent.

The exact same unique technique.

The Twenty-second Blade · Break of the Sky!

A flag and a sword came from different directions and crossed the distance of thousands of meters. Initially, it was not a joint move, but when they merged into one, they burst forth incredible power. The sharp edge minced the black flames in the blink of an eye and ran through the sky and the earth. The void was torn to pieces inch by inch in the mighty sword light.

The sword light spread.

The black flames shattered.

The peerless edge swallowed Aresis in an instant.

It devoured the Chant of Death in his hands.

“Li Honghe!!! ”

A roar of extreme pain sounded in the darkness. Wrapped in the bright sword light, Aresis’s body went backward in an instant.

The flagpole of the blood-red Star Flag was directly thrust into the abdomen of Aresis. The flag fluttered in the wind!

Two figures abruptly appeared in front of Wang Tianzong.

Wang Tianzong calmly withdrew the long sword without shooting a glance at Aresis. He silently looked at the old man in front of him, and the looks in his eyes were complicated.

Lin Fengting, who rushed to Zhongzhou State from Switzerland, had his expression changed, too.

There was no Star Flag in the hands of the old man at the forefront. He stood in the void with his back to Lin Fengting and Wang Tianzong, and a fighting desire together with the coldness that could suppress heaven and earth burst forth from his body.

The crazy and fierce momentum suppressed Wang Tianzong and Lin Fengting at their peak. The old man was indomitable and unrestrained.


The momentum was already unable to be suppressed.

That was the hard truth.

Lin Fengting’s eyes turned red suddenly. His body trembled, and he breathed deeply. Together with Wang Tianzong, he bowed deeply to the old man in front of him and said respectfully, “Pay my respects to Senior Li.”

Li Honghe, who went to and fro thirteen battlefields in a day and had been fighting bloody battles, was now bathed in blood. Far from weakening, his aura grew strangely stronger.

He slowly turned around and glanced at Wang Tianzong and Lin Fengting, who stooped in front of him, and then looked at Aresis, who had already retreated to the distance.

After a long while, he nodded and whispered, “Since he’s wearing the holy cassock of the Vatican, he’s not badly hurt. It’s going to be a fierce battle to kill him and leave the Chant of Death behind.”

“It won’t take much time.”

Wang Tianzong stood up straight and opened his mouth.

Lin Fengting did not speak.

Aresis ranked second on the Divine List. Although he was seriously injured now, he didn’t suffer a fatal injury. It wasn’t hard to beat him, but it wasn’t easy to kill him, even if the three of them joined forces. If Aresis determined to run, he was definitely a headache to them.

“It won’t take much time? Do you still have time? Huating has already been in chaos! Your people in East Island must also be wiped out!”

In the far space, Aresis spoke with a pale face and a sneer. His holy cassock, which resembled a robe, was in tatters, but his voice was still resonant.

Li Honghe narrowed his eyes slightly and suddenly said, “You guys go back to Huating. I will deal with him.”

“Senior Li!”

Wang Tianzong and Lin Fengting spoke at the same time.

“Don’t say more, hurry up. My current status… Hey… Hehe…”

His voice was low, and indescribable sadness could be sensed from his self-deprecation.

“It’s too late.”

Aresis whispered, and his figure once again fell into the void. His voice was heard from all directions. “What can you do if you go back to Huating now? Don’t you want the 100,000 troops of the Blood Battalion? I am defeated, but there are more than two hundred masters from the five forces here. What do you have on the Zhongzhou border?! As long as you dare to leave, the Blood Battalion will definitely disappear! You’re doomed to lose, haha, hahaha…”


Li Honghe, who had a strong aura that reached the extreme, hurled himself directly at the place where Aresis disappeared without hesitation.

He did not look back but commanded calmly and indifferently, “You guys go back to Huating. I am here.”

After many years, he met Wang Tianzong again but didn’t talk about grudges, and facing Lin Fengting, he didn’t talk about martial inheritance.

At this moment, Li Honghe seemed to have returned to a few decades ago.

He was the Zhongzhou God of War. On the battlefield, he had only Zhongzhou State in his heart!

“You? Haha, not enough. Who else is here? Who else?! ”

As Aresis let out roars of wild laughter, the enemy troops on the ground and the battle teams in the air gathered together.

Experts of the Thunder-shocking Realm and Fire-flaming Realm from the five forces all appeared in the enemy camp, and the killing intent continued to spread.

“And me! Zhou Qiang from Xuanyuantai of Kunlun is willing to fight for the Li family!”

“Qingye from Xuanyuantai of Kunlun is willing to fight for the Li family!”

“Liu He from Xuanyuantai of Kunlun is willing to fight for the Li family!”

One voice after another sounded suddenly in the depth of the mountain forest, like thunder in the night sky.

Dozens of figures appeared in the mountain forest, men and women, old and young. Everyone was dressed in shabby coarse clothes. No one wore military uniforms or military ranks. No one mentioned Zhongzhou State, either.

They only mentioned Xuanyuantai of Kunlun and the Li family!

“Salute His Highness! Salute the Li family!”

They roared at the top of their lungs in unison under the night sky, “Salute Li Honghe!”

These elites of the Li family, who had been languishing on the border for years, were only willing to fight for the Li family at last.

Only for the Li family.

After all, there was still a hidden scar in their hearts, which could not be easily cured.

In the late night of the fifth day, the remaining members of the Li family, with their glory that had already fallen into the dust, directly confronted the five dark forces in their heyday.

How lonely the Dark World would be without the Li family?

The Li family was equally lonely when it was not in the Dark World.

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