The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 226 - Day Five · The End of the World

Chapter 226 Day Five · The End of the World

Bloody battle!

For every soldier of the Thunderbolt Battalion, when their marshal Dongcheng Wudi personally beat the drum named Family-country, they already had no way out in this war.

They could only go ahead.

Or die.

Shouts of “Kill!” on the Nanyun border reached the sky. From dawn to dusk, blood spilled over every inch of the border. Determined roars and gunshots wantonly rang out. Bullets whizzed through the air, and beams shuttled back and forth. Large crowds of people gathered together, trying to expose the enemy to mortal danger by hook or by crook. The thick walls of ice shattered the moment they were condensed. The fire, intertwined with arcs of lightning, burned as it rose but was quickly extinguished. The bodies lay sprawled on the ground, and the pungent smell of blood permeated the mountain forest. The blood evaporated and dried up in the fire. The bloody battle lasted more than ten hours. When the setting sun was about to disappear from the horizon, the whole sky turned an eerie blood-red color.

Under the blood-red sky, flashes of light and shadows were still flickering and intertwined. The beating of war drums had never ceased but became increasingly resounding. More and more people fell into pools of blood and were trampled into minced meat before they could struggle. The men on both sides clashed with red eyes in a hail of bullets, and the war seemed to go on forever. Looking from afar, amidst the flicker of light and shadows, one would feel that the vast battlefield was like the hell realm wearing a gorgeous coat. Under the magnificent light and shadows, there was nothing but bodies, blood, madness, and hatred.

Night gradually fell on the border.

The hoarse roars of tens of thousands of people continued to sound. The soldiers in the Border Control Corps were in high spirits and rushed forward with reckless momentum. They were crazy enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end and were aggressive to the point of ignoring life and death.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ear-piercing roars were heard far away, deep in the woods. A dozen flashes of bright flowing light suddenly cut through the dark night. The shells whizzed past the crowd of the Border Control Corps with red plumes of fire and fell on the enemy’s rear directly.

Amidst the roars of anger, ice walls appeared in the enemy’s rear in a flash one after another. The airflows in front of the ice walls were compressed to the limit. Meanwhile, at least more than ten Thunder-shocking Realm experts acted at the same time, blocking the shells from falling from the sky.

The shells that were fired at precisely the same time hit the ice walls hard with ferocious flashes of death. The loud sounds of the earth shaking and the mountains swaying covered the battlefield. The tall, thick walls of ice were completely torn apart, and huge chunks of ice were flying everywhere. The dense crowd burst out waves of blood, and stumps soared high into the sky along with the flames. The enemy’s rear was suddenly awash with a dazzling, blank space.

There was a slight disturbance going on out of control at the head of the enemy. How could soldiers of the Border Control Corps let go of this hard-won opportunity? They roared and charged forward. The battle line that was thousands of meters long was forced to back by hundreds of meters.



Shells were fired wantonly from the rear of the Border Control Corps. Occasionally, the enemy counter-attacked, but their firepower was less powerful than that of the Border Control Corps. The battle line, like a meat grinder, was forced to retreat continuously. In the war that lasted more than ten hours, the first battle line had been retreating and was about to withdraw from the territory of Zhongzhou State.

Less than three hundred meters behind was the land of Annan State.

One shell after another whistled down from the sky. Groups of enemy troops were swallowed up by the powerful explosions. More and more blank spaces appeared in the enemy’s rear. Inside the enemy’s hindmost headquarter, a diminutive commander’s face increasingly darkened. When the armed helicopters of the Border Control Corps slowly lifted off, the commander, whose anger had been simmering for a long time, could not resist it anymore and exploded with rage.

His compact body sprang straight from the ground, and he shouted in English without any grace. “Bastards, you’re all bastards! When the hell are you going to act? Are you waiting for all my people to die? My men have been fighting for more than ten hours, and all the weapons and ammunition are running out! If you still don’t act, I’ll have my men back!”

The commander’s skin was dark, and he was short, but his roars were resonant, making everyone’s ears hum.

He didn’t stay indoors but was on the top of a mountain in the enemy’s rear. In the area of several kilometers, it was the highest place. Looking down from the top of the mountain through the binoculars, he could get a general view of the battlefield, even looking through the dense mountain forest.

“Don’t be excited, Mr. Ruan. You have to understand that this is a great war. Our loss may be heavy, but the results of the battle are equally brilliant. Because in this war, we can not only eliminate the Blood Battalion but also one-half of the Thunderbolt Battalion. You know what that means.”

In front of the commander, a middle-aged white man in his late forties smiled and spoke softly.

“This is not your loss, but mine! It’s all fucking mine!”

The short commander said coldly.

“You lost a lot, but you also killed enough enemies.”

A white woman glanced at the commander and said coldly.

There were not many people at the top of the mountain. To be exact, there were only six people.

The Polar Ground Alliance, the Heroes’ Club, Knights Templars, the Jiang family of South America, and Fantasy World.

Each of the five forces had one representative here, but at this time, they were of the same breath and branches.

The sixth person was the short commander.

Five to one.

The commander had no advantage in either the number of people or strength. But in the thick darkness, he did not fear but sneered, “So what? What can we get if we eliminate the entire Border Control Corps?”


A soft voice sounded. Among the five forces, the man who represented the Jiang family of South America whispered, “Mr. Ruan, you can get nothing because you and your troops are rebels.”

The commander’s momentum jerked to a halt. Then his whole person burst out an enormous amount of sharp killing intent.

The representatives of the five forces, intentionally or unintentionally, took a step forward simultaneously and stood together, looking indifferently at the commander in front of them.

“The rebels should not come here to seek their doom, even if they can get nothing.”

The commander stared at the five masters in front of him, not yielding an inch. He said coldly, “My troops have suffered heavy casualties and are out of ammunition. Now, I think it’s time for you to take action. You have the right to refuse, but I have the right to withdraw from this war, too! Guys, I’m going to give you five minutes. You know what to do!”

“I don’t think it’s time yet.”

The white man who spoke first shook his head. “This is not in line with our plan. Mr. Ruan, you have to cooperate with us, otherwise, I will report your behavior to your President. He…”

“As you please.”

The commander sneered and interrupted the white man. His tone was indifferent. “We are rebels. Why should we care about anything else?”

He took out his walkie-talkie and looked at the five masters before him in a provocative way, mocking, “You have only three minutes to think about it. I’ll give you two choices. First, put your men on the battlefield to fight together with my troops. Second, kill me now, if you believe that you can take over my command.”

“We are all friends. There is no need to go so far, is there?”

The middle-aged man from the Jiang family of South America said, laughing. He picked up the binoculars and seriously looked down at the battlefield that was full of killings. After a long while, he whispered, “Almost there, folks. Mr. Ruan is right. It’s time for us to make a move. Why don’t we just send our little butterflies to play with them…”

The other four slightly froze and fell silent.


Loud noises were heard from behind the battlefield.

All of a sudden, a considerable amount of firelight appeared in the rear of the Border Control Corps. Myriads of shells, with trailing flames, shot up in the air like shooting stars and rushed into the enemy’s rear one after another.

The sky was ablaze with firelight, and the whole border was shaking amidst violent explosions.

It was like the end of the world.

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