The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 222 - Day Five · Mess

Chapter 222 Day Five · Mess

General Wang Wantian, the Commander of the Blood Battalion, too, walked out of the tent and came up behind Dongcheng Wudi when the muffled drumbeats were clearly echoing across the border.

In military uniform, Wang Wantian stood tall and straight, and the epaulet with golden stars symbolizing his rank of General shimmered in the sunlight. He stood at attention behind Dongcheng Wudi with a solemn expression and looked determined, decisive, and murderous.

Killing intent.

That was something that had been infused into every soldier since the Border Control Corps was established, and it flourished in Dongcheng Wudi’s hands. Over the years, the Border Control Corps had been arguably the world’s most bloodthirsty troop.

“Have they arrived yet?”

The drumbeats vibrated in the air.

Dongcheng Wudi, who was also in military uniform, had put down the drumsticks and turned to look at Wang Wantian behind him.

“They’re all on their way.”

Wang Wantian nodded. “I just had a phone call with Hanbing. He should be the first to arrive.”

General Wang Wantian, the Commander of the Blood Battalion.

General Shi Hanbing, the Commander of the Wild Sand Battalion.

Lieutenant General Xiao Dongzhan, the Commander of the Pegasus Battalion.

Lieutenant General Cheng Huining, the Commander of the Black Dragon Battalion.

These four plus a Deputy Commander of the Thunderbolt Battalion, Thunder God, who was from the Dongcheng Clan, were the strongest brave generals Dongcheng Wudi had and also one of the pillars of the entire Border Control Corps. At a time when the whole Border Control Corps was in the vortex of international public opinions, no one had ever thought that Dongcheng Wudi not only remained unmoved but also delivered a secret military order directly, demanding the other three commanders to hurry to Nanyun border overnight.

However, such information could not be kept from others. It might get out in one day at the latest.

One day…

Where would they be a day later?

Wang Wantian was in a trance and unconsciously glanced at Dongcheng Wudi in front of him.

It seemed that from the beginning, the marshal had no intention of hiding such information.

“Deliver my order.”

Dongcheng Wudi’s cold voice sounded ahead.

Wang Wantian reflexively stood up straight. At this moment, this general, who was also well known in Zhongzhou State, seemed to have become the reckless young man who would charge regardless of everything after receiving Dongcheng Wudi’s military orders many years ago.

“Ask Shi Hanbing to meet me. Cheng Huining goes to Line 2, and Xiao Dongzhan goes to Line 3. Don’t take the initiative to move without special circumstances.”

Dongcheng Wudi said slowly.

Wang Wantian subconsciously responded by making a small noise. Then he asked straightforwardly, “Marshal, are we going to do it now?”

Dongcheng Wudi’s staying at the Blood Battalion was, after all, rather short. By the time news of the Scorpion Organization of Annan State reached Zhongzhou State, he had hurried here as fast as he could. But since he had only been here for two days, the arrangement was made in a rush and crude. He had merely made a rough arrangement.

Nearly 200,000 soldiers of the Blood Battalion had been scattered on the border of Nanyun, and they were simply divided into several key points. The headquarter of the Blood Battalion was the No. 1 point, with the fewest remaining staff, but the most firepower.

The west of the border was the No. 2 point, and the east of it was the No. 3 point. The two points had about an equal number of people.

The three points with more than 100,000 people had already firmly guarded the territory of Zhongzhou State.

However, led by Dongcheng Wudi, the 10,000 elites from the Thunderbolt Battalion were at the forefront. They were in charge of attacking instead of guarding.

Therefore, Dongcheng Wudi transferred the commanders of the other three battalions and left Wang Wantian and Shi Hanbing at the forefront.

Shi Hanbing and Wang Wantian followed Dongcheng Wudi the earliest, and their strength was also the strongest. Both of them were almost equally powerful as Dongcheng Wudi. The three masters, together with 10,000 elites from the Thunderbolt Battalion, formed the sharpest knife on Nanyun border.

Now the other three commanders had reached the border. With the three in place, everything seemed to be ready.

“We’re not the ones who should take action. It’s them.”

Dongcheng Wudi pointed in the direction of Annan State outside the border with a sneer, and his eyes were bloodthirsty and cold. He looked up at the rising sun in the east, took a deep breath, and whispered, “It’s the fifth day already. If they don’t take action, they won’t have time.”

“Damn it!”

Wang Wantian fiercely clenched his fists, and the harsh blue lightning, which seemed to overshadow the sunshine on the horizon, burst forth from his palms.

“Those people are bloody shameless. How did they dare to put pressure on us at the UN meeting? Nonsense! Harboring hostile intentions? Who the hell harbored hostile intentions? What are they?! Who the hell didn’t know that the Scorpion Organization had been taken over by Annan State years ago? The entire Scorpion Organization was transformed into the Scorpion Corps. Rebellion? F*ck…”


Dongcheng Wudi said very softly. He was wholly bathed in the rising golden sun, and no one could see his face.

Wang Wantian shut up unwillingly.

“The Scorpion rebelled against Annan State. It is a fact that there is no troop in the northern part of Annan State.”

Dongcheng Wudi said insipidly.

“But that place is not guardless at all. The northern army hasn’t moved at all. It’s just…”

Wang Wantian shouted in a hot temper.

“You stubborn donkey. Is it any of your business whether the Scorpion Organization rebelled or not? If Annan State said that the organization rose in rebellion, then its members are rebels. Isn’t it normal for the state to transfer northern forces to put down the rebellion? It is none of Annan State’s business as to who and how many people will show up in the north of the country. With limited energy, they are busy repressing the rebellion. Is it because that international opinions are not lively enough that you insist on telling the truth that you know?”

A helpless and ice-cold voice suddenly sounded behind Wang Wantian.

Under the sun, a tall, thin, and even slender figure was slowly approaching. He glanced at Dongcheng Wudi, who had a smile on his lips, and gave a military salute to him, saying respectfully, “Marshal.”

As his name suggested, Shi Hanbing was cold and impassive, having an air of being kept away from strangers. Even in front of his immediate superior and old brother, the indifference in him only slightly dissolved.

“Who do you call a stubborn donkey? You damn ice cube!” Don’t I understand what’s going on? I just can’t stand it.”

Wang Wantian swore with his eyes wide open.


Dongcheng Wudi waved his hand. “In the north of Annan State… Ah, no, how many troops does the Scorpion have in northern Annan State?”

This statement was neither fish nor flesh, but Wang Wantian still honestly replied, “About 90,000 Annan troops.”

Dongcheng Wudi glanced at him without speaking.

“Now there is no army in the north of Annan State, only rebels from the Scorpion.”

Shi Hanbing reminded them calmly.


Wang Wantian snorted, “Would the change of a flag really make a difference? They haven’t even changed the equipment at the base. I can call them what I want.”

“We don’t have time to plan too much, and the same is true for Annan State. But if you don’t want to get into trouble, you have to admit that they have nothing to do with Annan State, you stubborn donkey. No matter how many people we’ll kill today, they are rebels from the Scorpion.”

Shi Hanbing’s tone was plain. “I just don’t know what kind of bargaining counter those people gave Annan State. Can they really afford to gamble so much?”

“The Polar Ground Alliance, the Heroes’ Club, the Jiang family of South America, Fantasy World, and Knights Templars. When these five superpowers come together, they can offer any bargaining counters! If necessary, it’s possible for Annan State to say that all of its troops are rebels. But now it looks like the senior officials still care about their reputation, so they didn’t go too far.”

Dongcheng Wudi said insipidly, “But 90,000 people are quite many. Plus the elites of the five superpowers, maybe they think that’s enough.”

“Marshal, he who comes is surely ill-intentioned.”

Shi Hanbing reminded him sternly. The final battle of Changdao had already broken out, and the power of Zhongzhou State was also completely scattered in Northern Europe, North America, and East Island. It was hard to say how much extra strength that Zhongzhou State still had to devote to its border. It was now the fifth day of the time limit of seven days. The five superpowers planned to seek interests from the border while Zhongzhou State’s power was scattered. They would do whatever it took. If they could succeed, they would give up even their interests in East Island.

For the five superpowers, the best thing to do was to fight a quick battle and decide everything in a day or two. Otherwise, it would be too late until the battle of Changdao was over and Zhongzhou State had withdrawn some of its forces.

After all, it was different from the final battle of Changdao.

When Zhongzhou State planned to seek interests from East Island, the dark forces were the first to take action. Nevertheless, the fact that the five forces were attacking Zhongzhou State directly in the name of the rebels meant something completely different. Zhongzhou State didn’t need to pay attention to any means or rules in dealing with “rebels” and invaders.

Therefore, within two days, to occupy Nanyun Province, or at least to completely swallow up the Blood Battalion of nearly 200,000 people, was the common aspiration of the five forces.

The current final battle of Changdao had reached a critical moment. Once the war broke out at the border of Zhongzhou State, it could not only tie down the Zhongzhou masters who wanted to go to Changdao to offer support but also put tremendous psychological pressure on the elites of Zhongzhou State in North America and Northern Europe. This was the conspiracy of the five forces. Even at the border, with the home-court advantage, Zhongzhou State could not necessarily gain an extra advantage.

It was no exaggeration to say that when the war broke out, the four battlefields would be full of changes.

The biggest change, however, was not in these four battlefields.

“Marshal, are the senior officials prepared?”

Shi Hanbing asked in a low voice.

“They are prepared, but the opponents are not idle. We have to fight a life-and-death battle.”

Dongcheng Wudi shook his head and sighed.

Shi Hanbing’s mouth moved, and he murmured, “The most important is Huating.”



Wang Wantian’s body shook.

Right now, Huating seemed to be calm, but inside Huating, five Invincible Realm experts and countless overseas elites were confined there.

Zhongzhou State had already reached its limit by taking care of three battlefields at the same time. If any conflict should occur at the border, how much power could Zhongzhou State send to support the Border Control Corps?

Too little didn’t work.

If too much…

What about Huating?

In the midst of the general trend was a mess!

Perhaps Dongcheng Wudi was right. Even if the senior officials were prepared, amidst the changing general trend, all they could do was to fight for life and death.

They had no choice.

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