The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 22

Chapter 22-Account

Great Void Sword Master Weakness Li.

The expressions of all the people in the Flames of War changed. Although the person behind this name was one of the top ten experts of the young generation, the name itself was more valuable than the title “one of the top ten experts of the young generation”. Since the top ten experts would be ranked annually, this title was less convincing.

However, for hundreds of years, every Great Void Sword Master from Shushan Sect had become an expert in the Invincible Realm without exception in the end. This was much more convincing than the title.

Liu Dongchao seemed to have been subdued.

And Liu Dongyu was trapped by Weakness Li.

It seemed that Tan Xilai was the only one who was helpful in the entire organization.

Tan Xilai hesitated for a while. The few freshmen in front of him were much more powerful than he had expected. His instinct told him that he’d better not provoke people like them. But as the third in command of this organization, how could he keep a foothold in the Sky Academy in the future if he ran away at this point?

He gritted his teeth and took one step forward as the flames shone around him.

Before he took that step, he was surrounded by flames and thus felt as if he was in midsummer.

But after he did so, what he faced was a chilly winter.

Untold ice swords seemed to have been waiting for his actions. Before his feet hit the ground, a seemingly mysterious formation formed by at least a hundred ice swords had rushed toward him.

One of the three most basic and abstruse sword movements in Jade Pool.

Ice Swords of Praire Fire!

The ice swords impacted wildly on the flames around Tan Xilai. Although the sword rain was cold, the sword intent was hot. The ice swords and flames knocked against each other unceasingly!

Ning Qiancheng said in a cold and sharp tone, “If you dare to move again, I will fight you here until one of us die!”

“Help! Are you all dead?”

Tan Xilai, who was trapped in the sword rain, was exasperated. He ignored Ning Qiancheng and suddenly roared toward the organization members who were watching them fight near them.

Standing outside the battle zone stupidly, the elites from the Flames of War all froze for a short while. More than half of them instinctively wanted to lend a helping hand.

“Wang Yuetong from Wang family of Beihai would like to have a friendly competition with senior brothers.”

Wang Yuetong squinted her eyes and took a step forward with an innocent smile on her face.

After hearing these words, the faces of the elites from the Flames of War turned pale and the expressions of the three experts in the Fire-flaming Realm on the battlefield changed sharply.

Wang family of Beihai.

Only those who really came into contact with the upper class of Zhongzhou State understood what the four words meant.

There were quite many rich and powerful families in Zhongzhou State, and Liu family of Huating was one of them.

However, it paled in comparison with Wang family of Beihai. To be honest, it was at most qualified to carry shoes for the Wang family.

Even when the Liu family’s invincible expert was still alive, it was inferior to the Wang family.

It had been hundreds of years since Zhongzhou State was founded.

And the Wang family’s glory days had started since then. So how could they not fear someone that came from such a family?

They had always heard that Princess Yuetong of the Wang family was in Beihai Province. But why did she suddenly come to the Sky Academy? Wasn’t this a f*cking scam?

All the organization members froze on the spot and no one dared to move an inch.

Liu Dongchao felt utterly depressed and he still kept the flames on his body burning. Water balls were still floating around Li Tianlan. The water drops were as sharp as swords and it poured down continuously. Liu Dongchao felt a little hopeless when facing such an unimaginably powerful expert in the Ice-condensing Realm.

He did need help currently, but he understood that his subordinates could do nothing.

The Liu family was an important part of another super force in Zhongzhou State, and as the core of the young generation in the Liu family, he did not fear the Wang family so much. However, his subordinates dared not to move at all.


On the other side, the Sword Energy was flying faster and faster around Liu Dongyu. All the ice swords seemed to be in a weird state. They were elusive and they moved as fast as the wind. The moment Wang Yuetong opened her mouth, Liu Dongyu’s mind was disturbed as she heard the four words “Wang family of Beihai”. Li Baitian seized that opportunity and left many wounds of different depths on her body with the ice swords that seemed invisible.


When Liu Dongchao was concerned about his sister, the flames around him suddenly flickered. A dozen water drops pierced through his flames and fell on his body.

Water was the softest thing in the world, but it was as sharp as a blade at this moment. As the water drops fell on one of Liu Dongchao’s arms, they pierced through his arm and the blood oozed out.

“Do you still refuse to kneel down to admit defeat?”

Li Tianlan looked at Liu Dongchao coldly. Although he was still holding the spear in a downward position with one of his hands, and Liu Dongchao was still propping up the spear with both of his hands, for the time being, neither of them could make a further move and they seemed to be at a stalemate. With Wind and Thunder Veins, Li Tianlan’s physical strength was almost infinite, but how long could Liu Dongchao resist?

“Admit defeat? Are you daydreaming?”

Liu Dongchao ground his teeth and roared. He felt a sharp pain as the water drops fell on his arm, thus, he subconsciously withdrew that hand. With only one hand propping the spear up, Liu Dongchao stooped as Li Tianlan continuously exerted strength to press the spear down.


Li Tianlan responded by asking coldly. The spear trembled and the water balls floating around him shook slightly. Another water drop dropped from the ceiling. Shortly after that, dense water drops were falling with great momentum.

This time the water drops were no longer in a round shape. Every drop of water had turned into the shape of a sword. They were delicate, sharp, and they carried a touch of indescribable elegance and death aura.

“Sword rain… This is sword rain, the real sword rain.”

A sliver of wildness flashed through Wang Yuetong’s eyes. She muttered to herself as she saw the water drops falling down continuously.

“Brother Li is really powerful.”

Yu Qingyan’s eyes were full of fanaticism. He glanced at Wang Yuetong and said gently, “Sister Yuetong, which realm is Brother Li in presently? Is it the Ice-condensing Realm or the Fire-flaming Realm? Did he conceal his strength?”

Wang Yuetong whispered with some uncertainty after she had thought for a while, “He should be in the Qi-controlling Realm. But he had once entered the Ice-condensing Realm and even more advanced realm. However, he started to practice again after his strength had decreased.”

“He had once entered that realm, so it’s very possible for him to forcibly promote his strength into that state temporarily. He can do such things just once or twice, and if he does such things frequently, his foundation will be affected and he can never reach the Invincible Realm.”

“Practice again?”

Yu Qingyan felt dizzy with amazement and admiration. “How could anyone choose to practice again?”

“Maybe he was forced to do so. Perhaps he had suffered Qi Deviation or his Martial Arts had been destroyed by someone else. Only this can explain the fact that he was at the peak state once he entered a new realm. Hum, some special drugs can achieve this effect as well, but he didn’t take any drugs. Moreover, when he forcibly promoted his strength to the Ice-condensing Realm, I could tell that his fighting methods were obviously experienced. The only explanation is that he had once been in this realm.”

Wang Yuetong laughed gently and murmured when she looked at Li Tianlan’s back, “Qingyan, I think I’m already in love.”


“I’ll ask you one last time. Are you willing to kneel down?”

The sword rain all over the sky fell over Li Tianlan’s head and rotated around him. Li Tianlan frowned and his voice appeared calmer as he looked at Liu Dongchao in front of him.

“You are daydreaming!”

Liu Dongchao ground his teeth and said with an extremely grave expression.


The word came to his mind again. What were the consequences of failure?

Liu Dongchao did not dare to think, but he had to. If he was defeated, this maneuver would be in an utter mess. This matter would cause a loss of morale within the Flames of War and this organization might even at the risk of being dissolved. His years of effort would be ruined by the freshman in front of him. How could he accept such a result? In any case, it was unacceptable.

An expert in the Fire-flaming Realm was defeated by someone in the Ice-condensing Realm.

Why did this all happen? Why?

His breathing grew heavier and heavier and his eyes became bloodshot.

Li Tianlan looked at him quietly. His eyes narrowed and he suddenly laughed. “I never do anything more than three times and I’ve asked you one last time. I will be glad if you can give me the answer I want.”


All of a sudden, the water balls around him exploded.

And the water swords above his head fell continuously.

“Go to the hell!”

Liu Dongchao tried his utmost to roar. There was a great deal of glow of the fire shone on his body. In an instant, he had exerted all his energies, trying to subdue the spear.

He feet did leave the ground.

But instead of rising to his feet, he was flying.

As he pushed upward, Li Tianlan was doing the same thing. He put forth his strength with his arm and sent Liu Dongchao flying with the spear in hand.

Liu Dongchao’s body was hanging up on the spearhead and he was suffering the unprecedented humiliation.

A flood of water drops and water swords washed against his body wildly.

The light of the fire around him grew dimmer and dimmer. Just in the blink of an eye, his body was covered in blood.


Liu Dongyu screamed in despair under the Great Void Sword Intent.

However, Liu Dongchao simply had no reaction to her screams. He appeared completely disheartened.

Li Tianlan squinted at Liu Dongchao who was hanging up on the spearhead with a faint smile. “How do you feel? If you can survive, then be an ordinary person.”

A great many water drops shook violently and immediately turned into the sword rain, rushing toward Liu Dongchao.

The sword intent rose to the sky like a torrent!

“Please show mercy to him!”

A voice full of impatience, coldness, angry, and killing intent sounded.

Li Tianlan felt that the spear became lighter. The next second, Liu Dongchao was in the arms of a suddenly appeared figure.

The torrential sword rain washed against the suddenly appeared figure and triggered a great deal of glow of the fire.

The glow of the fire was dissipating.

And the sword rain was being evaporated.

The flames burned and went out as one wished.

Only the expert at the Peak of the Fire-flaming Realm could do that.

Li Tianlan had appeared either cold or gentle in the past, but it was his first time to reveal a hint of undisguised killing intent. The spear trembled in his hand, and an enormous amount of sword rain rotated around him, as if it was a crystal-clear belt made of light.

“Who are you?”

His voice was cold, but the battle intent inside his eyes burned completely.

“I’m Liu Xiuwei, the deputy director of teaching of the Sky Academy.”

Liu Xiuwei held Liu Dongchao’s body in his arms and quickly examined the condition of his injuries. With a flash of cold killing intent in his eyes, he looked at Li Tianlan and opened his mouth with a false smile on his face.

He was a man appeared to be about 50 years old, who was short, lean, and little bald. His personal image was in a complete mess, but he had an imposing manner that no one could ignore even though he just stood there casually.

“What’s your relationship with Liu Dongchao?”

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and he seemed to have completely concealed his killing intent. However, he looked even more dangerous at this moment.

“This is my nephew. You have hurt Dongchao severely, in any case, you must give me an account.”

Liu Xiuwei was still smiling, but his smile became increasingly cold.

“Killing others is forbidden in the maneuver, but except for that, whatever I have done is right. Director Liu, your nephew is still alive. What account do you want?”

Li Tianlan asked indifferently.

“I am not here today as the deputy director of teaching and I don’t care about the maneuver. I’m Liu Dongchao’s uncle and I demand you to give me an account. What can you do?”

Liu Xiuwei asked with a grim expression in his eyes.

Li Tianlan felt a surge of anger from the depths of his heart. He narrowed his eyes and snorted. “You mean that you don’t have to give us an account when Liu Dongchao robbed us of our Credit-counting Watches. And when he instructed his men to attack us, you don’t need to give us an account either. But now that I’ve hurt him, I have to give you an account?”

“What he did are the contents of the maneuver and that has nothing to do with me. Why should I give you an account?”

Liu Xiuwei waved his hand and said with a deadpan expression.

“Good, haha, very good.”

Li Tianlan smiled because of extreme anger. “He hurt us and that is part of the maneuver. I hurt him and I have to give you an account. As a deputy director of the Sky Academy, you really bring shame upon the entire academy!”

“As I said, I’m not standing in front of you as a deputy director but the uncle of Dongchao. I hope that you can give me an account, if you don’t, don’t blame me for taking it myself.”

Liu Xiuwei laughed coldly and stared at Li Tianlan, without concealing the killing intent in his eyes.

“What do you want?”

Li Tianlan looked at Liu Xiuwei and his tone of voice calmed down once again. Since the other side made it clear to be shameless to the end and be unreasonable relying on his strength, there was no point talking more.

“I think the silver spear in your hand is very suitable for my nephew. How about sending him as compensation? Furthermore, you should maim one of your arms yourself. If you agree, I’ll let bygones be bygones. Of course, if Dongchao takes revenge on you in the future, that’s a personal grudge and has nothing to do with me. What do you think?”

Liu Xiuwei’s expression softened and he said with a smile on his face.

Facing such a shameless person, Li Tianlan even had no interest in getting angry. Without raising his eyelids, he said in a clear voice, “I refuse.”

“I must warn you that young men who have no sense of propriety will end up dead.”

Liu Xiuwei grinned and stared at the silver spear with greed full of his eyes.

“Such being the case, I can only move forward. I’ll kill whoever asks me to retreat!”

Li Tianlan said gently as the silver spear in his hand shook violently, “Including the deputy director of the Sky Academy.”

“Brat, how dare you insult the deputy director of the Sky Academy? You are digging your own grave!”

Liu Xiuwei flew into a rage. He waved his hand and handed Liu Dongchao’s body over to a member of the Flames of War. After that, he directly charged at Li Tianlan.

At the exit of the maze.

The firelight suddenly turned bright and hot like never before.

Liu Xiuwei seemed to have turned into a huge fireball in midair, rushing downward Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan wielded the spear, and his pupils, in which flames were reflected, looked deathly quiet. Like a belt of light, the sword rain circling around him rushed toward Liu Xiuwei without restraint.

Although the air was getting hotter and drier, there were still water drops falling from the ceiling.

A steady stream of water drops dropped down and emitted cold light.

They looked like falling stars!

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