The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 214 - Day Four · The Absolute Sword

Chapter 214 Day Four · The Absolute Sword

Lin Fengting was talking about the hard truth, so Lin Youxian couldn’t argue with that.

His parents named him Youxian, not because they wanted him to have a leisurely life. Great power, high status, strong strength all came with great responsibility. This rule also worked in the Lin Clan.

The Lin Clan stood aloof from worldly success and lived in a carefree way, but its branches in the outside world all achieved something. All the branches didn’t really keep in touch with the headquarter, but after all, they had the karma relationship with each other; they came from the same blood. If anything happened to the branches, the Lin Clan would definitely do something to help them. How to keep the branches flourishing without involving the headquarter was the hard problem for every patriarch of the Lin Clan for hundreds of years.

How could the patriarch forget about the problems and worries?

Power was the biggest problem generator.

“My little sister…”

Lin Youxian looked at Lin Fengting and held back the things he wanted to say. This was indeed a young man that was anything but aggressive. Even when talking about some sensitive issues, he would still be calm and soft, like still water.

“Girls will always be girls. In normal situations, no one wants to stand in front of the stage. It’s best to have a stable, normal life.”

Lin Fengting stayed silent for a while, then shook his head and suddenly said with a smile like he realized something, “If things had stayed the same, I was gonna find you a wife; a girl who is two years younger than you. She would be a gorgeous beauty after a few years, no less than the one from Samsara Palace. If you had gone back to Zhongzhou State, you two would have made it. What a pity that Li Tianlan got her first.”

Lin Youxian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said helplessly, “You’re talking about Wang Yuetong, right? Before you went to Zhongzhou State last time, you showed me a picture of her. It was a pity, indeed.”

“Do you envy that? Do you regret anything?”

Lin Fengting’s eyes looked soft, and his body casually leaned on the sofa, looking at his son with a smile.

“Yeah, I really do.”

Lin Youxian slapped on his thigh, laughed out loud, and said. This Young Master of the Lin Clan was talking about regret and pity, but his eyes were full of sincerity.

His smile slowly faded away. He looked at his father sitting in front of him and said softly after hesitation, “But Tianlan isn’t me. Even if Wang Yuetong appeared next to him, will it make a difference to the big picture? In other words… will Wang Yuetong stay with Tianlan till the end?”

“What do you mean?”

Lin Fengting’s tone was calm.

“I mean… Can we intervene in something… Maybe Uncle Wang…”

Lin Youxian said discreetly and vaguely.

“No, we can’t.”

Lin Fengting shook his head without hesitation. “The Lin Clan doesn’t care about the outside world. This is far more complicated. How to intervene? Make Tianlan join the Lin Clan? He will say no to this, let alone whether we want it or not.”

Lin Youxian stayed silent and started to zone out.

“We owe the Li family a sword. If we can find the lead of Shadow the Ripper this time, I’ll bring Shadow the Ripper and Divine Punishment to Tianlan to end it all. He has to take care of the rest.”

Lin Fengting said with a calm and determined tone.

Lin Youxian took a deep look at his father, nodded, and thought about something from many years ago.

In the year the Li family fell, he was still a kid. He already forgot about his father’s attitude on this matter. But since that year, the Lin Clan seemed to start secretly tracking down Shadow the Ripper. How important were the 12 Murderous Weapons in the Dark World? Any of them had the power of the Invincible Realm. When the full power was released, it could equal to a full hit from a superior of the Invincible Realm. Such a weapon was a valuable treasure related to a country’s destiny and was one of the strongest powers in the Dark World. Eleven murderous weapons all belonged to somewhere. The Lin Clan didn’t want to get involved in the business of the outside world, so they could only track down the missing Shadow the Ripper.

Lin Youxian started to get involved in the secret affairs of the Lin Clan bit by bit at the age of thirteen. Also, in the same year, in a casual conversation between father and son, Lin Fengting said something with vague intention. “No matter what, the foundation and glory our ancestors left for us can’t disappear for nothing.”

Back then, Lin Youxian was still a kid, but he could feel something in this sentence.

Lin Youxian officially entered the Fire-flaming Realm at the age of eighteen. At that year, the Lin Clan somehow got some information about the whereabouts of the Shadow the Ripper. The branches went to search for it. But it turned out that the news wasn’t true, and the Lin Clan couldn’t find the murderous weapon. But in the same year, Lin Fengting made official arrangement for Lin Youxian and his little sister Lin Chuxue.

The foundation and glory our ancestors left for us couldn’t disappear for nothing.

Now that the Li family fell, then Lin Youxian should leave the headquarter of the Lin Clan, get back to Zhongzhou State, and rebuild Xuanyuantai.

And Lin Chuxue would be in charge of the future affairs of the Lin Clan.

Few years had passed, Shadow the Ripper was still nowhere to be found. Lin Youxian, who was about to reach twenty-four years old, officially entered the Thunder-shocking Realm a couple of months ago.

He didn’t have Wind and Thunder Veins, or Heavenly King Heart, or Exquisite Bone, but his real combat capability was no less than that of any young Heavenly Son.

A few months ago, Lin Fengting brought his daughter to revisit Zhongzhou State. They seemed to be traveling, but he suddenly contacted Wang Tianzong after years of no contact with the Wang family of Beihai. It must be more complicated than traveling.

Back then, he did want to make Lin Youxian and Wang Yuetong a couple. The Lin Clan and the Wang family of Beihai were old family friends, and the ancestors of the Lin Clan founded the Xuanyuantai of Kunlun with the great support of the ancestors of the Wang family of Beihai. And then the Lin Clan left Zhongzhou State and passed the authority of Xuanyuantai to their disciples, the Li family. In hundreds of years, the Li family had always been the closest battle companion of the Wang family of Beihai.

Now that the Li family no longer existed, but the old friendship between the Lin Clan and the Wang family of Beihai was still there. Besides, the Wang family of Beihai had to take the Lin Clan, including its branches, seriously.

With Lin Fengting’s presence, once Lin Youxian got back to Zhongzhou State and built Xuanyuantai, at least the Wang family of Beihai wouldn’t make any objection about it. If they made Lin Youxian and Wang Yuetong a couple, Wang Tianzong would even give it a little push.

Lin Fengting’s trip to Zhongzhou State before was for testing Wang Tianzong’s attitude.

This was Lin Fengting’s aspiration and obsession for years. The Xuanyuantai of Zhongzhou State and the glory of the War God family belonged to the Li family, but they also belonged to the Lin Clan. If the Li family fell, the Lin Clan would definitely do something other than just watching. Lin Fengting would rather make his son leave the headquarter to rebuild Xuanyuantai in Zhongzhou State, showing his determination.

But before he could mention this to Wang Tianzong, Li Tianlan and Samsara Palace appeared.

The Li family had a successor now. In this situation, Lin Fengting naturally didn’t want his son to be involved in Zhongzhou State. He secretly quitted everything and never mentioned the thing about Lin Youxian again.

Wang Tianzong must be still wondering what did he go to Zhongzhou State for.

Lin Fengting suddenly laughed, then said slowly, “The Li family and the Lin Clan came from the same blood, why don’t you make friends with Tianlan when everything is settled down in the future.”

Lin Youxian said yes.

Li Tianlan directly took his future position. If it wasn’t for him, now it should be himself fighting in East Island; Lin Youxian was well aware of this. Besides, the Li family having a successor was good for the Lin Clan to adjust its internal power arrangement in a more comfortable way. It was not that Lin Chuxue wasn’t good enough, but in comparison, Lin Youxian was more suitable for this position.

But Lin Youxian and Li Tianlan were different in the end. If he went to Zhongzhou State, he could surely marry Wang Yuetong and could at least rebuild Xuanyuantai without the Wang family of Beihai trying to stop him. Whether the new Xuanyuantai would join the Southeast Group or not, Wang Tianzong wouldn’t be cheap enough to do that.

Because the Lin Clan wasn’t the Li family in the end.

To put the deep culture of the Lin Clan aside, even Old Master Li Honghe’s old subordinates in the Southeast Group now wouldn’t necessarily support the new Xuanyuantai built by the Lin Clan.

But if Li Tianlan did it, things would be completely different.

Could he and Wang Yuetong make it together? Even if they managed to get together, it wouldn’t matter to the overall situation.

“Tianlan’s future situation won’t be good, will it?”

Lin Youxian said after some hesitation.

“It won’t necessarily be too bad. After all, Samsara Palace is there for him. That Qin Weibai from Samsara Palace is indeed a woman of wisdom. I can’t be sure of anything right now, but there must be something secretive going on in the final battle of Changdao. Samsara and Zhongzhou State may not be in the same boat together, but who will be the final winner after the final battle is still unknown.”

“But this is fine, too. They must know this themselves. If they want to protect Li Tianlan, it won’t necessarily be a good thing getting too close to Zhongzhou State. The Samsara Palace with a vague standpoint outside Zhongzhou State will provide a bigger stage for Li Tianlan.”

Lin Fengting was extremely talkative in front of his son. Things that could be learned without a teacher were rare, but the so-called wisdom could be passed down. Years of being influenced by what he saw and heard were the best way of impartation.

Lin Youxian seemed to be processing his words. He said almost like he was talking to himself, “So who is… the Master of Samsara Palace?”

Lin Fengting’s face suddenly got serious.

The Master of Samsara Palace was originally a figure of absolute power, who got even more powerful this year. Exterminating Night Spirit, killing Tian Xin, taking over the murderous weapon Blue Sky Underworld, beating Gu Xingyun, initiating the final battle of Changdao, everything happened in the Dark World all had something to do with her. Anyone had to take such figure seriously when talking about her.

“This is also the question that I want an answer for.”

Lin Fengting said softly, “With her strength, she won’t necessarily be less powerful than my second elder brother. This person must be related to the Li family and also seemed to be related to Kunlun City. The 24 Moves of Sword and Tenth Unique Domain all gathered on her, which was incredible. She was like a mystery.”

“Recently, the Lin Clan has been doing research on the Master of Samsara Palace but found nothing. This is a very mysterious person, like she never existed in the world, without any trace.”

Lin Youxian let out a bitter laugh, shrugged with his hands in the air, and said jokingly, “If… if Qin Weibai were ten years older, I would think she is the Master of Samsara Palace.”

Lin Fengting laughed it off. This kind of assumption wasn’t even speculation. Even if she could hide herself really well, she wouldn’t be able to handle the power of the Invincible Realm in her twenties, let alone that fact that she didn’t know anything about Martial Arts.

The Lin Clan had a long-standing inheritance and knew some extreme ways to make people barely enter the Thunder-shocking Realm when they were in their early twenties. But the power of the Invincible Realm was more than several times stronger than the power of the Thunder-shocking Realm. Entering the Invincible Realm in one’s twenties was completely impossible theoretically, let alone in reality.

“This person is the secret chess piece that Senior Li left back then, and she could even be my second elder brother’s little sister. Anyway, just be careful. And we’re about to find the specific clue soon.”

Lin Fengting said blandly.

Lin Youxian froze for a second, then suddenly woke up and said, “What about that sword cut?”

Lin Fengting nodded. “The sword cut that you felt familiar with but couldn’t explain can only belong to a superior of the Invincible Realm. And it’s very likely that this superior used the unique skills of Xuanyuantai. It’s highly possible that the person who made Shadow the Ripper fire a shot on the border was the Master of Samsara Palace, but which sword move did she use is still unknown.”

His eyes looked a bit confused. He couldn’t help but think about the moment when the Master of Samsara Palace and Wang Tianzong fought for their lives.

On Mount Dibing back then, Lin Fengting could be sure that the sword move was the Fifteenth Blade · Samsara.

But till today, he still couldn’t figure out which superior of Xuanyuantai did the sword intent she reincarnated belong to.

The helicopter started to land in the hovering sound.

A mountain range was below. Half of the mountain range belonged to Switzerland, and the other half belonged to Germany.

This was the borderland.

In the hovering sound of the rotors, Lin Fengting and Lin Youxian walked out of the helicopter cabin.

Lin Youxian personally led the way in front.

They marched forward for eight hundred meters.

Before Lin Youxian could say anything, Lin Fengting already stopped his steps.

The hard, solid ground under their feet became soft and spongy. A huge crack that was more than a thousand meters long suddenly appeared. It started on the ground, crushed the rocks, rushed up to the hill and stopped on the top of a mountain in front with unstoppable momentum.

The crack went through all the way and seemed to crush everything into dust. That battle happened so long ago, but till now, the crack was still very clear, and the ground and rocks that got torn apart still looked dead.

Lin Fengting’s face looked serious, and he walked forward along the crack.

The soft ground got slightly deformed under his feet, then resumed to the original shape when he lifted his feet.

After a short while, they had walked a thousand meters.

Lin Fengting’s figure got close to the mountain where the crack ended.

They looked up at the crack that reached all the way up to the mountain. The crack with the width of dozens of meters got narrower when it got higher; that was the sign of power gathering and condensing.

At the end of the crack, it was a gully deep in the mountain.

The gully was dozens of meters long. It couldn’t compare to the crack left by a murderous weapon, but it still made people feel like it was powerful enough to crush the whole mountain.

A sword mark!

Lin Fengting’s pupils suddenly contracted.

His body suddenly rose, and in a second, he stood in front of the sword mark.

The sword mark lay still on the mountain. The sword intent and Sword Energy at that moment rushed inside the mountain, leaving a crack that was narrow but God knew how deep.

Every small cut on the sword mark and every sculpted mark were getting clearer and clearer in Lin Fengting’s sight, but his eyes started to lose focus.

“The Absolute Sword…”

Lin Fengting mumbled to himself. At this moment, he even ignored the mark left by that murderous weapon completely.

“The Absolute Sword? Which sword?”

Lin Youxian’s face suddenly got pale.

In the martial arts skills of Xuanyuantai, the Absolute Sword was a specific term for the several most powerful sword moves in the Martial Arts of Xuanyuantai.

The core of Martial Arts from the Wang family of Beihai was to break out.

And the core of Martial Arts from Xuanyuantai was to crush.

In the 24 Moves of Sword, the sword moves that had the crush in their names could be called the Absolute Sword.

But most of those sword moves were in the domain of the Invincible Manual.

Lin Fengting’s eyes looked dizzy and hesitant.

No matter what, he didn’t expect that the sword mark here would be like this.

This sword mark indeed came from the Absolute Sword.

But this wasn’t the Absolute Sword that he knew of. In this sword mark, Lin Fengting saw something familiar, and yet something strange.

This was the semi Absolute Sword!

It was also the last move of the 24 Moves of Sword, the Twenty-fourth Blade · Break of Reincarnation!

It was the Absolute Sword the ancestors created to guard against the Six Paths of Reincarnation Sword from the Wang family of Beihai.

But this semi Absolute Sword seemed to be replenished now and got far away from its original sword intent.

The few Absolute Swords from Xuanyuantai were of similar power. Even the Break of Reincarnation was created to fight against the unique skill of the Wang family of Beihai, so it wasn’t more powerful than the rest sword moves.

But the sword move that was replenished in from of them somehow seemed to be the updated version of the Twenty-fourth Blade, with incredible power.

This could even be considered the Twenty-fifth Blade created on the foundation of the semi Twenty-fourth Blade.

Lin Fengting’s eyes were full of complication and confusion.

In the past hundreds of years, that semi Twenty-fourth Blade had always belonged to the Lin Clan, even the Li family didn’t master it.

If it really was the Master of Samsara Palace who left this sword mark, then who the hell was she?!

If the Master of Samsara Palace had nothing to do with the Li family, but she mastered the Twenty-fourth Blade…

Then it was most possible that she came from the Lin Clan!

Especially that replenished semi Absolute Sword that even the Li family couldn’t master, had definitely proven something.

She supported Li Tianlan. Was she thinking about the same thing as him?

On the cold, windy mountain, Lin Fengting landed slowly.

“You, continue to look for the murderous weapon.”

Lin Fengting suddenly said, “The thing about the Master of Samsara Palace can wait.”


Lin Youxian answered. Looking at his father who was about to turn around and leave, he asked subconsciously, “Where are you going, dad?”

“I’m going to Zhongzhou State.”

Lin Fengting sounded tired, turned around and left.

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