The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 201 - Day Two · Darkness

Chapter 201 Day Two · Darkness

The moonlight covered every corner of Wujia Mountain.

The sea surface gently undulated at night, and dense steam rose. Under the deep night, the water on the mountain was nourishing, and the space outside the mountain was hazy.

The person on the mountain looked down.

The person below looked up at the top of the mountain.

They all saw beautiful scenery.

Qin Weibai didn’t move at all. Her peaceful sight fell on Wang Xiaoyao and Black Pupil directly, as if it passed through the night.

Black Pupil, who was moving upward, stopped instinctively and looked up at the person in white on the precipice. Her dark pupils, in which the whites of her eyes were barely visible, gleamed strangely and quietly.

The white clothes and long hair blowing in the wind, perfect and delicate appearance, as well as cold and bright eyes as clear as water.

Everything at the top of the mountain came into Black Pupil’s view. Her pitch-black pupils even clearly reflected Qin Weibai’s images.

The images of Qin Weibai were like two white dots in her pupils, and they were nothing but two white dots.

Everything on the precipice was gone. Dimly, it seemed that Qin Weibai’s figure alone stood quietly and bathed in the moonlight between heaven and earth, proud, indifferent, perfect, and sharp.

Unparalleled in the world!

The feeling she was exuding was far beyond the so-called charm and beauty. It had turned into a shock that people dared not touch or profane.

“Qin Weibai?”

Black Pupil asked, unconsciously lowering her head and avoiding the gaze on the mountain.

Amidst myriads of experts in the Wang family of Beihai, Black Pupil was not the strongest, but she was not the weakest either. She was by far one of the least likely to leave Beihai Province. She had long heard Qin Weibai’s title “the first beautiful woman in Zhongzhou State”, but she had never been able to see her in person. Until now, she finally understood that excessive beauty could also make people feel fear and danger.


Wang Xiaoyao responded with a low voice, and struggle could be found in his eyes.

Black Pupil’s brows moved, and a dark cloud gathered between her brows, vague yet intense.

Up to now, the intelligence of the Wang family of Beihai clearly showed that Qin Weibai was still in Zhongzhou State. At this time, however, she appeared in East Island without anyone noticing. This was an unusual thing.

And Wang Xiaoyao, who should also stay in Zhongzhou State in others’ perceptions, now sneaked into East Island and contacted with Qin Weibai late at night. It made this matter all the more unusual.

Black Pupil sighed softly. She intended to speak but finally said nothing.

In the case that both Firmament and the Enchantress were in East Island, Wang Xiaoyao, who came to Changdao secretly, only brought her with him. The matter itself said something.

The deep night was doomed to be out of ordinary. Some of the things that should happen were bound to be foreshadowed in the general trend, and no one could stop that.

Wang Xiaoyao kept walking ahead.

Without the slightest hesitation, Black Pupil followed him.

She couldn’t stop because the man in front of her was still moving upward.

She did not know where the man in front of her was going, but as long as she was there, she would follow him.

Even if she was alone.

After walking across the path which was paved with messy stones, Wang Xiaoyao took the shortest route to the precipice in the shortest possible time. Sweat seeped from his forehead.

The precipice was extremely high, and it outshined the Wujia Mountain nearby. The howling night wind blew over the precipice, and Wang Xiaoyao’s sweat turned cold. The coolness, however, did not disappear. Instead, it penetrated his skin and circulated continuously throughout his body.

Late at night in summer, in the cold wind by the sea, Wang Xiaoyao seemed to fall into the ice plain, and his whole body was full of incomparable coldness.

The corners of his mouth moved. Looking at Qin Weibai in front of him with a complicated look in his eyes, he said in a soft voice, “More people means more chances to be seen. It took me some time to get rid of them, so I was a little bit late.”

The meaning of the first sentence was not just literal. At the very least, it suggested that Wang Xiaoyao wanted to avoid more than a few surveillance forces of East Island.

Silence reigned on the precipice.

Military Counselor and Saint moved quietly and stood behind Qin Weibai on the left and right sides respectively. In the roaring wind, the bodies of the two people seemed to be gradually distorted and finally became blurred, as if they were two shadows standing behind Qin Weibai.

Qin Weibai’s mood still seemed to be stirring. She looked at the shimmering sea beneath the moonlight and was silent for five or six minutes before she turned around and said calmly, “If you came a little later, we wouldn’t have to talk about our cooperation.”

Cold, straightforward, direct.

Standing behind Wang Xiaoyao, Black Pupil raised her eyebrows, and her dark pupils were all the scarier in the slightly spooky environment right now. She forcibly swallowed her sudden anger, took a deep breath, and remained silent.

There was clearly no room for her to speak in this meeting tonight.

Very few people knew about this meeting tonight, and even fewer could understand the specific meaning of this meeting.

The fact Wang Xiaoyao came here to meet Qin Weibai showed that he was making immediate contact with the will of Samsara Palace.

And Samsara Palace directly made contact with Wang Xiaoyao.

Only him.


Wang Xiaoyao ignored the impoliteness in Qin Weibai’s tone. His face was a little pale, with noticeable hesitation and struggle. He muttered with a wry smile, “Little Bai, you know what, I’d rather this kind of cooperation didn’t happen.”

“I’m sorry.”

Qin Weibai was silent for a while. She then reached out to straighten her hair, which was tangled by the wind, and said softly, “I don’t know.”

Her tone was gentle but was void of any emotion, and there was a sense of alienation between the lines.

This attitude was enough to make any man feel frustrated and even hopeless.

But it was also the attitude which Wang Xiaoyao had been used to.

As the biological brother of Zhongzhou Sword Emperor, the dignity of Wang Xiaoyao’s status was self-evident. He pursued a woman for several years with his identity, but there was not even a sex scandal about them. This matter had completely explained how cold and indifferent the woman relating to this crazy unrequited love was.

“Yeah, you don’t know…”

Wang Xiaoyao whispered to himself, and the look in his eyes grew bleaker.

If he weren’t greatly enamored of the woman in front of him, how wonderful would this meeting be tonight?

Love made all plans contradictory and tangled, and it made him even want to retreat when he could only advance. Was it worth it?

Wang Xiaoyao was in a daze.

The clear voice of Qin Weibai continued to sound, “I don’t need to know that. “But I generally understand.”

“You don’t understand.”

Wang Xiaoyao shook his head subconsciously.

“For hundreds of years, the Wang family of Beihai has always been the greatest family in the Dark World. Do you know why?”

Qin Weibai suddenly asked.

When she finished speaking, not only Wang Xiaoyao and Black Pupil but also Saint and Military Counselor were visibly stunned.

“Of course I know…”

For a moment, the contradiction in Wang Xiaoyao’s eyes disappeared. He stared at Qin Weibai in front of him and opened his mouth, but he could not continue to speak.

“I know, too.”

Qin Weibai’s expression was still faint and perfect, but the brilliance in her eyes was more and more dazzling. “So, I still understand. This has something to do with our cooperation, but it can also have nothing to do with that, right?”

Wang Xiaoyao was silent.

“How is the preparation?”

Qin Weibai turned around again, but her eyes no longer looked at the sea. From above, she silently surveyed the moonlit village a few kilometers away.

“I have already got a half Shadow Formula from Li Tianlan.”

Wang Xiaoyao shook his head absently. “I still need some time.”

“Your plan needs time and opportunity. Tianlan might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.”

Qin Weibai nodded and said.

Wang Xiaoyao clenched his fists. He felt a little uneasy inside, and he was a bit agitated too. With a wry smile, he fished out a cigarette and lit it, taking a deep breath and saying, “What do you need from me?”

The meeting tonight was simple yet complicated. He cooperated with Samsara. He needed the promise of Qin Weibai, and Qin Weibai needed his sincerity. They got what they needed. But he was asked to meet her here… Wang Xiaoyao looked around.

The sea, the beach, the precipice, the lights in the distance…

He couldn’t figure out how to show his sincerity here.

This kind of sincerity, similar to the oath of the outlaw, could not be expressed by doing something casually, given the status of him and Samsara.

“I want you to kill a young man for me.”

Qin Weibai looked at the quiet village in the distance and said seriously.


Wang Xiaoyao was a bit surprised. Killing a man seemed too simple. He nodded. “I’ll ask Black Pupil to do it. Who is it? Where is he?”

“I am saying that I want you to kill a young man for me right here.”

Qin Weibai repeated the sentence very calmly.

Wang Xiaoyao slightly narrowed his eyes. Vaguely, he could feel that the sincerity he needed to express did not seem so simple, and the key to the sincerity was in the young man that Qin Qinbai wanted him to kill.

“You want me to do it myself? Who is it?”

Wang Xiaoyao asked.

“A true young Heavenly Son. Black Pupil is no match for him.”

Qin Weibai calmly said in a soft voice.

This sentence seemed to be nothing serious, but the information contained in it was like a terrifying wave. No matter how composed Wang Xiaoyao was, his expression changed involuntarily.

Was Black Pupil no match for that young Heavenly Son?

How young was he?

There were not many such characters in the entire Dark World, and they were basically the kind of young people who were not young at the age of 30.

As for the younger ones.

At the age of twenty-three, Wang Shengxiao, who could have created a new record if he had been a few months younger, had now reached the Thunder-shocking Realm.

With Wind and Thunder Veins and top martial inheritance, the talented Wang Shengxiao was able to defeat the vast majority of experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm. However, in the face of Black Pupil—a superior at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm and was infinitely close to the Half-step Invincible Realm, he still didn’t have much hope of beating her.

A young Heavenly Son that Black Pupil could not defeat?

Wang Shengxiao, Li Tianlan, Gu Hanshan…

Wang Xiaoyao first thought of these three names in his mind. Of course, it couldn’t be Wang Shengxiao. Qin Weibai would let him kill his nephew unless she was insane.

It couldn’t be Li Tianlan either.

Gu Hanshan was absolutely no match for Black Pupil.

In East Island, Mai Shiranui, the Young Palace Master of Liuhuo Palace, was excellent enough, but she was not nearly as good as Black Pupil.

Crown Prince Rende was no longer a young man.

As for other forces, they naturally had their young masters, but most of them were protected. At least in the East Island with an uncertain general trend, their chances of appearance were extremely slim.

In this way, who did Qin Weibai want to kill?

Moreover, she asked him to do it himself.

Wang Xiaoyao was very clear that at least in the information of major forces, his combat power was far inferior to that of Black Pupil.

Wang Xiaoyao was a master, and the fact that he was as famous as Bai Youming in Zhongzhou State was enough to show that he was very talented.

But Bai Youming was now at the stabilization phase of the Thunder-shocking Realm, and her strength was two small realms lower than that of Black Pupil. It was apparent who was superior.

But given what Qin Weibai had said, she now was very sure that Wang Xiaoyao’s strength was still above that of Black Pupil!

There was a glint in Wang Xiaoyao’s eyes. Qin Weibai’s short sentence contained at least three meanings.

She knew that he was hiding his strength.

East Island now had an unknown young Heavenly Son.

Behind the young Heavenly Son, there must be an unknown, hidden force.

Before he came to East Island, Wang Xiaoyao knew that the situation in East Island was complicated. But it was only when he got here that he really understood how complicated the situation which was thrown into chaos by the general trend was.

“Who is he? Where is he?”

Wang Xiaoyao tried to calm down as he asked.

“Right here.”

Qin Weibai said faintly, “If you had come any later, you might have missed him.”

“Who is he?”

Wang Xiaoyao still stuck to the question.

Qin Weibai was silent, and she did not intend to tell him other things.

“Little Bai…”

Wang Xiaoyao hesitated, but he finally said, “What do you want to do?”

There was something fishy about their meeting here, but Qin Weibai looked even more abnormal.

It was peculiar that she showed up here.

At least Wang Xiaoyao couldn’t figure it out.

Both of them originally had their secrets. However, it seemed now that Qin Weibai appeared to have an understanding of his plans, but he did not know the purpose of Qin Weibai. This feeling made Wang Xiaoyao instinctively feel somewhat uneasy.

“I don’t want to do anything big.”

Qin Weibai said faintly, “Everything I do now is just to change the destiny.”

Wang Xiaoyao no longer spoke.

In the specious answer of Qin Weibai, he clearly felt danger and even trouble.

If it were all about her, he would agree without hesitation. He didn’t even need any cooperation, just because Qin Weibai asked for it.

There could be many things behind a young Heavenly Son, and they may also be related to the entire Wang family of Beihai.

He had to be cautious about such cooperation.

And from the beginning, for the cooperation this time, for Qin Weibai, Wang Xiaoyao’s attitude was somewhat vague, so…

“What if I don’t do it? We cancel the cooperation.”

Wang Xiaoyao was silent for a while and suddenly said.

Qin Weibai stood still and did not seem to hear the words of Wang Xiaoyao. She just stood there and said nothing.

The atmosphere on the precipice suddenly solidified.

Time passed slowly, but Qin Weibai did not have the intention to speak.

Standing on either side of her body, Saint and Military Counselor gradually became apparent and eventually became blurred.

But this time, they were not trying to hide themselves.

The precipice was suddenly covered with an endless stream of sharp sword intent.

The figure of Saint had completely disappeared, and the whole precipice had become a world of swords. The inexhaustible sword intent was surging.

The figure of Military Counselor began to blur, and in the sword intent, he seemed to have become a black hole, suppressing and madly swallowing everything around him.

“So, I have no choice, right?”

Wang Xiaoyao gave a self-deprecating laugh and looked at Qin Weibai.

“You have.”

Qin Weibai said indifferently, with a superior reserved manner. “The target is dead, you and I cooperate. Or the target is dead, so are you.”

“I have so many choices.”

Wang Xiaoyao nodded and looked at the direction where Qin Weibai was watching. His eyes also fixed on the village a few kilometers away.

He frowned slightly and asked, “Where is the person?”


Qin Weibai reached out and said slowly, “He is coming.”

Looking at the direction that Qin Weibai’s finger pointed, Wang Xiaoyao vaguely saw a figure walking unhurriedly toward them from the village at the end of his sight. Because of the distance, Wang Xiaoyao could only make out that it was a figure.

“Kill him.”

Qin Weibai added, “You and I cooperate.”

Wang Xiaoyao nodded silently and slightly narrowed his eyes.

The sea breeze blew over with the smell of salt.

The cold air pervaded the precipice with hidden killing intent.

As dawn approached, the moon slowly fell from the sky.

The moonlight gradually dissipated.

The sun had not yet risen.

The figure that came out of the village alone silently walked in the darkest hours of the day.

No dawn.

No daybreak.

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