The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Top 10 Young Masters List

“Yes, they all share the surname Gu.”

Yu Qingyan stared at Li Tianlan strangely and whispered in reply.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and nodded. He smiled and said, “Please continue.”

Yu Qingyan nodded and spoke with a lighter tone. “On the second place is Jiang Shangyu, the lone son of Jiang family from Beijiang, Zhongzhou State. He has delicate bones and is currently at Fire-flaming Realm. He is 24 years old, studying in Deep-sea Academy.”

“A woman holds the third place. She is the second daughter of Dongcheng family from Zhongyuan Province, Dongcheng Rushi. She is 19 this year and her father is the commander of Border Control Corps, Dongcheng Wudi. She studies at Fairy’s Pool and is currently at Fire-flaming Realm as well. Like Jiang Shangyu, she is also a talent with delicate bones.

Li Tianlan smiled. As Yu Qingyan announced the top 10 young masters one after another, he realized that he had previously looked down on the prodigies of the world.

Wind and Thunder Veins, King’s Heart, Delicate Bones.

Everyone with those was true martial art prodigies.

Wind and Thunder Vein could give its owner immense speed and strength.

King’s Heart could allow an individual to have an incredibly fast reaction time and a much stronger mental strength. Those who possessed the King’s Heart had an advantage in meditation, being up to a hundred times more efficient than others of the same realm.

Possessing the King’s Heart meant possessing an entrance ticket to the Invincible Realm.

Delicate Bones were slightly weaker in comparison, but only slightly weaker. Prodigies with delicate bones had extremely strong learning and comprehension skills. With some luck, they would not necessarily be worse off than those with Wind and Thunder Veins and King’s Heart.

Li Tianlan had already felt strong pressure merely from the four individuals occupying the top three spot of the “Top 10 Young Masters List”.

“At the fourth place is Li Taixu, Sword Master of Taixu sect in Shu Mountain. He is currently 23 years old and is at the peak of Ice-condensing Realm. For nearly 300 years, only two Sword Masters appeared out of Taixu sect of Shu Mountain. The sect remained without a leader for the rest of the time. However, the two Taixu Sword Masters achieved Invincible Realm. Thus, many believed that this Sword Master can become an expert in Invincible Realm too.”

Behind him, Li Baitian’s mouth twitched as if it was hurting. “Damn. Can become? He will definitely achieve Invincible Realm!”

Li Tian nodded once again.

His grandfather had said that Shu Mountain, Fairy’s Pool and Asura Path are all main martial art forces within Zhongzhou State. Shu Mountain triumphs in the usage of the sword. That did not mean that they are the strongest in swordsmanship but instead reflected the vast variety of swordsmanship that they possessed.

Shu Mountain harbors numerous differing sword intents, each with their own strength.

That was a phrase that appeared with the creation of sects in Shu Mountain, and many still believed it to be true today.

The vast variety of swordsmanship in Shu Mountain was basically all focused and derived from the four major Sword Masters of the mountain.

The four legendary swords of Shu Mountain – Nirvana, Phantom, Yin Yang, Taixu – each hold a different sword intent within. The Taixu sword intent was the most mysterious and unknown. For Taixu sword to acknowledge him as its master, Li Taixu is indeed a prodigy.

“The fifth place belonged to the officer Ning Qiancheng from Border Control Corps. He is 23 years old and is at the peak of Ice-condensing Realm.”

Yu Qingyan paused and looked at the calm Ning Qiancheng beside her. She was about to mention something but gave up and explained the next on the list. “The sixth-place belonged to the young master of Asura Path, Qi Zhaoxi. He is 22 years old and is also at the peak of Ice-condensing Realm.”

“Sister Yuetong is placed seventh. At the eighth place is Zhongli Wuxin, the godson of General Chen Songlin, principal of Deep-sea Academy. Because of impartation, the young master of Shadow sect, Zuoshou, is placed at the ninth place due to its strong ability to defend and the lackluster ability of offense. Both of them are 20 years old, and are peak experts of Ice-condensing Realm.”

“What about the 10th place?”

Seeing that Yu Qingyan was silent for a while, Li Tianlan asked casually after waiting.

“As there are two tied for the first place, there is no 10th place and the list ends at ninth place.”

Yu Qingyan smiled slightly and continued after hesitating for a while. “If I were to add another place, Brother Li will be the best choice. You… erm… even though your realm may be lower, your combat capability is as strong as the 10 experts. You are indeed powerful, breaking 35 walls consecutively.”

“Thanks for your compliment, Sister Qingyan.”

Li Tianlan smiled casually. He had no interest in rankings as it did not impact his grade points at all. Anyways, if he was merely at the tenth place, there was no need for him to obtain it. What might be glory for others sparked no delight in him at all.

“I agree with Qingyan. Even though senior brother did not possess a high realm, your battle capability would naturally place you in the top 10 young masters. You will not be much worse than my brother after some cultivation.”

Wang Yuetong smiled as she said with a gentle tone, staring at Li Tianlan with puppy eyes that conveyed a tinge of strange emotions. “If Senior Brother Tianlan is interested, I am willing to introduce you to my brother. You have a similar body to his. Even though my brother is temporarily ahead of you, but communicating with each other is definitely beneficial to both of you.”

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng looked at each other subconsciously.

Wang Yuetong’s attitude toward Li Tianlan seemed to be more and more obvious.

A ridiculous thought rose from the mind of the two but they increasingly felt that the idea is likely to be true.

Even though they had no idea of Li Tianlan’s real background, they were sure that he was not just a normal peasant and he had a force supporting him from behind. Even though this force might not be as capable as the Wang family, Li Tianlan’s Wind and Thunder Veins made him a potential master of the Invincible Realm, and that alone made him valuable to the Wang family.

“Such an attitude of Wang Yuetong… Could she be interested in pulling Li Tianlan as the son-in-law of Wang family?”

This shouldn’t be something ridiculous.

The Wang family had inherited for hundreds of years without any sign of failure. Such a family viewed relationships between men and women in terms of potential and value and not true love.

“However, is it necessarily a good thing for Li Tianlan to be the son-in-law of Wang family?”

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng both frowned and stared ahead thoughtfully in silence.

In their mind, there will be no way for Li Tianlan to reject Wang Yuetong’s advances if she insisted on this idea. Without mentioning the power of the Wang family, the seductive nature of the Wangs’ Siren, Wang Yuetong herself was enough to make any man accept the proposal. Such a girlfriend can satisfy both the outer and inner desires of any man, making the man bring glory to the ancestors and struggle for fewer lifetimes.

“Your brother is the top talent of this generation and not someone that I can compare myself to. Forget it.”

Li Tianlan’s indifferent voice resounded beside her ears. He did not seem to notice Wang Yuetong’s intentions and thus rejected calmly.

“Sure. Maybe next time. There are plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Wang Yuetong stared at Li Tianlan for a long while before finally turning away quietly with a bright smile.

Li Tianlan seemed unflustered except for his squinted eyes.

The exit to the maze lay straight ahead after this corner.

Wang Yuetong walked beside Li Tianlan, almost touching him. She said with a smile, “Senior brother Tianlan… eh?”

The five turned the corner.

Wang Yuetong’s tone suddenly changed.

Within their sight, the exit of the maze appeared before their eyes. However, a group of students wearing camouflage clothing from Sky Academy crowded around the few narrow doors in front of the exit.

A puddle of blood was near the exit.

Six to seven freshmen from Sky Academy laid down there unconscious next to the puddle.

At this moment, in front of the freshmen, a few of the students walked over and removed their wristwatches given by Sky Academy, which were capable of communication, positioning, navigation, calling, scanning, recording, and many other functions. They then threw their twitching bodies directly out of the maze.

The wristwatches were eventually concentrated at a young man sitting in front of the central exit.

The man is about 26 to 27 years old. He is tall and burly. Sitting there, he gave off an aggressive aura. He looked somewhat handsome but his cruel demeanor destroyed any good first impression of him. At this moment, he was handed over the many wristwatches that were snatched from the freshmen. Throwing them onto the table, he gave off the sinister smile.

As Li Tianlan’s crew walked towards the exit, he glanced casually at them. However, upon seeing Wang Yuetong, the young man jerked alert and straightened his back unconsciously, with a greedy glimmer appearing in his eyes.

Other than him, all other men near the exit stared lustfully at Wang Yuetong.

“Another wave of freshmen. Fast. But useless.”

The young man took a deep breath and leaned back on the chair behind him. Crossing his legs, he pointed at Li Tianlan and spoke lazily, “Ey, the few of you. Give me your Credit-counting Watch and screw off. Also, let me kiss the two junior sisters and I will let all of you pass. How about that?”

Leaning back in his chair and shaking his leg, his lustful eyes stared at the red lips of Wang Yuetong and Yu Qingyan as he smiled creepily. “If you don’t stick out your tongue later, I’ll cut them off!”

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