The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 10

Chapter 10-To Trigger the Thunder by Flicking Fingers

An Jia was not afraid of death.

He would not have successfully entered the Ice-condensing Realm in his early thirties with his ordinary aptitude if he had been craven and cowardly.

Only talented and brave ones could enter the Four Realms of Martial Arts.

An Jia’s powerful strength was sufficient to prove that he had the righteous ardor that enabled him to press forward with an indomitable will.

So when seeing his brother was firmly nailed to the tree by the spear, An Jia had only endless sorrow rather than fear in his heart. He did not even listen to Li Tianlan because he had subconsciously rushed to the direction of his sworn brother.

The killing intent in Li Tianlan’s pupils did not reduce a bit. He suddenly stretched out to grasp An Jia’s neck.

The killing intent was surging crazily in his heart, and he attacked with all his strength. If he successfully grasped An Jia, there would be not even room for An Jia, who was unguarded, to have a final struggle.

Li Tianlan’s body remained motionless. He reached forward with one hand and looked cold and ruthless.

A thin electric arc suddenly lit up in an extremely critical moment.

Li Tianlan closed one of his palms and ripped a fragment of the collar off An Jia’s back. An Jia’s body, however, was dragged forward six to seven meters by a sudden force.

Electric arcs flickered in the air. Centered on An Jia, all the rain in a radius of more than 10 meters flew in all directions. The raindrops, like swords, crackled against the surrounding trees, and seven to eight trees of all sizes fell around An Jia. The smell of burning charcoal could be smelt in the air as the raindrops hit the trees.

In Li Tianlan’s line of sight, An Jia’s body, wrapped in a strong force, was still moving rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it came beside the silver spear a few dozen meters away.

The air around him was heavily twisted, and the electric arcs flashed like lightning!

The torrential rain poured down as if it was a waterfall!

Through the trees and the rain, Li Tianlan vaguely saw a plump and beautiful figure, whose one hand still clung to An Jia’s arm, suddenly appeared in the air behind An Jia, where electric arcs were flashing.

An ice-cold and ghastly gaze was directly fixed on Li Tianlan’s face.

Li Tianlan subconsciously took a step forward with a cold look. The extremely devilish sharpness in his eyes almost pierced the curtain of rain and went straight into the other person’s eyes.

The pupils of the woman who had appeared abruptly and saved An Jia’s life instantly contracted.

Of all the people present, she was probably the only one who had noticed a detail that was easily overlooked by others.

Under the circumstances that she had shown her horrifying strength, the knee-jerk reaction of the freshman opposite her was to move forward rather than retreat as soon as he saw her!

Behind this intense aggressiveness was always a burning desire to fight and a will to attack.

Swift and potent strength, the spirit of rather die than retreat, and the will as hard as iron.

Such a man was almost faultless in practicing Martial Arts.

And flawless meant invincible!

“Has he really vaguely touched the Invincible Realm?”

“A freshman who seems to have touched the Invincible Realm before entering the Four Realms of Martial Arts?”

The woman took a deep breath. Her ample breasts rippled in the rain and created an inviting arc. She ignored Li Tianlan and began to check the condition of her subordinate who had been nailed to the tree trunk with a silver spear.

“Sister Qin, hurry up. Save Zhou Mo please.”

An Jia, who was previously on the verge of dying, was saved. He finally came to his senses and shouted excitedly.

“Easy, he won’t die.”

Qin Ke said coldly and frowned slightly. Her extremely slender palm grasped the silver spear and jerked it, and then she pulled it out from Zhou Mo’s abdomen.

A good deal of blood gushed from Zhou Mo’s abdomen. The spearhead was so strange that it left an equally strange wound on his abdomen when it was pulled out violently. The spear blade was stained with blood and it seemed to have cut off his gut.

A flash of killing intent flickered in Qin Ke’s eyes. Before she opened her mouth, An Jia had rushed directly toward Zhou Mo, condensed ice with both of his hands, and sealed the wound that pierced through Zhou Mo’s abdomen as soon as possible.

“Send him to the hospital.”

Qin Ke instructed in a cold voice, but the expression in her eyes looked a little bit solemn.

As soon as she caught the spear, her hand sank. Although it looked not heavy, it actually weighed at least 50 kilograms. From this aspect alone, she knew that the freshman not far away was much more complicated than she had imagined.

“I didn’t let them go. I’d like to see who dares to move.”

A soft and deep voice sounded.

Li Tianlan’s voice seemed to have sounded around their ears, although he was dozens of meters away from them and his voice had to go across the downpour of rain. It sounded elegant and calm, with extreme danger and devilishness.

An Jia, who was helping Zhou Mo up and planned to leave, suddenly paused.

Qin Ke no longer hid the killing intent and chill in her voice. She shouted angrily, “Who do you think you are? Are you qualified to be so aggressive in front of me?”

She raised her hand and suddenly put forth her strength. While the electric arcs were flickering, the silver spear that weighed more than 50 kilograms pierced the rain in the forest and shot straight toward Li Tianlan in the twinkling of an eye.

An Jia quickly withdrew from the battlefield, carrying his wounded companion on his back.

At the same time, Li Tianlan moved.

He moved forward.

He charged toward Qin Ke!

In a flash, raindrops falling from the sky tilted toward Qin Ke as Li Tianlan was charging forward. His speed seemed to be faster than the spear. The distance of tens of meters was quickly shortened, and his body and the silver spear seemed to be moving toward each other on a straight line in a split second.

The man and spear were about to collide.

Qin Ke quickly narrowed her eyes. Li Tianlan’s body slightly moved to another side and he grasped the spear that nearly brushed against his shoulder.

Since the spear carried Qin Ke’s strength, it forcibly pulled Li Tianlan’s body back. The blue veins on Li Tianlan’s arms stood out and the joints all over his body crackled under the impact of tremendous force. However, his eyes were still as calm and devilish as the abyss.

He did not retreat.

Not even an inch.

He suddenly leaped up as he held the spear tightly.

The rain was pouring down.

But his body was leaping up.

Li Tianlan flipped over the spear that was more than two meters long in his hand, and it suddenly formed a natural arc.

The bloodstained spear blade rushed toward Qin Ke with a high-pitched whistling and great momentum.

The calmness and devilishness faded from Li Tianlan’s eyes. The only thing left was madness!

He was a lunatic.

A lunatic that was invincible among people in the same realm.

Qin Ke’s mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts. Facing the spear hitting downward crazily, she just lifted a tender and slender palm.

When the spear blade and the palm were about to touch, Qin Ke’s fingers suddenly flicked it.

A thunderclap exploded suddenly.

In the woods under the heavy rain.

A bright flash of electric light suddenly lit up between Qin Ke’s fingers. It was bright and dazzling, soaring high into the sky.

For a split second, the electric light seemed to have connected with the lightning in this world. It then rushed down from the sky with a great deal of momentum, and it seemed to be piercing the world with the dazzling light.

To trigger the thunder by flicking fingers!

The lightning paled in comparison with the electric light between Qin Ke’s fingers. However, the spear tip was still vibrating crazily, pressing Qin Ke’s fingers down desperately.

With a cold and calm look, Qin Ke slightly raised her eyebrows, and her fingers flicked the spear again. When the flesh and blade touched, a sound of metal clashing together was heard. In the strident sound, Li Tianlan, who was still in midair, was suddenly sent flying.

He hit his body against a stout tree trunk. He stretched out his hand and helped himself up with the aid of the trunk. The next second, he already stood on the treetop that was swaying together with the rain and wind.

His face remained impassive. The two meters long spear pointed at Qin Ke, who was under the tree, from above. Even though he was repulsed twice by the flick, his body was still full of an overwhelming aggressiveness and fighting intent.

“Thunder-shocking Realm? How powerful you are!”

Li Tianlan’s body swayed with the treetop beneath his feet, but his hand that held the spear was ghastly steady. He squinted down at Qin Ke with a smile and said coldly.

As he opened his mouth, his eyes, nostrils, mouth, and even his ears began to bleed.

The seven apertures of his head were shedding blood!

He was seriously injured although they had just fought a short while.

Qin Ke slightly lowered her head and rubbed off a drop of blood on her fingertip without anyone noticing.

This drop of blood was the result that Li Tianlan had gained from this battle.

“You’re not bad. I didn’t expect that you should possess this kind of power before practicing Martial Arts. When you enter the Thunder-shocking Realm, I’m afraid you are really invincible among people below the Invincible Realm.”

Qin Ke raised her head to look at the bleeding Li Tianlan and said in an indifferent voice.

She was telling the truth. Although Li Tianlan had not yet entered the Four Realms of Martial Arts, he did possess a terrifying strength. If he really reached the Thunder-shocking Realm someday, all the people in this realm were probably nobodies.

This freshman’s potential was so amazing that she was a little flustered.

Those who below the four realms could only be nobodies.

The correct interpretation of this sentence should be; those who below the Qi-controlling Realm were nobodies.

However, she was an expert in the Thunder-shocking Realm.

The Thunder-shocking Realm was second only to the Invincible Realm. For all countries in the world, people in this realm were rare and topnotch combat forces. Each one of them did not need the slightest effort to harm an expert in the Ice-condensing Realm or the Fire-flaming Realm, not to mention a nobody who had not entered the four realms.

But what happened now?

Li Tianlan, a freshman who had not entered the four realms, made her bleed tonight. How terrifying his potential was?

Although this battle was not as fierce as the battle of life and death, and she had not tried her best due to some special reasons, even so, Li Tianlan’s potential terrified her.

Maybe he would be the third expert in the Invincible Realm since the establishment of the Sky Academy.

That would be the glory of the academy.

The expression in Qin Ke’s eyes softened a little bit after she thought of this.

“I’m sure.”

Li Tianlan shot Qin Ke a cold glance and said coldly, “If I enter the Thunder-shocking Realm, you won’t be able to resist my attacks in one minute. So that’s why you came to kill me tonight? Are you going to kill me ahead of time in order to pose a greater threat to you?”

Qin Ke slightly frowned and finally realized that something was wrong. Everything happened tonight seemed to have been misunderstood by Li Tianlan. For her, it was just a freshman’s strength test, but in Li Tianlan’s heart, it seemed to have become a bitter vendetta. No wonder he attacked so ferociously. If she hadn’t come in time, neither Zhou Mo nor An Jia would have survived tonight.

“Who is going to kill you? Do you have any enemies out there?”

At the thought of this, Qin Ke suddenly felt that it was necessary to clarify the misunderstanding. If Li Tianlan, a freshman who was full of potential, misunderstood that the teachers of the Sky Academy were going to kill him, that would be a joke.

Li Tianlan’s eyes narrowed. Although he remained calm, the branches under his feet shook slightly.

He lowered his head and gently wiped the blood on his mouth to hide his astonishment.

“I am Qin Ke, the deputy director of the teaching office of the Sky Academy. Everything we have done tonight is merely a common freshman test. We have no malicious intentions. Here’s my work permit, believe it or not.”

Qin Ke added as she glanced at Li Tianlan. At the same time, she took out a work permit and threw it to Li Tianlan, who was on the tree.

Li Tianlan subconsciously took it and look at it. Suddenly, there seemed to be thousands of Grass Mud Horses galloping away in his heart.

“It’s not a vendetta that came with the exposure of my identity, but a so-called freshman test?”

“So, just because of this test, both Zhou Mo and I are seriously hurt?”

Holding the work permit, Li Tianlan stared at Qin Ke and asked.

“You overreacted. Li Tianlan, you have to understand what kind of a place the Sky Academy is. No force can bribe the teachers here to attack their students. This is the rule.”

Qin Ke replied coldly.

Li Tianlan kept silent. What Qin Ke just said left him unprepared, so he needed some time to digest it.

After a long while, Li Tianlan spoke slowly, “The only thing I can do for anyone who might threaten my life is to kill them at all costs. My life is important, so I must live. Director Qin, please convey my apologies to Mr. Zhou.”

Obstinate, unruly, and alert.

Qin Ke drew these conclusions directly.

Till now, Li Tianlan still hadn’t come down from the tree and he kept a careful distance from her. All this showed that he did not completely trust her. And his explanation was quite harsh. At least Qin Ke felt uncomfortable as she heard it.

“Your life is important! Are the lives of the teachers in the Sky Academy not important?”

Qin Ke took another deep breath and sneered.

“What do their lives have to do with me?”

Li Tianlan’s eyelids drooped and he said in an indifferent tone.


Qin Ke almost flew into a great rage. She tried her best to restrain her desperate anger.

Indeed, Li Tianlan didn’t know Zhou Mo, so Zhou Mo’s life or death did have nothing to do with him. But was that all? Li Tianlan cherished his life so much, so what would he do if his brothers and comrades-in-arms were at stake?

Qin Ke took a deep look at Li Tianlan. This was a question that would need to be observed over the next few years. Fortunately, she still had the time.

“If nothing else, I have to go back, Miss Qin. My bedroom is badly damaged. If possible, I plan to apply for a new dormitory.”

Li Tianlan’s tone of voice was calm and gentle again. At this moment, it seemed that he had once again put on a harmless mask.

“You can make do with another room tonight, and I’ll change it for you tomorrow.”

Qin Ke said in a cold voice. There were abundant dormitories in the Sky Academy, thus, changing dormitories was not a problem.

“Thank you.”

Li Tianlan smiled while expressing his thanks. He stretched out and waved his hand. The spear that pointed at Qin Ke immediately retracted into a metal tube that was more than 10 centimeters long. He then put it into his sleeve.

A sliver of light flashed through Qin Ke’s eyes. Obviously, she was curious about the exquisite but heavy spear. Therefore, she asked casually, “What’s the name of this spear?”

“Human Emperor.”

Li Tianlan glanced at Qin Ke and replied gently.

“Human Emperor?!”

Qin Ke raised her eyebrows, and the expression in her eyes suddenly became extremely strange.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Tianlan responded by asking with some doubts in his heart.

“Do you know the twelve lethal weapons of the dark world?”

Qin Ke’s facial expression was getting weird. To be honest, she was indeed an extremely beautiful woman. However, her expression was too cold at ordinary times. Once she revealed some humanized expression, her charm would immediately soar up.

But after meeting Qin Weibai, Li Tianlan had a detached mood and attitude and treated all beauties as passing clouds. Hence, he was still calm even so. He shook his head casually and answered, “I have never heard of them.”

“About 15 years ago, Night Spirit—a super force in the dark world, took a sea-voyage eastward to Zhongzhou State in order to snatch the top-secret blueprint for a military project. Tian Xin, one of the two dominators of the Night Spirit in the Invincible Realm, started his killing spree at the border of Zhongzhou State. The Patriarch of one of the richest and the most powerful families in Zhongzhou State fought him head-on and finally shot him 20,000 meters away. Tian Xin, an expert in the Invincible Realm from Night Spirit, was smashed into pieces. Do you know what weapon the powerful Patriarch used?”

Qin Ke asked slowly in a cold tone of voice. However, fanaticism could be seen in her eyes, and that was absolutely her adoration and respect toward mighty ones.

“Didn’t you say that he shot the enemy with a gun?”

Li Tianlan’s mind vibrated as well, but his tone of voice was relatively calm.

“Yeah, with a gun, but it’s not like your spear. Indeed, he used a sniper rifle. Coincidentally, that gun is also called Human Emperor, and it ranks number one among the twelve lethal weapons in the dark world! The match of such an outstanding person and such a famous gun will live up to the name ‘Human Emperor’! As for you and your weapon…”

Qin Ke paused for a while and did not continue to speak.

Li Tianlan fell silent too. But the “Human Emperor” that he had put in the sleeve fell again into his hand and was held tightly by him.

The torrential rain kept pouring down and it continued thundering in the woods.

The ghastly white lightning tore the sky open.

He stood on the treetop quietly with a calm look. But his two pupils were like two balls of fire flaming in the rain.

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