The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 814: Young Miracle Healer

Chapter 814: Young Miracle Healer

As the spiritual power entered Shangguan Wenji’s meridians, his physical condition was clearly presented to her.

Shangguan Wenji’s injuries were actually very serious, even his internal organs had suffered certain dislocation and damage. Especially his right hand, not to mention it turned dry and necrotic, but it also hindered the movement of the meridians throughout the body.

If these meridians were blocked forever, then Shangguan Wenji’s cultivation would go backward little by little, and his body would decline gradually until he ages like a mortal.

Shangguan Wenji saw Hexi frowning slightly, and the little hope in his heart also turned into despair.

He said in a low voice, “Mr. Xi, you don’t have to force yourself. I know my physical condition very well. I’m very happy to be able to hold until you to come and save my children. I have written the succession edict. Please pass it to Heng’er for me and ask him to protect the Jing Ling Kingdom. Also, that impudent Shangguan Qi, he took the fake edict. By the time, he will definitely collude with the Feng Family…”

“Shut up!” Hexi interrupted him impatiently, “Who said you will die? It’s just a little bit of atrophy of the flesh and blood meridians. What is there to die? But even if it is cured, you can’t use your hand that well and your cultivation can no longer be improved.

Shangguan Wenji froze in place suddenly. The tears of despair were still on his face. His eyes widened stupidly at this time, looking indescribably ridiculous.

Hexi picked up the silver needles and plunged into his acupuncture points quickly.

With the influx of silver needles and vigorous water spiritual power, Shangguan Wenji only felt that her originally dried meridians and dantian seemed to be moisturized. He couldn’t tell how comfortable was it.

He stared blankly at the handsome young man in front of him. He looked only about sixteen years old, but his eyes were so calm. When talking about medical skills and when applying needles, he was so calm and calm, making him believe for no reason. As long as Xi Yue was there, he could be saved.

Young Miracle Healer, Xi Yue?

No wonder, so many people say that he is an genius once in a lifetime. No wonder, he can manage the Shengde Hall that even the Doctors Association and Feng Family covet.

After the acupuncture treatment, to ensure that Shangguan Wenji’s meridians could run smoothly, Hexi threw a porcelain bottle to him, “This is the fourth grade meridians cleansing pill. You take one pill a day, and your arm’s blood and meridians will recover after one month. Although it isn’t as flexible as before and you basically can’t take weapons, but it is still fine to do daily chores.”

After that, she just let Shangguan Wenji be gratitude on his own. She turned and watched the battle between Nangong Yu and Hei Sha.

At this moment, the Feng Family in this palace had been dealth with by them; only Hei Sha was left.

And Purple Abyss Vine had also covered the surroundings of the palace to prevent the news from spreading out and alerting the Feng Family in Yanjing City.

So Hexi and Nangong Yu were more at ease.

Especially Nangong Yu’s cultivation was much higher than Hei Sha, so when he was fighting with Hei Sha, he had a kind of laziness and leisure like playing cat and mouse.

Such contempt caused Hei Sha’s anger to rise a little bit; he was almost hysterical.

On the other hand, Nangong Yu was very leisure. He had a half-smile on his handsome face, and his every action was full of intoxicating charm.

Hexi stared blankly at the man with a completely different appearance from the man she usually got along with, and she would never admit that her heart was beating constantly.

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