The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 569: Devil

Chapter 569: Devil

In Breaking Spirit Mountain, Hexi re-examined the injuries on her body. She found that Nangong Yu used some kind of method that she didn’t know, and those internal injuries that took at least half a month to recover were now almost recovered.

Purple Abyss Vine was also nourished by [Yin Yang Lotus Jade], slowly recovering as before. Now the main vine was bustling with life, and it did not look deprived like a few days ago.

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief. She and decided to enter the fourth-order magical beast area. After all, she might still meet the pervert Feng Yunjing here. Feng Yunjing was not what she could handle now.

To go to enchantment, she naturally had to pass by where Feng Lianying and Nie Jinchen were now.

Hexi let Little Egg completely hide his spiritual power, and used light steps to reach the border between the rank five magical beast and the rank four magical beast area.

From a distance, she heard Feng Lianying’s moaning and the man’s rough roar.

There was a sneer in the corner of Hexi’s mouth, but she didn’t bother looking at them. She went straight through the enchantment of the rank four magical beast area.

Most of the martial artists from Breaking Spirit Mountain were all disciples of the famous sect. Therefore, they rarely went to the blackmarket where a place specially prepared for non-martial artists. Therefore, no one here knew that the video of Feng Lianying having sexual intercourse was spread to the entire Miluo Continent.

However, the people of Feng Family and the major families in Breaking Spirit Mountain would also see this video soon. How ugly would Feng Family’s face look like by that time?

Thinking of Nangong Yu who did all this for her, Hexi was a little worried.

She knew that Nangong Yu must be doing something very important, but no matter how she asked, Nangong Yu would only tell that there was nothing more important than her.

Nangong Yu, whose his clone has returned to the original body, is he all right? However, Hexi, who was worried about Nangong Yu, didn’t know that Nangong Yu was stepping on a pool of blood on the ground now. He was looking at the corpse across the square in the sect with a sinister smile.

Everyone who looked at him at this moment had only one thought in their mind: This person is a devil! However, the Azure Dragon who followed Nangong Yu could see his feeble state and pale face at a glance.

Master actually cast a clone and tear through space to save the princess, this … This is really for the princess. Nevermind the plan and revenge, he doesn’t even care about his life. Azure Dragon clenched his hand tightly. He lowered his voice after a while, “Master, are you all right?”

Nangong Yu didn’t answer him, but he just said lightly, “How is the Wu Gou’s progress over there?”

After hearing Nangong Yu’s mention of the matter, Azure Dragon no longer dared to think wildly. He said quickly, “Wu Gou will breach this Nine Turn Earth Mysterious Array in about five minutes.”

Azure Dragon and Nangong Yu didn’t lower their voices at all when discussing this. The martial artists, who initially looked terrified, looked despair when they heard this.

Suddenly, a white-bearded old man stepped out and yelled at Nangong Yu, “Nangong Yu, I didn’t expect you to be such an ungrateful animal. Both the Feng Family and Liu Li Sect treat you well, and our patriarch even saved your life. Not only you are not grateful, you even requite kindness with enmity, trying to eliminate Liu Li Sect.”

“Nangong Yu, aren’t you afraid of suffering divine retribution and ending up being thundered to death by the sky?”

“Saved me?” Nangong Yu smirked; his eyes were cold and indifferent. His gaze on them was as if he was looking at death corpse. “Elder Feng, you know better than anyone whether Feng Family is my benefactor or enemy.”

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