The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Three Kowtows

Unobstructed, tenacious, and full of vitality…this youth had really survived, moreover he was almost completely recovered? This…how could this be?

Doctor Xie's complexion became ashen, his hand that was examining the youth's chest constantly trembling.

Shopkeeper Zhou also immediately came forward, using his spiritual power to examine the youth he became surprised and exclaimed, "He's alive! He's alive! I didn't expect that a person with broken meridians could actually recover! Young Master's medical skill is really amazing!"

Shopkeeper Zhou cupped his hands as he bowed in admiration towards Hexi. However, Hexi’s expression remained cold, the fact is that her heart simply didn’t agree.

This youth's illness indeed looked very serious, but it was not caused by severed meridians. It was only that someone had used poisonous medicine, causing his spiritual veins to be blocked, to the extent that his spiritual energy was unable to circulate properly.

If it was really severed meridians, she might have had to think about how to cure him, but for this minor illness, with her medical skill this was simply nothing.

Hexi ignored everyone gazing at her with adoration, she also didn’t care about the little girl crying and kowtowing towards her to express her gratitude. She simply used a cold and ridiculing gaze to look at doctor Xie and shopkeeper Qin, lightly saying, "I wonder if this third rank doctor still remembers what he had said before or not?"

—If you can cure this youth, I, Xie Chongming, will kowtow to you three times in front of everyone, paying respect to you as a master.

Doctor Xie's complexion turned even uglier than the bottom of a pot, his teeth clenched, and the resentment in his eyes could almost be turned into a sword to chop Hexi into seven or eight pieces.

When he was younger, he was also humiliated and despised. However, after becoming a third rank doctor, those people who dared to humiliate him were punished and ended up with miserable fates. Since then he, Xie Chongming, sat higher than anyone, and no one dared to look down upon him again. But now, he was being humiliated by this kid in front of everyone!

This kid…was asking for death! Just die thousands of times!

Everyone in the crowd kept quiet, because although they rejoiced in doctor Xie's misfortune of being slapped on the face, they dared not take the risk of displaying a ridiculing laugh and offending a third rank doctor.

"Just because of some minor accomplishment, you now think you’re unmatched in this world under heaven." Doctor Xie took a few deep breaths, continuing with a cold and threatening voice, "Boy, I’ll warn you now, it’s best for you to not be so arrogant, otherwise…"

He hadn’t finished speaking, when suddenly his face changed. He felt his knee go numb, then with a 'thump' sound, he slammed down into a kneeling position on the ground.

"Ah—!" Everyone screamed.

Nobody had expected that doctor Xie would really kneel down, and moreover, although his expression was twisted and sinister, he still heavily knocked his head on the ground to kowtow three times.

The light in Hexi's eyes flickered slightly, though they remained calm and collected as she discreetly glanced in the direction of the half opened window.

Other people might not have realised, but she could clearly sense that doctor Xie didn’t want to kneel, it was that there was an invisible power pushing down on his knee and back, forcing him to have no choice but to kowtow.

However, Hexi only sneered, and using a clear and sweet voice to speak, "I said before, just three kowtows would be enough, but as for you becoming an apprentice, I don't want an apprentice like you."

Finished speaking, without waiting for everyone to react, she had already turned around to leave, disappearing amongst the crowd in only a few breaths.

No one noticed that doctor Xie, who was still kneeling on the ground, was now bleeding from his gums due to how hard he had clenched his teeth. His face that was originally like a sage's was now twisted up like a devil’s, his eyes were filled with resentment, and the corner of his mouth had lifted into a sinister smile.

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