The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Do You Believe Me?

The youth's eyes resembled the moonlight on a winter’s night, like a sharp edge of ice, bringing forth an icy coldness filled with arrogance that caused doctor Xie's anger to increase. So rushing forth without thinking he loudly said, "Good! Good! You’ll really not shed tears if you can’t see a coffin! I’ll make a bet with you. If you can cure this youth, I, Xie Chongming, will kowtow to you three times in front of everyone, paying respect to you as a master. But if you can't cure him, then you will go with me to the Criminal Punishment department, obediently accepting the charge of being the worst type of criminal and breaking the law by pretending to be a doctor! Kid, do you dare or not?"

Hexi raised her eyebrows, a smile yet not a smile forming on her lips, "Even if you formally become an apprentice and willingly recognise me as your master, I don't want an old and shameful apprentice like you! If you lose, just kowtowing three times will do."

"You—! You—!!"

Doctor Xie was extremely angered, he itched to rush forward, immediately twisting and breaking the youth's slender neck.

But why would Hexi pay any attention to him, her serenely cold eyes looked at the little girl, "I promise to do my best to treat your brother, I’m about eighty percent sure he will recover, but the treatment will be risky, you…are you willing to believe me?"

The little girl blankly raised her head and gazed into Hexi’s clear eyes. She didn’t know when, but as she gazed a glimmer of purple light appeared, as if she was in the depth of a forest seeing the most beautiful aurora.

She felt like she had come into contact with magic, her heart couldn’t afford to grow even a trace of doubt and without resisting, she slowly nodded.

The little girl's consent made Hexi relieved, and she asked shopkeeper Zhou to help carry the youth into Sheng De hall’s lounge, placing him gently on the table that was long enough for a person to lay down on it.

With frosty expressions, doctor Xie and shopkeeper Qin followed them inside. They must see with their own eyes how this big talking youth will fail, ending up a disgrace.

In Sheng De hall's lounge, it was full of curious people all crowding around three layers thick.

Hexi was standing in the centre of the crowd, she calmly took out a pack of Silver Needles from her space.

These Silver Needles appeared to have different lengths as there were thick ones and thin ones. Also, from the top of these Silver Needles, a strange medical smell was emitted, astonishing the surrounding crowd.

But excluding those that were astonished, there were even more with expressions of loathing and ridicule. At this moment, no one believed that this youth who appeared to be sixteen to seventeen years old, with no obvious spiritual power in his body, would be able to cure a sick person with fractured meridians.

Hexi's eyes examined certain points of the youth’s body, then she checked his pulse once again, before beginning to insert the Silver Needles in her hand at the fastest possible speed.

The candlelight brightly lit the lounge of Sheng De hall, and the sunset outside shone down on the youth's beautiful carved jade hands.

Everyone felt like they were seeing a disordered butterfly passing through flowers, it’s shadow continuously flashing and disappearing in front of their faces. As in the blink of an eye, the youth that was originally dressed in worn out clothes and lying down on the table, was completely stripped. His entire body was covered with Silver Needles, each one slightly thinner than hair, giving him the appearance of a hedgehog.

"This…what treatment method is this? Why have I never seen it before?"

"Don't mention never seeing it before, I’ve never even heard about it!"

"Why am I not feeling any spiritual power, could it be that he intends to treat the injury without using any spiritual energy?"

The noisy discussion continuously repeated, however Hexi turned a deaf ear, only concentrating on the Silver Needles in her hands and the youth's body.

This treatment of inserting needles and stimulating acupuncture points lasted for half an hour, causing Hexi's forehead to be covered in sparkling and translucent beads of sweat. The beads of sweat slowly slid down and landed on her long eyelashes, as if dewdrops on a lotus leaf wanted to drop but couldn’t.

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