The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 335 Profiting From One’s Misfortunes

After everyone saw for themselves the miserable death Murong Zhangfeng and Murong Hai suffered, they all immediately thought about the poison on their body breaking out at any time. Who dared to still hesitate? Like a swarm of bees, everyone turned to run towards Hexi, begging her to save their lives.

To tell you the truth, Hexi had no mercy in her heart for these people. Looking at the group of people miserably crying for help, the idea of delivering all living creatures from suffering came to mind during this moment. Hexi remained unmoved, coldly saying, “If you want us to save you, that’s can be done! However, I, Doctor Xi, want to continue treating the way I was doing so previously. The people who look pleasing to the eye may receive treatment for free. But for the people who aren’t pleasing to the eye, even if you offered 10 million in gold, I still may not treat you!”

“And if you guys still wish for me to save you, this is doable. So long as you guys are able to take out an object which meets my eye, such as a pill or rare treasure. One treasure in exchange for one life. If not, then don’t speak!”

Immediately after Hexi said these words, everyone looked at each other in dismay and nobody made a sound for a long time.

After awhile, somebody couldn’t help themselves and lowly said a sentence, “Isn’t it a doctor’s job to save people? How… How can you act so snobbish?

Hexi looked unhurried as Wu Yu already stepped forward, while waving a fan, and sneered, “Ice Lotus Fairy isn’t snobbish. She’s willing to treat you guys for free. Why don’t you go ask her to treat you then?”

Once these words were spoken, everyone’s complexions immediately paled and nobody dared to speak anymore.

Just then, the Ice Lotus Fairy really did agree to treat everybody free of charge, but what was the result? They saw the two bodies explode, becoming a puddle of blood.

And that malicious Fairy, even if she did not require payment, only gave the medicine to the people with riches and power. Compared to requiring payment, how is this any different? [1] However, this straightforward youth in front of their eyes may be a better option.

Hexi felt disinclined to stay with these grumbling people. Directly towards Wu Yu, she said, “This matter will be handed over to you, you will get a fraction of the gains……”

“These trivial matters Young Master Xi has given this humble one to do.” Not waiting for Hexi to finish speaking, Wu Yu’s eyes already brightened up and excitedly said, “As long as you let me try some more of your delicious food, I wouldn’t even hesitate to go through water and tread on fire!” [2]

Hexi’s face twitched, she felt as if this Wu Yu didn’t deserve the title of a glutton. He threw away all integrity just to eat something. [3]

Able to get Hexi’s nod of approval, Wu Yu immediately felt very excited. In order to extort those pitiful people, he wouldn’t leave any hands out!” [4]

With Sheng De Hall’s master Gu Liufeng’s added help, both men were ruthless, causing the group of people to quickly become angry.

“Truth to be told, if my Level 3 pills were exchanged for crystals it would be several hundred thousand. Yet this was still not enough to invite several doctors, you still can’t hate enough?”

“Acting like you guys, who are profiting from someone’s misfortune, really can’t saving people. Where is the doctor?”

“Isn’t it just made up of Purple Monkey Flower, Pomegranate Fire Fruit, and Dragon Grass which is then baked with spiritual energy? I, this old man, is also a Level 2 Doctor, I don’t believe that I can’t do it too!”

Wu Yu and Gu Liufeng watched as everyone ran into the medicinal field to find herbs for medicine while shouting curses. The pair of them weren’t even worried in the slightest, on the contrary, they took joy in the calamity.

The group of people believed that just by knowing the prescription, they would be able to imitate Hexi’s detoxification method. He he, soon, they will realize how stupid they are.

But some people couldn’t stand the Intoxicated Blood Poison, fearful of the pain it brought. Unable to bear it any longer, they finally took out a treasure that they had obtained from the secret territory to exchange.

“This is the Level 5 Magical Beast Inner Pill I obtained from Huang Mo territory. In order to get this Level 5 Inner Pill, I nearly got eaten by the magical beast. Originally the plan was to use this Inner Pill in order to advance a level. Now…… Now my life is quickly slipping away, what talk of advancing a level? This Inner Pill is for you, quickly give me the antidote!”


[1] Compared to requiring payment, how is this any different? – The Ice Lotus Fairy is essentially only picking the people who would be able to help her in the future

[2] I wouldn’t even hesitate to go through water and tread on fire – Not afraid of any difficulty, Wu Yu would be happy to do just about anything for another bite of Hexi’s food

[3] … she felt as if this Wu Yu didn’t deserve the title of a glutton. He threw away all integrity just to eat something – I feel like the author means that the title of glutton isn’t enough to describe how much Wu Yu would do for food.

[4] … he wouldn’t leave any hands out! – Wu Yu will expend all of his energy into this, he’ll give it his all

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