The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 333 – For What Reason?

Everyone in the crowd around Hexi, because of Murong’s Zhangfeng’s yelling, were all focusing on Gu Liufeng. Hexi sauntered towards Gu Liufeng, glanced at Murong Zhangfeng, then whispered, “What’s going on?”

As soon as she’d finished asking, she noticed that his body was trembling slightly and his hands hanging by his sides were clenched into fists. It was clear that he’d reached an extreme level of anger.

And when Murong Zhangfeng saw Hexi, surprise flashed on his face before he shouted, “Genius Doctor Xi, I’m the head of the Murong family; Murong Zhangfeng. Give me the antidote, and as long as you save me, my Older Brother and my Murong family will owe you our thanks. I believe in that in Yan Jing City you must’ve heard the name of my Murong family, right?”

Hexi sneered and arrogantly looked at him; her eyes were full of contempt. “Who are you?”

The disdain and contempt in her voice were clear. The people who heard it couldn’t help but snigger.

Murong Zhangfeng, however, was so angered that the flesh on his face trembled. But even so, when he remembered that his own little life was in the grip of the other party’s hands, he didn’t dare act rashly and suppressed his anger. “I…I’m not just the head of the Murong family, but also Murong Liufeng’s paternal Uncle. You just saved Murong Liufeng’s maternal Uncle, so why don’t you save me too?”

Murong Liufeng? Hexi raised her brows, and then looked at Gu Liufeng.

She saw him looking at Murong Zhangfeng and Murong Hai who was unconscious, with a gaze as cold as a blade. That gaze was like he was going to dismember their bodies.

The crowd who’d been begging suddenly started gossiping, “Isn’t the man who’s wearing the mask Young Master Gu, the owner of Sheng De Hall, Gu Liufeng? Why the did the head of the Murong family call him Murong Liufeng? Is he a member of the Murong family?”

“But I’d heard that Sheng De Hall was suppressing the Murong family, even seizing half of the Murong family’s market in the city outside of Yan Jing City. If…if Gu Liufeng is a member of the Murong family, then isn’t he too disobedient and unfilial?”

Everyone looked at Gu Liufeng with gazes filled with questions and anger. However, Murong Zhangfeng had started rejoicing in his heart as this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation because unfortunately, the poison in his body was getting stronger and stronger. While Murong Hai, who was lying beside him, was now barely even breathing.

Murong Zhangfeng quickly yelled at Gu Liufeng, “Murong Liufeng, you still haven’t gotten Genius Doctor Xi to give me the antidote!!”

“Give you the antidote?” Gu Liufeng, who’d been silent all this time, finally began to speak. His voice was full of bitter resentment and sarcasm, “Murong Zhangfeng, you want me to save you? For what reason? Is it based on the matter of you treating my Mother and I worse than dogs?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his hand to take down his mask.

In the next moment, everyone exclaimed and sucked in sharp gasps.

Appearing in front of them was an ambiguous face; it was incomparably handsome, and yet it was also gorgeous. Unfortunately, as it happened, there was a long ghastly scar running from his brow to just under his right ear.

This scar was blood-red and was like a centipede crawling on his face. It was a vivid contrast to his slightly pale skin.

His initially handsome face had been transformed into one of a horrible monster due to the scar.

Although it was only a single scar, with the hatred reflected in Gu Liufeng’s eyes, and Murong Zhangfeng’s eyes that avoided looking at the scar, everyone could easily tell that the Murong family must’ve treated Gu Liufeng and his Mother exceptionally poorly.

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