The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 320 – Strange Blood Poison

Chapter 320 – Strange Blood Poison

“Tsk tsk, you say that as if I hadn’t reminded all of you a moment ago, but did any of you guys listen to me?”

Wu Yu raised his voice, his tone filled with ridicule, “Weren’t you all the ones who’d previously said that you wanted to selflessly help the sick, with no regards to your own safety? Now that there’s danger, you blame us for not reminding you? Your words are just like farts!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They had just been about to charge at Hexi in anger when they’d abruptly stopped.

But even though they’d stopped, their expressions were all still extremely ugly.

Wu Yu lightly chuckled once again, “Furthermore, was Ice Lotus Fairy really unaware that this sickness was contagious? After I said something if she really didn’t know, then why wasn’t even one person from the Liu Li sect moving to help? In the end, the only ones who were infected were all of you who were helping!”

“Y-you…don’t talk nonsense!!” Feng Lian Ying’s body was trembling due to anger; she almost couldn’t help but want to attack.

However, she was stopped by Feng Yunjing. His icy gaze swept over the sceptical expressions on everyone’s faces, and he coldly said, “First, save those who are infected; then we’ll talk about it again. There are other more important things to do than speak skillfully. There is nothing to argue about.”

Those who were dissatisfied after listening to Wu Yu immediately quietened under Feng Yunjing’s glare. Their complexions paled, and they felt alarmed. Even those who still had doubts didn’t dare think about it again.

This was the power and prestige of a Young Master from the Feng family, and the spiritual pressure of a Nascent Soul stage martial artist.

Feng Lian Ying took a deep breath, her face regaining its refined and noble look before she slowly walked up to Shangguan Rui.

Waving her fingers, she quickly formed a sealing technique. Following that, blue spiritual power representing the water attribute entered Shangguan Rui’s body.

Water attribute and wood attribute spiritual powers were special spiritual attributes unique to high ranked doctors. Although martial artists with other spiritual roots could also practise medical techniques, it would be challenging for them to attain a high rank.

Wood represented life, while water represented healing. For a doctor, the wood attribute spiritual power of was of a higher rank. However, when those with the water attribute wanted to advance a doctor rank, it was twice as hard when compared to those with a wood attribute.

When everyone saw Feng Lian Ying’s ball of water spiritual power, they couldn’t help but gasp in surprise.

Although her water attribute spiritual power wasn’t of the highest rank, you could tell from its rich spiritual power that it was extremely pure.

Feng Lian Ying used her water attribute to envelope Shangguan Rui, conducting a detailed examination of his body.

Then, a flash of understanding lit up her eyes and a corner of her mouth raised in a proud smile.

After the examination, she was confident that her guess was correct. What these people were suffering from was a strange poison recorded in her Master’s book, The Thousand Poison Record.

Her fingers waved once more, and the people watching were dazzled as the spiritual power that had entered Shangguan Rui’s body returned to Feng Lian Ying.

This gorgeous movement caused everyone’s admiration of Feng Lian Ying to increase. Their eyes were brimming with hope and expectation as they looked at her.

After Feng Lian Ying retrieved her spiritual power, she revealed a confident smile and slowly said, “I have a diagnosis of your condition; it’s a poison called Intoxicated blood, which is an incredibly rare and strange poison. It normally only appears in the desert of the far north, so I don’t know why it would appear in Hundred Herb Mist.”

“However, please rest assured that I already know what the cure to this poison is. The antidote is a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill made from Purple Monkey Flowers, Pomegranate Fire Fruit, and Dragon Grass.”

“The herbs needed for this kind of medicine are extremely unique and hard to find in the world. Fortunately, I have plenty Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pills refined by my Master, so I’m now able to detoxify the poison in everyone’s bodies.”

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