The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 312 – Purgatory On Earth

Chapter 312 – Purgatory On Earth

Soon, Nie Jinchen had picked a fifth grade spiritual plant; a Chen Xiang Fruit. While walking back, he aimed a provocative grin towards Hexi and the others.

However, before Nie Jinchen could leave the medicinal field, he suddenly heard a shrill scream coming from behind him.

Nie Jinchen instinctively turned his head around and saw the shadows of two people emerge from the depths of the medicinal field. Specifically, the hill which was exuding the colourful rays of light.

When the two people neared Nie Jinchen, and he could clearly see their appearances, he immediately released a cry of, “Aahhh!”

It was unknown when, but the faces’ of the pair had been covered with blood blisters.

The largest of the blood blisters were the size of grapes, while the smallest ones were the size of a woman’s pinky nail. The blood blisters were squished together; some were purple, while some were dark red. Because they were so densely packed together on her face, it made a person want to vomit at first glance.

Their eyes were bloodshot, and as they ran, their hands uncontrollably scratched at their faces. This caused the blisters to pop and their faces to look like they were melting as filthy pus and watery blood streaked down their cheeks.

“S-save me…” One of them reached out his hand towards Nie Jinchen; his eyes full of pleading and fear.

That hand trembled violently, and the fingertips were covered with a mix of red and white pus. In just a moment, it was about to grab onto Nie Jinchen’s clothes.

Nie Jinchen suddenly returned to his senses, and reacting like he’d seen a ghost, he shouted loudly and flew out of the medicinal field like a madman.

The two people were unable to catch Nie Jinchen, so with hesitation, they changed direction and staggered towards the crowds.

While they ran, they uttered wretched screams of, “Save me-! Save me-! I don’t want to die!!”

All of the people standing outside the medicinal field were stunned when they saw this scene, their faces showing alarm.

However, the horror was far from finished.

Those who had sobered within the medicinal field because of the Assembling Soul Fragrance abruptly fainted without warning.

While the martial artists who’d devoured the spiritual plants whole found ugly red patches developing on their faces at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. These red patches quickly spread to cover their entire body, and there was a tendency for them to swell into blood blisters.

The martial artists who had red patches spreading across their bodies continually twitched, and even though they were all in a coma, they still uttered pained groans. Their faces were contorted into expressions of agony.

In the blink of an eye, the medicinal field that had just a moment ago been covered in martial artists rushing about like headless chickens had now become a scene of purgatory on earth.

Nie Jinchen stared at the scene before him in horror. His face was pale, and absolute dread made his body slightly tremble.

Suddenly, he came to his senses and threw away the jade box in his hand that had contained the Chen Xiang Fruit like a frightened deer; his expression terrified.

Gu Liufeng laughed and said, “I wonder who it was that just said that this medicinal field was definitely not dangerous and that our Little Yue’er had never seen the world? In the end, who is that hasn’t yet seen the world?”

His gaze landed on Nie Jinchen’s hands. Clicking his tongue, he gloated as he said, “You just touched the herb directly with your hand; you might’ve been infected. When the time comes for you to also have the appearance of a zombie…tsk tsk, it’s a pity about your face…”

Nie Jinchen was so frightened that he staggered backwards and knocked into Feng Lian Ying who had just walked over.

Feng Lian Ying covered her sore nose that had bumped into him, and stared at the hellish scene of anguished wailing coming from the medicinal field; her face turning pale.

Just…just a moment ago she’d almost followed them into the medicinal field.

If…if she’d been infected and had had her appearance become so terrifying… Just thinking of the consequences made Feng Lian Ying’s body become cold and her breathing to become heavy.

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