The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 304 – Prey

Chapter 304 – Prey

Feng Yunjing didn’t looked at her, rather, he looked towards Hexi and coldly said, “You have no option regarding this matter. Either you never see Nangong Yu again and help me break the array, or…”

“If I don’t agree?”

Feng Yunjing’s face sank, and he suddenly reached out his hand to grip Hexi’s chin, forcing her to look up as he faintly sneered, “Did you use this face to bewitch Nangong Yu? I see that it’s indeed a feast for the eyes, but if Nangong Yu were to know that you’d become one of my people, I wonder whether he would still want you or not…argh-!!”

Feng Yunjing suddenly released Hexi’s chin, his face ashen as he stepped backwards. Then, slowly reaching out his hand, he gently touched his earlobe.

His hand unexpectedly felt something cold and damp, before he realised it was blood.

A gleam of killing intent flashed within Hexi’s eyes, and the purple vine suddenly sprang out from behind her. Like a curtain that covered the sky, it erected a terrifying barrier behind her.

“There may be another option, and that is, you all die–!!”

Her voice was laced with bone-chilling anger and humiliation, which made her jade-white face appear bright red like a peach blossom. This unexpectedly increased her beauty, to the point that she could easily hook a person’s soul.

A glint flashed across Feng Yunjing’s eyes, and the smile on his face was dark and overbearing with the hint of his aggressive nature, indicating his thrill to a challenge. “Very good! Never before has prey managed to escape from my hands. Xi Yue, I’d like to see whether or not you can accomplish it.”

A blackish-blue flag soared, entangling itself with the purple vine and making it clear that they were evenly matched.

A Long Sword appeared in Hexi’s hand, and from the tip of the sword, countless shadow swords erupted that enveloped Feng Yunjing.

Such an exquisite sword technique was like an illusion that utilised one’s full strength to carry it out. Obviously, there were no spiritual power fluctuations, but it was like a gorgeous dance; beautiful and magnificent.

Momentarily the sky actually changed, with clouds and mist covering the sun.

Feng Yunjing moved to avoid the sword’s attack, as a touch of shock and admiration flashed within his eyes. Suddenly, his body emitted a red light, while a dark rumble echoed in the sky and rang in Hexi’s ears. “It’s a pity, but if I were to let you continue advancing in this white fog, there’s the possibility that not even I would be able to stop you. At this very moment, you are doomed to become my prey– Xi Yue!”

As his words fell the red light suddenly intensified, like blood condensing, before it then swept towards Hexi.

The blazing atmosphere caused Hexi’s steps to falter, and an amazed expression appeared on her face.

There was obviously no spiritual power in the atmosphere, but when it touched her body, it was unexpectedly able to thoroughly absorb her physical energy.

In just a moment, Hexi couldn’t even lift her sword, and it fell to the ground with a clang.

Her complexion became deathly pale, and her feet staggered as if she was about to fall. A corner of Feng Yunjing’s mouth curled into a callous smile, and he extended one of his long arms to pull her into his embrace.

Yet who would have thought that the moment he reached out his hand, he would be surprised?

Feng Yunjing’s figure rapidly retreated, but he was unable to avoid the full force of the sword wrapped in a murderous aura. This resulted in the cloth on his sleeve being torn, and a ghastly cut to appear on his arm.

Hexi’s body became limp yet instead of falling to the ground; she fell into a warm embrace.

A familiar scent assailed her nostrils. It was like she had finally reached a safe harbour; a place she had been longing for with great expectations.

Unaware of why, Hexi felt her nose itch as she softly called out a single name, “Nangong Yu.”

Nangong Yu suddenly released her to grab her shoulders, examining every inch of her for injuries.

The palms that touched her body were scalding hot, and at this moment, they were shaking slightly, showing how frightened the owner of the hands was.

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