The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1711: I Will Be Useful

Chapter 1711: I Will Be Useful

However, Nu and Little Nuo were their tribe members too. They felt guilty and couldn’t bear to sacrifice Little Nuo.

Someone couldn’t help but shout, “Moli, what are you doing? Nu is the chief’s daughter. How could you do this to her?”

Hmph, if it hadn’t been for her, our tribe wouldn’t have faced this disaster at all! I’m already giving her mercy despite her being the sinner of our Cangda Tribe!”

The chief’s face turned ugly. He looked at the messy hair and miserable appearance, and his heart ached like being scorched. If it weren’t for the tribe, why would he be willing to sacrifice his granddaughter?

His hands clenched tightly into fists. As he saw Moli about to strike his daughter again, rage blazed in his eyes. He stepped forward, ready to throw a punch at Moli, but then he heard the shaman’s sneer, “Chief Nita, are you aware of the recent news that the Ak Tribe has been burned down by the city lord’s order? If we can’t lift the god’s curse, our tribe will meet the same fate.”

The chief froze on the spot. He stood there blankly with tears overflowing from his eyes. “We might be the next victim. Could it be… the god wants to destroy our Cangda Tribe?”

The people in the city now regard the people of the tribe as dangerous as beasts, forbidding them from entering the city or appearing on its outskirts. They were afraid that they might bring disaster. Now, there was even an intention to annihilate the entire tribe to appease the wrath of the gods.

The shaman doctor sighed and said, “Originally, the god has told me that Little Nuo is the sacrifice he wants. As long as Little Nuo is given to Pane God, all these disasters will disappear. But, you let Little Nuo run away. If this happens, we will have to bear the god’s thunderous wrath, and our tribe will most likely perish and disappear forever!”

The shaman doctor’s words made everyone cry softly. Their hearts were filled with despair.

Some people hated Nuo because they were afraid of death. “Shaman doctor, please allow me to lead a team to search the area near the valley. Little Nuo is just a child. Even if she can escape, she cannot escape far. I will definitely bring her back!”

As soon as Nu heard that they were going to find Little Nuo, she started struggling wildly.

She raised her head and looked at the shaman doctor with tears streaming down her face, “Shaman doctor, I beg you, please let Little Nuo go!”

“I’m Little Nuo’s mother. I have the same blood as Little Nuo, and I don’t have any strange diseases. If you have to sacrifice a person to appease the god’s wrath, then please sacrifice me. I will be useful. I am certain I can be of use!”

As Nu spoke, she repeatedly kowtowed on the ground, breaking her forehead open. Blood flowed down her face, making her appearance particularly pitiful and sorrowful.

The chief turned his head away unbearably with his body trembling slightly.

The shaman doctor narrowed his eyes and looked at her for a while before he said calmly, “Immediately dispatch the order to set up the altar and prepare for the ceremony to worship the Pane God.”

“Thank you, shaman doctor! Thank you, shaman doctor!” Nu cried and bled while kowtowing with a smile.

Despite being sent to her death, she was so grateful. This scene made the people of the Cangda Tribe’s eyes redden with sorrow and heartache.

Although the sky was already bright, torches were burning fiercely around the sacrificial altar of the Cangda Tribe.

Thousands of tribesmen gathered around the altar. Almost 60% of them were pale and sickly.

The air was filled with a nauseating scent, carrying a sense of numbness and despair.

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