The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1673: Sense Of Crisis

Chapter 1673: Sense Of Crisis

And yet, how could Ouyang Haoxuan, merely at the Nascent Soul Stage, contend against me at the pinnacle of the Soul Splitting Stage?

It’s the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, one of the Five Elements Spirit Pearl.

This treasure is hard to find even in the Siam Continent. Moreover, it unexpectedly appears in such a low-level domain like the Miluo Continent.

No, apart from the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, there’s also the wood source. This continent, it’s as if it has been favored by gods and demons, with one incredible person and treasure after another emerging.

Lou Yuqing gritted his teeth and struggled to support his body, hoarsely asking, “Why? Why did you have the Fire Element Spirit Pearl? Why, when you activated the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, were you not devoured by it, not burned to ashes? You’re just a mere Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, it’s impossible… absolutely impossible!”

Ouyang Haoxuan slightly curled up the corners of his mouth, his expression filled with mockery as if he were looking at dead objects and trash, “Whatever the reason, a dead man like you doesn’t need to know any more!”

As soon as these words were spoken, flames surged up from the Red Lotus Sword, swiftly slashing across Lou Yuqing’s neck.

The flames blazed. The severed head thudded to the ground, rolling for a short distance. The eyes were wide open, bloodshot, and unyielding even in death.

As soon as Lou Yuqing died, Ouyang Haoxuan staggered and fell to the ground.

He used the Red Lotus Sword to support his body, knelt on one knee, and gasped for air.

As he moved abruptly, the charred flesh cracked open. Blood gushed out, flowing along the Red Lotus Sword into the soil.

Just now, it truly was a moment between life and death.

With his cultivation far inferior to Lou Yuqing’s, yet just when he was about to die under Lou Yuqing’s sword…

Suddenly, a powerful life force surged from the summit of Cang Mountain. The blood in his body, which had formed a blood pact with Xi Yue, also began to boil.

Fire Element Spirit Pearl seemed to be suddenly infused with life, operating crazily.

His strength also increased tenfold in a short period of time, enabling him to strike back at Lou Yuqing.

Ouyang Haoxuan was about to sit cross-legged to recuperate for a moment when suddenly, his heart gave a fierce thump.

The blood of the master-servant pact boiled again at this moment. But this time, it was not the stimulation of his latent potential, but a sense of crisis that terrified him to the core.

Xi Yue! Something happened to Xi Yue!

Ouyang Haoxuan abruptly stood up, ignoring the blood-drenched wounds on his body. Without any hesitation, he mobilized the remaining spiritual power to soar toward the summit of Cang Mountain.

The self-destruction of the Sealed Dragon Domain caused the entire secret realm to disappear in an instant, including the Little Golden Dragon and Zhenwei Army in the secret realm.

However, the people from the Lou Family and the Green Vine Clan were thrown out by the shockwave of the explosion.

However, almost everyone who came out had been torn into pieces by the powerful shockwave and was thrown to the ground into a pulp.

The only people who actually escaped intact were Lou Wushuang and Silver Fox.

No one expected that this battle on Cang Mountain would be so tragic and that everyone would suffer losses.

Up to this moment, not a single elite from the Lou Family and Green Vine Clan had survived. All of this was caused by a few Gold Core Stage martial artists in the lower realm.

However, no one knew that one person had remained completely uninjured throughout the ordeal.

That person was Lu Xuyang.

When Silver Fox and Lou Wushuang entered the Burning Sky Domain, Lu Xuyang followed at the back out of caution. When the Burning Sky Domain self-destructed, Lu Xuyang quickly retreated from the Sealed Dragon Domain.

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