The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1671: Overgrow

Chapter 1671: Overgrow

Silver Fox’s eyes widened, and his gaze fell on those green lights.

No! No! How could this be a wood source? This is different from the aura of a wood source. It’s also different from the aura I have encountered in the magical beast forest.

However, what will it be if it isn’t a wood source?

Silver Fox’s gaze shifted downward. He saw the wildly growing vegetation and felt the tremors of the earth. He also sensed the excitement and agitation of the birds, beasts, insects, and ants.

If it weren’t for the wood source, what else could make Cang Mountain undergo such an overwhelming change in an instant?

Hexi threw a cold sneer. With a flick of her hand, countless purple vines flew toward the Silver Fox in an instant.

Silver Fox quickly commanded the Crescent Blade to fend off the attack.

However, Purple Abyss Vine, which could be easily cut off and deflected away just now, had now become formidable.

The spinning Crescent Blade could only leave a shallow scratch on the vine.

Hexi’s figure slowly floated in the air. Her Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress emitted rainbow light again, with green being the brightest.

Her bright red lips opened slightly as she uttered, “Overgrow!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the trees, vines, and grass blades on Cang Mountain that were already swaying in different directions, suddenly began to shoot upwards wildly as if they had received a command.

Countless insects and ants emerged from the ground and swarmed up to the top of Cang Mountain, making rustling sounds.

Silver Fox’s face was painted with horror. He deflected away the Purple Abyss Vine while fleeing into the sky.

However, he had just flown up not very high when suddenly countless vines and leaves wrapped around him, binding his hands, feet, and body, and then dragged him to the ground.

What awaited him below were billions of insects and ants that were already waiting impatiently, and beasts that were running madly in this direction.

“No—! No—! No—!”

Silver Fox let out a shrill scream. He desperately channeled the spiritual power within him. However, as soon as the spiritual power was released into the air, it seemed to have disappeared. He was unable to convert the spiritual power into spells, and they were instead absorbed by the insects and ants.

As his spiritual energy dwindled, more and more insects crawled onto his eyes, nose, and mouth. They burrowed into his flesh, nibbling his insides bit by bit.

Ah—!” A piercing scream echoed through the dark night, sending shivers down the spines of everyone who heard it.

Silver Fox was dead. A formidable expert in the Void Darkness Stage died under the onslaught of thousands of insects and ants. In the end, his flesh was eaten clean, and not even the fundamental essence avatar could escape.

Before coming to the Miluo Continent, Silver Fox never thought that such a fate would await him.

In the void, Hexi watched the scene where Silver Fox was reduced to mere bones by the insects, but she didn’t feel any joy. Instead, tears welled up in her eyes.

She noticed that in the void, except for the cold eating flowers, all the spiritual plants in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field had withered. Their blossoms wilted with their roots and stems shrunk, turning into tiny seedlings.

In the open space before the Sumeru Hall, the remains of Gu Liufeng, Qing Luan, and Xi Jia lay there. Their souls lingered around the corpses without dissipating, which meant that there was still the possibility of resurrection.

Next to the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, Xiao Chi lay there quietly, curled up into a small ball, as if asleep. However, his fundamental essence was exhausted, and he fell into a long deep slumber.

In Ling Xiao Palace, a massive egg hung in the air, emitting a golden light and pulsating up and down.

Xiao Chi, Little Egg… Hexi reached out to cover her mouth. Her body trembled as she hunched over. She was unable to bear it any longer, letting out a cry of pain and weeping.

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