The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1177: Crazy

Chapter 1177: Crazy

Qing Luan complained as she walked, then she frowned and said, “Young Master, when you draw lot for the dormitory just now, why did they look so weird when they saw the room you picked? Could there be something wrong with that room?”

Hexi smiled lightly, “I will solve it no matter what trouble it is. There is no need to worry about it.”

She was sensitive to people’s emotions, so how could she not see the strange eyes of the person responsible for drawing lots? This dormitory was likely to be manipulated.

But so what?

The dormitory that Hexi had drawn was the Huang No. 1 room. As she got closer and closer to the door of her dormitory, the students and the manservants looked at her with more and more strange and puzzled eyes.

When they knew that Hexi was staying in the No. 1 room, the doubts in their eyes had changed to pity.

When Qing Luan heard their comments that her princess was “so pitiful”, she was even more worried, “Young Master, why don’t you wait outside now? I’ll go in and see if there is any danger?”

“Don’t worry about them.” Hexi smiled lightly, then she activated the inscribed jade slip and walked in, “Since we are here, let’s go in.”

Qing Luan was still worried about Hexi’s safety at first, but when she saw the situation in the dormitory, this worry completely turned into worry for her own master.

Huang Dormitory was very simple. There was only one barren courtyard and 2 rooms. 1 was the main room, and the other room was damp and cold. It was full of musty smell and piled with various junks.

But in this main room, there was only 1 room in total, and there were 4 beds in it. The room had no other decorations.

Qing Luan exclaimed, “Young master, why isn’t this one room per person? Are you going to share a room with other people? How can it be? This is absolutely not allowed!”

Hexi was amused by Qing Luan’s fussing expression. She reached out and grabbed the bed, and found that it was made of heavenly heart wood, which was very strong.

The environment of Huang Dormitory couldn’t be compared with that of Heaven Dormitory at all.

But Hexi felt very kind to see such a dormitory.

Because the beds here were divided into upper and lower berths. In addition to tables and chairs, there were also pill refining furnaces and spirit gathering arrays in the empty space. The beds only occupied a small area.

The entire dormitory didn’t seem lively. Looking at the dust accumulated on the railings of the beds, she knew that there should be no people here for at least 3 days.

Moreover, in the entire room, only the upper berth on the west side had bedding. The other beds were bare.

Obviously, she only had 1 roommate.

Hexi said indifferently, “Huang Dormitory dormitory should be a dormitory of 4 people. Unless I leave Huang Medical Branch, I have to live in the dormitory with others.”

Qing Luan seemed to be troubled, and she looked at Hexi with a grievance, “But you are… ah, if the master finds out that you are sleeping in the same room with another man, master will go crazy.”

Thinking of Nangong Yu’s jealous look, Hexi burst out laughing.

Then there was a faint missing in her heart. I seem to not see that guy for a long time. I really miss him a little.

She coughed lightly: “We cultivators don’t need to take a bath, don’t need to change clothes. The bed is only used for letting mental power rest. We won’t use it at all normally. Most of the real practice and study are in the branch, what does it matter who I live with? Qing Luan, you should stop worrying.”

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