The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 3: The Animal Tooth Pendant Glows

Chapter 3: The Animal Tooth Pendant Glows

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The snowstorm was too heavy and the weather was too frosty. The people in the tribe went back inside their stone houses early. Lu Li and his sister went across more than half of the tribe and saw no soul in sight.

The two went inside a small stone house in the east corner. It was dilapidated and dingy, only having three rooms. Lu Li helped his sister to enter the middle room. There was a dim oil lamp lit, and the charcoal fire was burning quite strongly—producing crackling sounds—so it was warm inside.

“Sis, sit down.”

Lu Li helped his sister sit down and poured her a cup of warm water. After that, he sat down and started to wolf down his food. It was not a big meal—only one vegetable and one meat dish. However, there was a plateful of rice, so there was no shortage of food.

Lu Ling seemed to have already eaten. She sat there, watching Lu Li engorging. She took off her cloak, causing her black hair to cascade down. There was always a light smile on her stunningly beautiful face. She looked like a fairy from a painting under the light of the candle.

Lu Li was really famished after consuming too much strength today. He finished all the rice and dishes off and stood up with satisfaction.

“Sis, this is the Body Refinement Pellet.”

He took the box out of his inside pocket and handed it over to Lu Ling. Lu Ling took it over, examined it for a while, and then she nodded and said, “This is indeed the Body Refinement Pellet. You should be able to gain 440 to 550 pounds of strength after you consume it. You can take it later today, so that you won’t feel tired when you carry coffin tomorrow.”


Lu Li frowned and asked in a deep voice, “Are you so sure that after I gain strength of more than 11,000 pounds, I can awaken my Bloodline? In all of Wu Ling County, there should be no more than 30 Bloodline Warriors.”

Lu Li had heard some stories about the Bloodline Warriors. There were some folklores in the Northern Deserts. It was said that inside everyone, there was a bit bloodline passed down from the deities in the ancient times. There was a special ritual, which could awaken a Warrior’s bloodline, and such people would become the Bloodline Warriors with miraculous Bloodline Skills.

The Family Patriarch of the Liu Family, the Overlord of the Wu Ling County, was a Bloodline Warrior, and of the fourth rank no less. He possessed the Bloodline Skill “Roaring Flame”. It was because he was a Bloodline Warrior that the Liu Family could become the Overlord of the Wu Ling County.

However, it was not easy to awaken a Bloodline. It was good enough that one out of 100,000 people could do this. Over several decades, of the millions of people in the Wu Ling County, only several dozens of them could awaken a Bloodline of over the Second Rank.

Therefore, Lu Li had some serious doubts about him awakening a Bloodline. He could not even cultivate Xuan Energy, so how could he awaken his Bloodline? If it were not Lu Ling who spoke about it, he would have never believed it.

“Yes, you will!”

Lu Ling firmly nodded and said, “Even 100,000 people, or a million people could not awaken their Bloodline, you will! Trust me.”

Lu Ling had said this before. Lu Li hesitated for a moment, and with a frown, he seriously asked, “Why? Sis, can you tell me why?”


Lu Ling shook her head and said, “It is not good for you to know some stuff now. After you awaken your Bloodline, I will tell you. All you need to remember is that, after you have gained strength of more than 11,000 pounds, you will definitely awaken your Bloodline, and a very adamant at that. And… then you will be able to cultivate Xuan Energy.”


Lu Li’s body shook in surprise. There was doubt written all over his face.

Ever since he was a kid, he had tried to cultivate many times, but he could not cultivate even a little bit Xuan Energy. How could Lu Ling say with such firmness that he could cultivate Xuan Energy after awakening his Bloodline?

“Don’t ask any more questions. Just believe me.”

Lu Ling stood up and walked towards her room on her walking stick. When she was close to the door, she turned around and said, “After you take the Body Refinement Pellet, you need to go to bed early. You need to carry coffin tomorrow. Also, the Body Refinement Pellet might give you a hard time. Once it is over, it will be fine.”

Lu Ling left with her walking stick. However, Lu Li stood next to the fire, still in shock brought about by Lu Ling’s words.

The Xuan Energy!

After awakening his Bloodline, he could cultivate Xuan Energy! He could enter the Xuan Wu Realm, open the door of Wu Dao [1], and become a real Warrior!

Everyone on the Northern Desert wanted to become a Warrior. Who would not want to possess strength that everyone would be envious of? Who would not want to stand out and have endless glory and wealth?

“Let me first consume the Body Refinement Pellet!”

Lu Li hurriedly went out and returned to his own room. He even had no time to take a shower. He just took out the Body Refinement Pellet and swallowed it down. He drank some clean water and sat on the floor, waiting anxiously.

Lu Ling said it would be difficult when cultivating the Body Refinement Pellet. Lu Li thought to himself that his body was bound to have some strange reaction after taking a mysterious pellet that could give hundreds of pounds of strength.


As expected, Lu Li quickly felt something in his body. A stream of warmth spread from his throat to his entire body; although his body was warm, it was strangely comfortable.


After a moment, Lu Li found something was wrong. His body was getting hotter and hotter; it was as if he was thrown into boiling water, and his skin started to turn red from heat.

“Endure it!”

Lu Li persisted while clenching his teeth. He hunkered on the floor, grabbed a wooden stick in one hand, and covered his mouth with another. Lu Ling’s room was next to his, and Lu Li did not want to make her worry about him.


Time passed, and after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Lu Li no longer felt like he was in hot water, but in a furnace! It was too hot to stand it any longer.

He covered his mouth and grabbed onto the stick with all the strength he could muster. The stiff mahogany stick was bent out of shape because of his tight grip, with his fingers latched onto it.

Drip, drip!

Drips of sweat converged on his forehead and started to run down like a river. Lu Li’s clothes were all soaked, his veins were about to burst out, and his entire face went out of shape.


After the time it took for three incense sticks to burn, the mahogany stick finally gave out and crumbled. Lu Li felt his body temperature going down, and he opened his mouth and breathed heavily.

Another two incense stick burning time later, his body temperature went back to normal. Lu Li felt like he was about to collapse. He tended to nothing else; went to bed, and instantly fell into deep sleep.


After Lu Li had deeply fallen into sleep, there came a light sigh from outside the window.

Lu Ling was standing outside the window. Her body was covered in snow. Obviously, she had been standing there for quite some time. She looked into the window, and a light smile climbed onto her face. She limped towards her room on her walking stick.

What Lu Ling did not know was that…

After a while, the plain animal tooth pendant on Lu Li’s neck suddenly lit up, giving out a feeble white glow, twinkling like a firefly in the night sky.

Lu Li had fallen into sleep. He did not have the faintest idea that the animal tooth pendant, which he was wearing for dozens of years, could light up.

Before dawn the next day, Lu Li woke up. He would wake up at this time every day, so it had become his bio-clock.

The animal tooth pendant that glowed for half the night, had already gone back to its original state, plain and yellow, like an ordinary beast tusk.

“God, so smelly!”

He smelled something stinky like rotten fish. He got up quickly, and found that he was covered in dark filth, and even his beds and quilts were covered in it.


He stood up with confusion in his eyes. He was deep in thought for a while, and he suddenly punched out his fist. There was a light swooping sound accompanying his fist. His eyes lit up in an instant.

“I seem to have gained a lot of strength. The Body Refinement Pellet works! This black filth, could they be the impurities expelled from my body? The pellet refined my flesh and blood?”

Lu Li thought for a while, and then he said in excitement with his fist waving, “Let me go to the hill! I can find out how much strength I have gained, after testing it out.”

Sparing no time to clean out his beds, Lu Li left his room in a hurry. He jumped out of the backyard rather easily, and hurried towards the hills at the back of the stone houses.

After sprinting for a couple of miles, Lu Li arrived at a gigantic boulder. After looking around and making sure that nobody was around, he pulled the boulder up and ran like hell in the woods with the rock above his head.

The gigantic boulder had a diameter of more than three feet, and a weight of more than 2,000 pounds, but Lu Li felt like he was carrying a piece of paper. He ran about madly, holding the boulder high above his head, with the speed of wind, like a human-sized beast.

After running wildly in the forest for about three miles, Lu Li arrived at a valley. There was a pond inside. A waterfall was cascading down from up the pond like the Milky River hanging upside down; it was quite a scene.


Lu Li threw the boulder to the side of the pond. He breathed heavily, and shouted in excitement, “550 pounds of strength! I gained 550 pounds of strength! The Body Refinement Pellet works. Hahaha, the day when I gain 11,000 pounds of strength is just around the corner!”

[1] Martial Path = Wu Dao

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