The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 149: So Many Mysteries

Chapter 149: So Many Mysteries

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Ye Cha was done with his explanation which was well-rounded and clearly articulated. Lu Li still found it hard to believe. Was there really this kind of Divine Spell in the world? A spell that could foretell things that was going to happen 5000 years later?

If this was true, then the man could compare to a supernatural being. The questions was, was there really such a supernatural being in the world? If this was not true, however, how could they explain the inscription on the stone tablet?

"To see whether you are our Saint Lord is easy!"

Ye Cha pointed to the stone tablet and said, "If you pour your Xuan Energy to the stone table and it lights up, then there should be no further doubts."

Lu Li dared not to move. He was kind of resisting to this notion. Princess Xi next to him urged, "What are you waiting for? Go, go now! If you are our Saint Lord, I will not eat you."

Hunchback Tian thought about it and said, "Island Owner, go and have a try!"

Lu Li looked at Hunchback Tian who winked at the former. Lu Li understood what he meant. Later, Hunchback Tian would cautiously try to sense if Ye Cha and the others would do something in secret.

Lu Li clenched his teeth and stepped forward. He reached out his hand and put it on the stone table, then he slowly moved his Xuan Energy out. Ye Cha and others were nervous as they stared at the stone table. Hunchback Tian looked at them. He carefully observed to see if they were taking any actions.

Ye Cha and his men didn’t do anything; there was no trace of energy moving in their bodies. The surrounding was quiet, and the only noise was people’s breathing.

Five seconds, 10 seconds!

Lu Li kept on pouring his Xuan Energy to the stone table which showed no strange signs. A trace of surprise showed up in Hunchback Tian’s eyes. Were they wrong? The thing was, Lu Li’s situation was the same as described in the inscription?


The next second, the inscription on the stone table suddenly shone with boundless radiance, and the entire stone tablet kindled. A surge of horrible and suppressing qi and energy came out of the stone table, causing Lu Li to step backwards in fear.

"It lit up. It really shines!" Lu Li mumbled in shock. He still found the matter absurd, feeling it was something unacceptable.

"It lights up. It glows!" Ye Cha shouted in surprise. Princess Xi’s mouth was wide open while the other four old men were filled with excitement. Their faces were covered in tears as they could not hold back their emotions.

Lu Li was alarmed by Ye Cha’s words, and he turned around in confusion. Seeing the tears in the eyes of Ye Cha and the others, he was at a greater loss of what to do.


Ye Cha suddenly got down to his knee with the other four old men. They bowed and shouted in a deep voice, "Greetings, Saint Lord!"

Lu Li stood there, dumbstruck. Ye Cha finished his salute, then he glanced over to Princess Xi and said, "Xiaoxi, why don’t you kneel down and greet our Saint Lord?"

Princess Xi twitched her mouth. She mumbled, "I will not kneel to him. At best… I will not eat him."

With that said, Princess Xi rushed out like a blur. Ye Cha said with embarrassment, "Saint Lord, she is my granddaughter, Ye Xiaoxi. I have spoiled her since she was young. Please forgive me."

Lu Li was still confused as he blankly waved his hand. He forced to pull himself together and shook his head while saying, "No rush. Let me calm myself first."

"Right, okay."

Ye Cha got up and said, "Saint Lord, you are still wounded. We will take you to have some rest now. We will talk about it later."

Ye Cha took Lu Li’s hand with kindness and walked out. Lu Li was shown to a big penthouse nearby, and both Lu Li and Hunchback Tian settled in a yard. Ye Cha also sent someone to give them a kind of herb, a herb said to be able to heal wounds.

Then, Ye Cha had someone deliver many delicious food, clean sack clothes and pants. After which, he led the other old men still in excitement out. They asked Lu Li to tend to his wounds, stabilize his emotions and straighten his thoughts.

Lu Li neither touched the food nor used the herb. Instead, he took some healing pellets, after all, he only sustained flesh wounds which were almost cured now.

He sat in the room, confused, for the time it took for an incense stick to burn. Then he looked up to Hunchback Tian and said, "Do you believe this?"


Hunchback Tian shook his head. Then he added, "But… how do you explain the inscription? I know all the characters. It really says your animal tooth pendant and the silver dragon mark on your back. The most important thing is your surname Lu!"

Lu Li put on a blank expression. He said nothing to refute. Hunchback Tian thought about it and said, "There are really ten Divine Spells. I have heard about the Heaven Augury Spell as well. If it is really Heaven Augury Spell, it is not impossible. After all, it is a Divine Spell."

Lu Li asked with a frown, "What is a Divine Spell?"

Hunchback Tian explained, "Divine Spells, naturally are spells of deities. A skill exclusive to deities. In ancient times, it is said that many deities were born in our world. They had unimaginable powers. Later, nobody knew why, but all the deities died. They left behind the Ten Divine Spells. It is said that owning one Divine Spell makes one able to tower over other heroes and become a powerhouse standing at the peak of the world. One even has the chance to break through the void and become an immortal."

Lu Li refuted, "Legends are legends. Also… you have heard about the Cyan Phoenix Race?"

Hunchback Tian nodded and said, "Many people of the Northern Desert have heard about it. They are, after all, one of the overlords of the Central Plains back in the days. Cyan Phoenix Race has horrifying speed, unparalleled in the world. Those golden giants are of the Mammoth Race have always been accompanying the Cyan Phoenix Race. The Cyan Phoenix Race and the Mammoth Race are the perfect partners."

"One of the races has the strongest strength, and the other the fastest speed. The Mammoth Race would attack from the front, while the Cyan Phoenix Race would secretly attack from behind. Their cooperation is perfect, and their combat abilities are vigorous. The Mammoth Race is not particularly clever, but the Cyan Phoenix Race is famous for their sinister tricks. Therefore, the Mammoth Race has always accompanied the Cyan Phoenix Race."

"Oh, I see!"

Lu Li nodded. He saw the actions taken by the golden giant and the Cyan Phoenix Race. The cooperation between the two races were unstoppable.

Lu Li said no more. He contemplated the matter, and so did Hunchback Tian. After an entire hour, Lu Li looked up and asked, "There is really no doubt?"

Ye Cha and his men’s expressions and explanations were normal. Lu Li recalled several times but found no doubtful point.

Also, there was a critical thing. He was only a regular guy at the Spirit Sea Realm. It was not necessary for Ye Cha to go to such great length and swindle him. He couldn’t even fight Ye Xiaoxi with his power. What benefit could Ye Cha get out from lying to him?

Even if Ye Cha had been sending people to the outside world to gather information, learned his surname was Lu and his animal tooth pendant, even… about his silver dragon mark on his back and arranged the whole thing beforehand.

How could they explain the inscription?

The inscription was not something new; it was vintage. It was not long ago that Lu Li awakened his bloodline, so this could not justify the whole thing.

"There is a problem!" Hunchback Tian suddenly looked up and said with a frown, "There is a problem here!"

Lu Li’s eyes lit up with cold light and he said, "Tell me!"

"The inscription!"

Hunchback Tian raised his sparse eyebrows and said, "The stone tablet is a thousand years old. Of this, I have no doubt. But the inscription… I feel like it was engraved not too long ago."


Lu Li shouted deeply, "If the inscription is new, then this must be a swindle."

"Not new."

Hunchback Tian shook his head and said, "If it is new, then even you can tell that something is wrong. I feel like… it was engraved several years back, maybe just more than 10 years. Of course, my feeling can be wrong. The stone tablet itself is a treasure. It is not unusual that the characters are not worn."

"More than 10 years?"

Lu Li’s body trembled. He thought of a possibility. More than 10 years ago, his father was still at the Northern Desert. Could it be that it was his father who came here and engraved the characters?

"It cannot be right…"

Lu Li thought about it and denied the notion. His father knew no Heaven Augury Spell, so how could he foretell that Lu Li could awaken the Silver Dragon Bloodline and that he would enter this small world?

Besides, if this was left behind by his father, why did he make it so complicated? The Cyan Phoenix Race could just tell Lu Li that they were his father’s friends, right?

Back at the Di Long Tribe, the Wu Ling County and now at the Thousand-island Lake, Lu Li had run into many life-threatening threats. Lu Ling even died once. If she was of not of Fire Phoenix Birth, she would be deceased by now. If his father made the arrangement beforehand, how could this sibling pair escape death so narrowly?

"If it is not my father’s arrangement, can there really be such surprising Divine Spell in the world? Am I really the Saint Lord of the Cyan Phoenix Race? I can lead the Cyan Phoenix Race back to their ancestral place? I can restore their glory?"

Lu Li was completely at a loss.

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