The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 135: Bloodline of the Fifth-rank

Chapter 135: Bloodline of the Fifth-rank

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Lu Li also couldn’t figure out the reason after he heard the news from Liu Yi. Madam Yan used to think highly of him and wanted to cooperate with him. She even loaned him 400,000 Xuan Crystals in one time. What had led to the sudden change of attitude?

Thoughts of important people could not be guessed. After all, such a big institution as the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce would not go against an insignificant Blood Evil Island on purpose. On second thoughts, Lu Li decided to leave it alone.

Patriarch Seven and others spent some time worrying but then left it aside. The Bai Family was unlikely to oppose such a small Family as the Liu Family. They had placed orders for the 10 Green Dwarfs anyways. When the Green Dwarfs were delivered, the Blood Evil Island would be safe completely.

The threat from the God-down Island was eliminated. All the Patriarchs of the Liu Family now could breathe again. They began to grow the Blood Caterpillar Fruits on a large scale.

The Liu Family was not fearful of exposure this time. They selected a large piece of land as their farm and built a huge blood pond. However, after the blood pond was established, they constructed a big stone fort over the blood pond to hide it.

Patriarch Seven and the others were not aware of the fact that it was the animal tooth pendant Lu Li relied on. They all were convinced that he had some sort of special prescription. Naturally, they wouldn’t want it to get out, hence they hid of the blood pond under the stone fort.

Lu Li was satisfied to learn about this fact. He asked Patriarch Seven to build an attic for him on the Dragon Elephant Mountain near the blood pond stone fort. He wanted to live alone as he did back at the Blood Dragon Island. For one thing, it would be quieter. For another, Little White could have a place to hang out.

On hearing the demand from Lu Li, Patriarch Seven was delighted secretly. Lu Li clearly wanted nothing to do with the internal affairs of the Blood Evil Island. Liu Yi was still unseasoned, so the actual Island Owner of the Blood Evil Island was still Patriarch Seven himself.

Patriarch Seven mobilized several hundreds of people to build a luxurious fortress on the Dragon Elephant Mountain and sent Lu Li several maids, cooks, and escorts. Patriarch Seven also allocated a Green Dwarf to protect Lu Li.

With hundreds of men working, the speed of building the fortress was fast. In three days, a gorgeous fortress was erected on the Dragon Elephant Mountain.

Lu Li’s wounds were almost cured. He went to the fortress to have a look and was satisfied. However, he did send away the escorts. He kept only the Green Dwarf and four maids. It was meaningless to have a few Xuan Wu Realm escorts. They were an eyesore as well.

Little White adored its new territory greatly. There were not only Bamboo Rats on the Dragon Elephant Mountain, but other animals as well. It was enough for Little White to drive itself from boredom.

It would take Lu Li the time for three incense sticks to burn to get to the Blood Evil Fortress from the Dragon Elephant Mountain. The farm was just at the foot of the mountain. Usually, nobody would come to disturb him. It was quite an ideal environment for cultivation.

Lu Li moved to the Dragon Elephant Mountain and was ready to get into closed-door cultivation. However… in just three days’ time, Liu Yi showed up. She told him there were visitors.

Lu Li emerged from his cultivation room. He knew that if the visitors were not important, Liu Yi would not bother him. He asked about and learned that they were indeed important visitors. The oldest Young Master Xu Yaoyang and the fourth Young Lady Xu Fangfei of the God-down Island had paid a visit together.

Several days ago, the Chief Patriarch of the God-down Island already stated that he would send somebody to pay Lu Li a visit. It was sooner than expected. Also, Chief Patriarch had sent the most important Young Master and Lady of the Xu Family. They had given Lu Li enough face, so of course, Lu Li could not shy away from the meeting this time.

Lu Li went to the Blood Evil Island with Liu Yi and several escorts. They arrived after the time for three incense sticks to burn. Lu Li walked towards the largest fort inside the fortress, the Might Hall.

Upon entering the Might Hall, Lu Li’s attention was instantly grabbed by a handsome Young Master and the beautiful lady standing next to him.

The Young Master was in his early 20s, with rosy lips and pretty white teeth. He was of such delicate beauty like a lady. He was wearing silver robe with a golden belt around his waist which gave him a casual and elegant bearing.

The lady was younger of only 17 or 18 years of age. She was in a white dress with pink lace around the hem. Emerald earrings were dangling on her earlobes. She looked homely with her bright eyes and white teeth. Together with her bewitching smile and her elegant manner, she looked better than Liu Yi.

"Two Bloodline Warriors, and both of them have the Bloodline of the Fifth Rank!"

Lu Li started at the two people’s necks. On their necks, there were cyan marks resembling the shape of a willow leaf. However, Lu Li did not know which bloodline that was.

Behind them stood two elders in the Soul Pond Realm who were clearly the escorts. Two warriors standing there made the Young Master and the Young Lady’s status more prominent.

"Xu Yaoyang is at the initial stage of the Soul Pond Realm, and Xu Fangfei is at the latter stage of Spirit Sea Realm?"

Lu Li sensed their qi and energy and felt shocked secretly. Young Masters and Ladies of a Fourth-rank force were really remarkable. Xu Yaoyang had made it to the Soul Pond Realm at such a young age, and he was a Bloodline Warrior. His future was promising.

Seeing Lu Li walk over, the two at once glanced to him, but there was a trace of astonishment in their eyes. Lu Li was wearing a regular cyan-colored robe and he was only at the initial stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. There was no elegant bearing in him to show that he was born in a Big Family. He didn’t look like the Young Master for Ming Yu.

But these two were born in a Big Family so they were sophisticated enough to smile at once. They stood up one after another. The handsome Young Master Xu Yaoyang cupped his fists in front of his chest and said, "You must be Island Owner Lu Li? I am Xu Yaoyang, and this is my sister Xu Fangfei."

Xu Fangfei nodded to extend her greetings with a smile. Lu Li said with his fists cupped in front of chest, "Greetings to Young Master Xu and Lady Xu. Please forgive me for not going out to receive you."

With that said, Lu Li went directly towards the seat of honor. Xu Yaoyang and Xu Fangfei looked at each other speechlessly.

Lu Li, the host, sat down first before his guests did. So it seemed Lu Li really did not come from a Big Family as he knew no proper etiquettes.

What was more, the Blood Evil Island was a force affiliated to the God-down Island. In a way, Xu Yaoyang and Xu Fangfei were Lu Li’s nominal masters. How dared Lu Li, a servant in this case, sit down before his masters did?

Patriarch Seven, who was there to help entertain the guests, reacted quickly. He said with a smile, "Young Master Xu, Lady Xu, have a seat please. Someone, bring our best Rain Cloud Tea and let our guests have a taste."

Xu Yaoyang had the virtue of restraining himself. He didn’t mind Lu Li’s faux pas very much. He said with a smile, "Island Owner Lu, I heard that you were wounded? We did get the news about the fight between you and the then Blood Evil Island. But you were all affiliated forces to our God-down Island. We couldn’t interfere. Please understand."

Lu Li nodded and replied, "We know. Young Master Xu, thank for being so kind. My wounds are almost cured. I intended to pay a visit to Island Owner Xu, but I have some matters I need to attend to here. So it is delayed. Young Master Xu, please pass my apology along."

Patriarch Seven nodded slightly. This time, Lu Li’s reply was just passable. He knew to say some polite words.

Young Master Xu nodded as a response. Xu Fangfei opened her mouth for the first time. Her eyes glowed as she posed a tough question, "Island Owner Lu, it is said that Lord Ming Yu was here that day. He said you were his Young Master. Is this true? Hee-hee… I am straightforward in my words and I am curious about this. Island Owner Lu, please don’t mind."

As soon as Xu Fangfei done talking, Xu Yaoyang’s eyes lit up. The two elders at the Soul Pond Realm standing behind them looked towards Lu Li. Obviously, this question was of their concern.

Lu Li grinned and said, "I am not at liberty to say too much about this. You can ask Lord Ming Yu should a chance arise."


Patriarch Seven and Liu Yi exclaimed secretly that Lu Li had done a nice job shifting the responsibility. Let Xu Fangfei to ask Ming Yu? Even if she had the guts, she wouldn’t have the opportunity.

Ming Yu was a well-known lone ranger. Nobody knew where he lived. Even if Xu Fangfei had the chance to meet him, not even their patriarch, Xu Chen, could work up the courage to ask him, let alone Xu Fangfei.

Xu Fangfei looked a bit disappointed. Xu Yaoyang and the other two Soul Pond Realm warriors were contemplating. Lu Li’s words revealed some information to them. It would look like that Lu Li and Ming Yu had some connections, but Lu Li called him Lord Ming Yu? Did it mean that Lu Li was not the Young Master?

Since Lu Li wouldn’t let on more, it was not their place to ask further questions. Xu Fangfei kept silent because she was kind of mad. Xu Yaoyang exchanged pleasantries with Lu Li and then left.

When they were leaving the Might Hall, Xu Yaoyang thought of something. He turned back and said, "There’s a thing. The 8th of next month is my father’s birthday. Island Owner Lu, if you have time, please go to the God-down Island to enjoy some humble wine we have to offer. We will give you an invitation later."

"Sure, I will be there!"

Lu Li promised. When Xu Yaoyang and the others were sent off, Lu Li frowned.

It was difficult to be the Island Owner. Social engagements were so frequent. Lu Li did not like the spotlight, the hypocritical exchange of polite words and greetings.

For him, cultivation was the priority. He couldn’t wait to go to the Cyan Plains to find Lu Ling…

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