The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 133: New Owner of the Blood Evil Island

Chapter 133: New Owner of the Blood Evil Island

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"He is gone?"

Patriarch Seven and the rest were on the battleship anchored outside of the island. As for people from the Killers Island, the Devil Island and the Black Fox Island, they were long gone. When she saw Ming Yu leave, Liu Yi at once ran towards the Blood Evil Fortress in an attempt to learn whether Lu Li was alive or not.

When she saw Lu Li stood where they left him with a confused expression on his face, a beautiful smile blossomed on Liu Yi’s face. Patriarch Seven and the rest rushed over following her, also overjoyed.

Ming Yu had left, which meant they were safe now. Whether Lu Li was Ming Yu’s Young Master or not, they were safe.

All the warriors of the Blood Evil Island were killed, and the forces including the Killers Island were scared off. They had won. The Liu Family lived on.

Patriarch Seven at once stepped over to Lu Li and asked, "Lu Li, what was that? Are you Lord Ming Yu’s Young Master or not?"

Lu Li touched his nose without saying anything. He took a healing pellet and sat down on the spot with his legs crossed to start tending to his wound. Then he casually said, "Don’t worry about these matters. Deal with the aftermath first."

People were relieved seeing Lu Li’s nonchalant expressions. Patriarch Seven asked the Patriarchs that were not hurt to start dealing with the aftermath. There were many people in the Blood Evil Fortress. All the family members of the Blood Evil Brotherhood were there. What if there were warriors hiding inside?

The battle was brutal. Many people of the Liu Family fought to their deaths. More than 100 came, and only less than half survived. Only five of the Green Dwarfs lived, and every one was injured. Patriarch Seven, Patriarch Nine and several other Patriarchs sustained serious wounds. Some Patriarchs of the Spirit Sea Realm did not make it…

That being said, almost all the warriors of the Blood Evil Island were killed. At this moment, the Liu Family had gained overwhelming advantage. Three Patriarchs and Liu Yi brought five Green Dwarfs and ran towards the Blood Evil Fortress. They killed the nearly 100 warriors, and the only ones left were hiding inside. The rest of the family members were shivering with terror in a constant state of anxiety.

What came next was easy.

All the family members of the Blood Evil Island were imprisoned. Liu Family warriors dragged some able-bodied men from the tribes on the island to bury the bodies, scrub the blood and tend to the wounded.

They were up to the ears in work for a whole day. By nighttime, all the work was dealt with properly. Nothing happened during the day. Every disciple of the Liu Family was cheered up. Without anything going sideways, the Blood Evil Island would be for the Liu Family to take.

All at the Blood Dragon Island were brought to the Blood Evil Island and put to the Blood Evil Fortress. None of the disciples of the Liu Family slept. Some of them were tending to their wounds, and some were spending the night on watch. They were all extremely excited.

The night went on smoothly. The Liu Family people became all the more worked up. So it seemed the reputation of Ming Yu had terrorized the nearby forces. Nobody dared to attack the Blood Evil Island which, from now on, would be the territory of the Liu Family.

When teams of warriors on patrol passed by the stone fort Lu Li lived in, they all tread softly and their expressions became more respectful. Lu Li was not only their savior but also the hope for the Liu Family to develop and become strong. He was the Young Master of Ming Yu. How honorable was that.

On the second day, Patriarch Seven and others’ wounds improved a bit after some recuperation and rest. They started getting busy regardless of their broken bodies.

The Liu Family gathered 3000 able-bodied men from different tribes and found some warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm. They were formed into six troops. Five warriors of the Liu Family would lead one troop which guaranteed that they could take full control of the troops.

The population of the tribes on the Blood Evil Island was more than 100,000, but not many were warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm. At the Thousand-island Lake, fights between different forces were just plain normal. These indigenous people cared not about who was their Island Owner. They wouldn’t resist much as long as executions were not carried out randomly. These men would cooperate and obey orders.

With the 3000 people, things could be done more easily. The Liu Family now could spare some warriors to conquer the more than a dozen small islands nearby and thus gain complete control of the Blood Evil Island.

These small islands were all affiliated with the Blood Evil Island. They didn’t have many powerful warriors. When Patriarch Seven showed up with the several Green Dwarfs and swung Xue Chou’s head to them, all surrendered. Two of the islands were controlled by collateral relatives by blood of the Xue Family. These men were killed by the Green Dwarfs easily…

In just one day’s time, the Blood Evil Island changed hands. The Blood Evil Island had become territory of the Liu Family. It would all be perfect so long as the nearby forces didn’t launch any attacks, and the God-down Island recognized Liu Family’s status.

Lu Li was still curing his wounds. He locked himself up in his stone fort. Two days had passed, but many matters remained unanswered.

For example, why didn’t that jade talisman light up?

If Ming Yu was sure that he was not the son of Lu Renhuang, why didn’t Ming Yu kill him? Also, how did Ming Yu learn that he was at the Blood Evil Island? Who was that powerful warrior hiding nearby?

Too many things were hard to understand. Two days had passed, but Lu Li’s disturbed mind didn’t settle down.

If Ming Yu wanted to kill him, he would have done so a long time ago. Since Ming Yu didn’t come back and that powerful warrior didn’t show himself, he would be safe, at least for a short period of time.

Things would eventually sort themselves out. Life must go on. After two days’ healing, Lu Li’s condition of injuries was better. He had someone prepared him a clean robe. He got up and took a bath to clean the gore off his body. After that, he had someone to get his something to eat.

After a while, Liu Yi walked in. The men following her brought an entire table of delicacy. Liu Yi asked the men to put the food down and close the door behind them. After they left, Liu Yi looked at Lu Li who was eating and said, "Lu Li, are you Ming Yu’s Young Master or not?"

Lu Li had thought many things during the two days. He had devised a stratagem. He casually said, "You tell everyone of the Liu Family that nobody can ask questions about the matter, nor can they discuss this. If any outsiders inquire about the matter, just say that you don’t know and have them to ask me."

Liu Yi blinked her eyes in confusion. Since Lu Li said nothing else, she didn’t make any further comment. She nodded her head and said, "Okay, I will go and tell everyone now."

Liu Yi went out to find Patriarch Seven and the others and told them. Their eyes glowed at once. Could Lu Li remaining silent be a sign that there were facts he wished to hide? Could it mean that he and Ming Yu really were connected somehow? Otherwise, why wouldn’t Ming Yu kill him?

Once this was made certain, Patriarchs of the Liu Family were over the moon. With Ming Yu behind their back, who dared to offend the Liu Family? Who dared to attack the Blood Evil Island?


When everyone was immersed in joy, an alarmed shout came from the outside. One of the Liu Family scout rushed in and said in panic, "Patriarchs, there are three ships coming from the south. Patriarch Lu said there was a Soul Pond Realm warrior onboard every ship. They are probably from the Killers Island, the Devil Island and the Black Fox Island."

Patriarch Seven and the others turned pale on hearing the news. Patriarch Seven considered it and said while gritting his teeth, "Gather all warriors and the Green Dwarfs, let us go to the dock and take a look."

Liu Yi walked to Lu Li’s stone fort in a great rush. When Lu Li heard about it, though, he just waved his hand and asked Liu Yi to go to the dock without him.

He also told Liu Yi that if there were men requiring to see him, he shall not meet them. Just let them know that he was curing his wounds. He also said to Liu Yi that they could deal with the situation if something happened, and that not a word about his conversation with Ming Yu could get out.

Liu Yi walked out with a hazy notion of what Lu Li meant and walked to the dock with Patriarch Seven and the others. There were indeed three battleships coming. They slowly moved closer and stopped when they were 1000 feet to the dock. A warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm flew out. He smiled and said after he landed on the dock, "Greetings, the Island Owners of Killers Island, Devil Island, and Black Fox Island want to meet Island Owner Lu in person. We want to explain the misunderstandings before as an apology!"

Liu Yi’s beautiful eyes lit up. She instantly understood what Lu Li was getting at. Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine looked at each other and they were relieved. Smile emerged on their faces.

Clearly, the three islands were intimidated by Ming Yu’s awe-inspiring fame. They had not come this time to fight, but to apologize humbly and present gifts.

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