The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 13: Demon in the Wild

Chapter 13: Demon in the Wild

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“Give me a sword or knife, the heavier, the better!”

Lu Li’s shout woke everyone up with a start. Patriarch Hong thought for a bit and said in a deep voice, “Liu Qiang, give him your saber.”

The Red Phosphorus Hawks had such a strong defense abilities, and on top of that, they could fly. In the fight against this kind of ferocious fowls, clever Xuan Skills were not of much use. Brute force would work better unless there was a Xuan Artifact of a very high rank.

It could be imagined how terrifying Lu Li’s strength must be since he could knock off the Red Phosphorus Hawks with just a wooden stick. Apart from Patriarch Hong and Lady Yi, nobody there could compete with Lu Li in terms of strength.


The escort who had his left shoulder wounded threw his saber towards Lu Li right away. The escort himself was hiding under the Golden Ancient Coffin lest the Red Phosphorus Hawks would attack him again.


Grabbing the saber, Lu Li’s whole temperament seemed to have changed. Just like when he fought Di Hu after he took Di Gu’s saber, Lu Li cried into the sky, “You red feathered beasts, come on!”

“Shriek, shriek~”

One of the Red Phosphorus Hawks screamed and dived down. The pair of sharp claws which seemed to be heated with fire had a red glow, much like the claws of the Death. It looked like the beast was going to tear Lu Li apart.


With two legs slightly bent, as if he was firmly standing on the big boulder inside the waterfall, Lu Li chopped at the Red Phosphorus Hawks for four or five times in a blink of the eye like a bolt of lightning.


The Red Phosphorus Hawk gave out a painful cry. To everyone’s astonishment, one of the sharp claws of the Red Phosphorus Hawk was cut off. The Red Phosphorus Hawk with a broken claw spread its wings and constantly flew to the distance while screaming in agony .


Even Lady Yi was dumbstruck. Did a Red Phosphorus Hawk fly away? How could Lu Li cut off its claw with just one move?

The Red Phosphorus Hawks were so formidable in their defense. So many escorts had attacked the Hawks for so many times today, but all they could do was to injure the Hawks’ claws. Even Patriarch Hong would find it difficult to cut off the claws.

“So fast!”

Patriarch Hong’s eyes glistened as excitement overwhelmed him. Seeing that everyone was stunned frozen, he hurriedly shouted, “Attack now. With this guy with us, we may have a chance to get out of danger tonight.”


The other escorts, while still in shock, quickly sprang into action and started attacking. Lu Li was attacking at the Red Phosphorus Hawks and, at the same time, trying to get closer. He swung his saber at another Red Phosphorus Hawk diving down, and this time, Lu Li was aiming at its feathers.


With a painful cry of the Red Phosphorus Hawk, Lu Li had chopped off one side of its feathered wings. It had lost balance and smashed into the nearby col.

“His moves are so fast!”

This time, Lady Yi realized what was happening. What Lu Li was doing was not an advanced Xuan Skill; in fact, there not a single sign of Xuan Energy was shown on his hands, which meant that Lu Li could not use Xuan Skills even if he wanted to. His way of using the saber was utterly simple, and that being said, there was one formidable trait to that.


As fast as a bolt of lightning!

Lu Li had swung his saber for five or six times in just a second, and they were all aimed at the same place. Given the fact that he had in him an enormous and horrifying strength, and that he could chop his saber at the same spot for five or six times in a blink of the eye, it would be easy to understand how the Red Phosphorus Hawks’ claw or wing got cut off.

It was the same logic as in cutting down trees. Every time one chopped at the tree, there would appear a small crack. No matter how big that tree was, when one continuously chopped at that crack, the tree would split.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

On the other side, Patriarch Hong was copying what Lu Li was doing and stopped using any fabulous Xuan Skills—he was just doing the simplest chopping and cutting. He chopped several times at the hawks in a single breath. Not surprisingly, he also easily cut off the claw of a Red Phosphorus Hawk, sending it away in shock.

“Lady Yi, change your weapon!”

Patriarch Hong shouted to Liu Yi as his face filled with vigorous radiance. While doing that, Patriarch Hong kept on fighting the Red Phosphorus Hawks. Lady Yi had now come to her senses, and she exchanged her weapon with another man. Her whip was a Xuan Artifact of the seventh rank of the Human Grade, yet it was not of much use against the Red Phosphorus Hawks.

After Lady Yi had acquired a new weapon, she started imitating others. She was at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm, so her strength was not less than that of Lu Li. However, she wasn’t good with swords, so she could not cut the Hawks’ claws or wings off, but she could still harm them, and that was good enough.

“You, go faster, or we will attract more Red Phosphorus Hawks.”

Patriarch Hong got more courage as the fight went on. He looked at Lu Li and shouted. It could be assumed that there was a big Beast Upheaval up north. The longer the fight went on here, the easier they would attract Xuan Beasts. If they were to be surrounded by a large group of Xuan Beasts, all of them would die.


Lu Li understood this. He crazily waved his long saber, and every time he swung it, a Hawk’s wing or claw would get cut off.


The saber in Lu Li’s hand abruptly cracked from the middle after he was able to scare off or heavily injure more than a dozen Red Phosphorus Hawks. The Red Phosphorus Hawks were too mighty in their ability of defense, and this weapon was just a Xuan Artifact of the first rank of the Human Grade. Since Lu Li had been chopping at the Hawks using the same spot of the saber, no wonder it eventually broke…

Without his saber, Lu Li was like a tiger without its fangs. He tried to avoid the attack of the Red Phosphorus Hawks in a difficult position. On seeing that, Patriarch Hong shouted in a rush, “Give him a sword!”

“Don’t bother.”

Lu Li cried out. He rolled over into a place close to others like an agile palm civet. In everyone’s stupefied stare, he grabbed onto the huge cold iron chains of the Golden Ancient Coffin, charged forward, and started to swing the coffin.

The coffin was more than 3300 pounds in weight, and Lu Li could swing the coffin, much like swinging a massive iron hammer and making it dance…


The Golden Ancient Coffin smashed on one of the Red Phosphorus Hawks. It was more than 3300 pounds, but it was no small business for Lu Li. That particular Red Phosphorus Hawk was smashed away as its blood spread all over its feather. It struggled for a bit, but could not fly any longer.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Lu Li had transformed into a demon in the wild. Grabbing on the huge cold iron chains, Lu Li swung the Golden Ancient Coffin with the sound of wind blowing, hardly smashing the Red Phosphorus Hawks away one after another.

As soon as he saw Hawks diving down, he would smash the coffin down, chasing away four or five at the same time, with all of them clearly severely injured.

“You, how dare you?!” Lady Yi, on the other hand, was enraged. She angrily shouted, “You put down that thing right now. Inside that is my great grandfather!”

Patriarch Hong and the other escorts looked at each other in speechless disbelief. Lu Li was too bold. Inside the Golden Ancient Coffins were the bodies of the ancestors and forefathers of the Liu Family. In his way of swinging the coffin, the body inside might have been smashed into pieces. That was an act of desecrating the ancestors and to startle the soul of the deceased. No wonder Lady Yi was outraged.

Lu Li, however, did not put it down. He kept swinging the Ancient coffin and continued on attacking the Red Phosphorus Hawks. While doing that, he turned his head and replied, “Which one is more important, your lives or the Ancient Coffin?! If we don’t defeat the Red Phosphorus Hawks, all of us will die! The Ancient Coffin will not be damaged, your ancestor doesn’t have any consciousness, and he would definitely forgive us for the rude behavior.”

It was too slow to fight the Red Phosphorus Hawks with a saber. If they could not defeat the Red Phosphorus Hawks, how could Lady Yi find the time to give him the Body Refinement Pellets? All Lu Li wanted was the Body Refinement Pellets; he didn’t want this place to become his burial grounds. Once they attract a large herd of Xuan Beasts here, he would be.


Lady Yi was angry and furious, but ultimately, she did not stop Lu Li’s rude act. There was a layer of inhibition protecting the Ancient Coffin, so it should be okay. Otherwise, if the coffin cover were to open, the body inside would fly out. That would really drive Lady Yi mad.

Patriarch Hong comforted Lady Yi, “Lady Yi, the situation here is urgent and quite dangerous. We have no choice. Your ancestor will not blame you. It’s necessary to protect our lives now. We must defeat the Red Phosphorus Hawks as soon as possible and evacuate.”

All Lady Yi could do was to let her anger out on the Red Phosphorus Hawks. She looked towards Lu Li time and again, for fear that the layer of inhibition would be broken and the body would fly out…


Lu Li shouted again and again. Grabbing onto the huge iron chains, he continuously swung and waved the Golden Ancient Coffin that was glowing. Every time he attacked, there would be one or two Red Phosphorus Hawks smashed away. Lu Li was too vigorous to be real.


The two injured escorts were hiding under a large boulder. Their breath was taken away seeing what Lu Li was doing. Only half a month ago, they were looking down on Lu Li, but at the moment, they realized that if they were to fight Lu Li, they could be easily smashed to their death.

The cold night was bleak, and freezing wind was raging on.

On the ancient trail in the wilderness, a group of big hawks with a red glow kept diving down. On the mountain trail, a teenager was swinging a Golden Ancient Coffin. That painted a very shocking and breath-taking scene.


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