The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 110: The Young Man is Remarkable

Chapter 110: The Young Man is Remarkable

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After they shopped around for a while, four hours’ time was almost up. Chief Steward Bai brought Lu Li and Liu Yi back to the side hall. They only were seated for a moment when Madam Yan came back who lit up the whole room with her presence.

Lu Li looked at Madam Yan and sighed secretly again. The heaven had treated this woman so well. Who was a born siren? She was.

Madam Yan was still wearing a gentle smile. She nodded to Liu Yi and talked directly to Lu Li, "Your products are very good. State your price. We will have them all!"

"Very good?"

Liu Yi was excited. Madam Yan had approved the value of the Blood Caterpillar Fruits which meant that in the future, the Liu Family was going to get endless Xuan Crystals and inexhaustible resources, and the Liu Family could solicit warriors to develop and get stronger.

Lu Li was completely relieved. However, he didn’t show many changes in his emotions on his face. He asked back, "How good is very good? How much stronger the efficacy is compared with regular Blood Caterpillar Fruits?"

Madam Yan and Chief Steward Bai looked at each other. The young man looked like a bumpkin, but he was so calm. Also, he cut straight to the chase and asked about the key issue.

Madam Yan smiled and said, "We like to be frank in doing business. I will not hide this from you. Your Blood Caterpillar Fruits are twice as good as the ones of the best quality in the market. The pellets refined with your Blood Caterpillar Fruits are of good quality. In other words, your fruits are valuable."

Liu Yi was even more excited. Lu Li continued with calmness and said, "What is the price like for the best Blood Caterpillar Fruits on the market?"

Madam Yan spoke her mind, "The best Blood Caterpillar Fruits on the market are the ones served by Blood Evil Island. It’s about 10 Xuan Crystals each. Sometimes, there is fluctuation of the price."

"Ten Xuan Crystals?"

Liu Yi trembled as if she had seen piles and piles of Xuan Crystals overwhelming the Liu Family. She seemed to see a passage to the Heaven opening up for the Liu Family.

Lu Li looked into Madam Yan’s eyes. People’s eyes could not tell lies. When people were lying, they would avert their looks. Lu Li learned this from Lu Ling. Just now, Madam Yan’s eyes were still as water.

The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce was the largest one in the Thousand-island Lake. People here would not lie. Lu Li thought about it and said, "Make a price."

Madam meditated for a bit and replied, "Twenty Xuan Crystals per Blood Caterpillar Fruits. This is the best offer I can get you. If it were Chief Steward Bai, he wouldn’t have the authority to make such an offer."

"Twenty Xuan Crystals?"

Liu Yi was panting. Still, there was no emotion shown on Lu Li’s face. He considered it and said, "Madam Yan, I can supply the Blood Caterpillar Fruits for a long term. Also…we can make the deal exclusively to you."

"Long-term supply?"

Madam Yan and Chief Steward Bai looked at each other, surprised. The best Blood Caterpillar Fruits were the ones provided by the Blood Evil Island for thousands of years. They thought Lu Li had gotten his from some strange place. They didn’t expect that the supply could by long term.

Madam Yan gave it some thoughts and said determinedly, "Twenty-five Xuan Crystals for each one, but this supply must be exclusive. If we find out that you are selling to other places, we will hold you accountable."


Lu Li finally smiled. He extended his hand and said, "Best of luck in our cooperation!"

Madam Yan was seized in surprise. Then she laughed and high-fived with Lu Li. On the other hand, Liu Yi felt like she was still in a dream. She could not believe this. They got more than 10,000 Xuan Crystals for the 500 Blood Caterpillar Fruits. The Liu Family wouldn’t have to worry about Xuan Crystals and resources in a short term.

Madam Yan waved her hand to suggest Chief Steward to deal with the rest of the matter. Then she smiled and said to Lu Li, "Brother, I don’t know your name yet. And the sister’s name."

Lu Li did not hide it. It would be so easy to dig up information about him if Madam Yan wanted. He answered, "My name is Lu Li. It is borrowed from an idiom that means lustrous and dazzling. This is Liu Yi, our Family Patriarch."

"Family Patriarch?"

Madam Yan was surprised though she didn’t say anything. She chatted with them for a bit and left. Chief Steward Bai brought the Xuan Crystals. But he didn’t bring a whole sack of them, instead, he gave them a token.

Chief Steward Bai explained, "This is a token of our Chamber of Commerce. There are branches in all the Fourth-rank islands. You can get the Xuan Crystals in any one of the branches. After you convert the token to your own, you can see numbers of the Xuan Crystals on it. It’ll be okay even if you lose the token. Only you can get the Xuan Crystals out."

Lu Li threw the token to Liu Yi who used her Xuan Energy to convert the token. Numbers showed up on the token, 12,500.

Liu Yi had heard about this kind of token before. She nodded to say that the token was fine. She gave the token back to Chief Steward Bai and asked him to get 3000 Xuan Crystals for them. They didn’t have enough Xuan Crystals to take the Teleportation Formation to get back…

When Chief Steward Bai got them the Xuan Crystals, Liu Yi asked again, "Also, Chief Steward Bai, how much is your Heaven Xuan Pellet?"

Chief Steward Bai replied, "For outsiders, it’s 100 Xuan Crystals per pellet. You are now our distinguished guests, so only 80 Xuan Crystals."

"Thank you, Chief Steward Bai."

Liu Yi nodded. The price sounded reasonable, 20 Xuan Crystals less than the market value. She handed over the token again and said, "Please buy 50 Heaven Xuan Pellets for me."

Chief Steward Bai left again. Lu Li asked with confusion, "What are you buying so many Heaven Xuan Pellets for? What is the use of this kind of pellet?"

Liu Yi smiled and said, "For your cultivation."

"For me?" Lu Li was startled. Liu Yi had spent 4000 Xuan Crystals in one go and it was for him?

Liu Yi explained, "In the future, the Liu Family will provide you a steady flow of Heaven Xuan Pellets for you to cultivate. Even more so, when we have more Xuan Crystals later, I will buy you the Divine Xuan Pellets."

"Without the help of pellets, the cultivation of the Spirit Sea Realm will be too slow. With the Heaven Xuan Pellets, your cultivation speed can be enhanced by more than a dozen times. The Liu Family doesn’t have any powerful warriors. The more powerful you are, the safer the Liu Family will be. I am not doing this completely for you. It is also for the Liu Family. Don’t decline this. Without you, how will we ever grow the Blood Caterpillar Fruits?"

"More than a dozen times?"

Lu Li’s eyes lit up. When he stayed in closed-door cultivation back at the Blood Dragon Island, he had felt the speed of his cultivation was so slow. If his speed could improve by more than a dozen times, he could reach the middle stage, the latter stage and the peak of the Spirit Sea soon…

He didn’t decline anymore. The Blood Caterpillar Fruits could not grow without his animal tooth pendant. If he was not powerful, the Liu Family wouldn’t be safe. He had so many things to do. So, he needed to improve his fighting capacity urgently.

Soon, 50 Heaven Xuan Pellets were delivered. Lu Li and Liu Yi exited the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce directly and went back to the tavern. They decided to pack up their things and be teleported to the God-down City today then return to the Blood Dragon Island.

Chief Steward Bai sent them off and went into a side hall afterwards. Madam Yan lied on her side lazily, seemingly to be taking a midday break.

Her pretty body was reclining, lovely to be looked at. Looking steadily forward, Chief Steward Bai stared only at Madam Yan’s face and reported, "Madam, they have left."


Madam Yan didn’t even open her eyes. She waved her hand and said in a gentle voice, "Send someone to dig up their identity. I need their detailed information."


Chief Steward Bai was puzzled. The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce would entertain many mysterious people every day, but no information would not be found about them. The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce only did business. They stayed clear of any disputes. This was a rule set by the Old Man of the Heaven Prison when he founded the Chamber of Commerce.

If information about Lu Li and Liu Yi were to be acquired, Chief Steward Bai would have to report it to the family and ask the Hall of Scouts of the Family to investigate. The Chamber of Commerce did not have the ability.

"The young man is remarkable."

Madam Yan suddenly sat up, her eyes glowing. She said, "Just now, I tried to search the young man’s soul but it turned out I could not do it…"

"How is that possible?"

Chief Steward Bai’s expressions changed. Then he said in a low voice, "How about I report this to the family? And have the family to come forward and solicit him?"


Madam Yan waved her hand and replied, "The power of the young man is still too weak. He is not even a Bloodline Warrior. Find their information first and observe secretly. He is going to sell the Blood Caterpillar Fruits here frequently anyways. We have plenty of chances."


Chief Steward Bai left and went to make arrangement. An enchanting smile came up on Madam Yan’s face. She murmured, "I have used my Secret Skill and yet, I still cannot search the young man’s state of mind? That is interesting, interesting…"

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