The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 107: Just Friends

Chapter 107: Just Friends

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Lu Li and Liu Yi checked in one room and they were shown to one on the second floor by the waiter. The interior decoration of the room was splendid, not worse than the Rain Listening Pavilion of the Liu Family. The entire floor was paved with a pure white fur carpet, and an oil lamp lit up the entire room.

The most important was, after they went in, the waiter activated the Inhibition Formation, the spiritual qi of heaven and earth instantly got richer in the room. It was even comfortable to inhale in the room.

The room was either too big or too small. There was only one bed, a table and a small bathroom. The waiter served them tea. Lu Li hurriedly asked, "Buddy, are there any special rules in the Heaven Prison City? For example, if I break some rule I may get arrested and killed?"

"You can’t resort to forces!"

The waiter explained with a smile, "If you have any disputes, you can settle it in the arena outside of the city. But you cannot use force inside. Even if you are at the peak of the Eternal Realm, you will die most assuredly if you use force in the city."

The waiter thought of something else and continued, "Also, you cannot steal or swindle somebody. If you were to be caught by the Heaven Prison Army, you would be imprisoned. There is not much else to be careful about. It is quite safe in the Heaven Prison City. If someone wants to give you some trouble out of no reason, you can shout out and soon the Heaven Prison Army will arrive. As long as you have legitimate reason, you will be okay even if the other guy is a powerful warrior at the Fate Wheel Realm or the Eternal Realm."


Lu Li nodded. The city was protected by strict law. People would feel safe and secure here.

Of course, Lu Li understood that the safety of the city was based on the incomparable authority of the Old Man of the Heaven Prison. Without him, how would the city stay in order? It was like the Wu Ling County. While Liu Family was the overlord, it was still attacked by the allied forces of several Big Families.

Lu Li asked more questions, seemingly random ones, but he managed to get a lot of information.

The waiter here was well-mannered. He didn’t show any signs of impatience. On the contrary, he answered all the questions with smile and sincerity, making people feel refreshed and soothed.

Lu Li let the waiter leave after he questioned for the time it took for two incense sticks to burn. Lu Li now had a basic understanding of the situation. Liu Yi had been sitting there aloof, uttering no word. After the waiter left, she asked immediately, "Lu Li, where do we sell the Blood Caterpillar Fruits tomorrow?"

The two learned that there were two places where they could sell the Blood Caterpillar Fruits. One was at the auction house. The prices there would be higher, but it would take more time since auctions were not held every day.

Besides, their identities would be revealed easily. There were many people from all sides. All the forces would pay their attention to this place. Maybe the fruits were sold on the first day, and the next day, people would know it was Lu Li and Liu Yi who sold them.

The second way was to find a chamber of commerce. The prices would be lower. After all, the chamber of commerce needed the factorage. However, products could be sold immediately and the chamber of commerce would not disclose personal information so people outside would not know.

Lu Li didn’t spent too much time thinking before he looked up and said, "We will go to the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce. I would rather we selling at a lower price than having our information released."

The Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce was one that belonged to the family of the Old Man of the Heaven Prison, the Overlord of the Thousand-island Lake. Their fortune was enormous. How would they crave some Blood Caterpillar Fruits?

If they sold the fruits to other chambers of commerce, once their information got out, the Blood Dragon Island would be under attack. Others would fight to get their secret in growing high quality Blood Caterpillar Fruits.

The acquirement of the secret would mean endless flows of Xuan Energy. Many forces would covet it.

Take the Blood Evil Island as an example. If it were not for the fact there were many powerful warriors at the Blood Evil Brotherhood, other Families and forces would definitely try to conquer the Island. The silk worm breeding secret of the Sundown Island would be coveted by others as well if the island was not under the wing of the God-down Island. To have the secret would mean inexhaustible Xuan Crystals…


Liu Yi believed in Lu Li. She understood the situation of the Liu Family. The family was too weak now. An unwary action would mean the destruction of the entire Family.

When they settled this matter, the two did not have much to do. Lu Li sat for a while and realized the atmosphere was a bit awkward, so he just sat on the ground with his legs crossed, ready to cultivate.

They were alone in a room, a single lady and a single young man. The fragrance of an unmarried girl emitted from Liu Yi. Lu Li’s mind was running wild. He felt there was an unclear flattering air around them so he was a little bit embarrassed.

Liu Yi felt the same way. Seeing that Lu Li was sitting quietly and meditating, she remained seated for a while before going to the bathroom.

Lu Li attempted to cultivate, but he could not settle down after hearing Liu Yi went to the bathroom. He could not keep his concentration at all. After a while, there came a sound of water splashing from the bathroom, and Lu Li was short of breath.

There was only a curtain in the bathroom, which meant that as long as Lu Li stood up and lift up the curtain, he could see a beauty taking a bath.

Picturing Liu Yi’s fair body, a thrilling scene of a beauty coming out of bath appeared in Lu Li’s mind. His breaths and pulses were getting faster.

Lu Li was about to turn 16. He was in the salt of youth. Inevitably, he had some imagination and longings for the body of the fairer sex. It was not so obvious in the average days, but the current situation had made his mind go wild.

The most important thing was that he knew the attitude of the Liu Family, and that of Liu Yi. As long as he was willing, he could consummate the marriage with Liu Yi tonight. He was very crucial to the Liu Family now, and it seemed like Liu Yi did not despise him.

While Lu Li was in wild thoughts of fancy, Liu Yi had finished her bath. She lifted up the curtain and walked out. She had changed into a clean robe, and her hair was wet. The sweet smell from her reached Lu Li’s nose.

She looked at Lu Li. Seeing that Lu Li had his eyes closed but his face was red, Liu Yi indistinctly guessed something.

She slowly walked towards Lu Li on purpose and sat on the bed. Then she said gently, "Lu Li, you go and take a bath as well. We sweated while wandering about the God-down City."

Lu Li opened his eyes in embarrassment and spoke while pretending nothing happened, "Okay."

Taking a clean robe out of his bundle, Lu Li went into the bathroom. When he got in, his eyes were wide open, and his body trembled.

There was a clothes rack inside. On it, hung the dress Liu Yi just took off. A pink belly wrap and her undergarments were hanging at the top. It was so obvious and dazzling that Lu Li could see them as soon as he walked in.

The belly wrap and the undergarments were the most private underclothes girls wore. Had Lu Li, a virgin, ever seen this before? In the old days, he would blush while walking pass a store selling undergarments without daring to look at it…


Liu Yi, who was sitting outside, seemed to have realized it. She quickly got up, rushed to the bathroom, picked up the clothes with a blush and ran out.

Lu Li touched his nose. He felt his pulse was getting even faster, and his breath was shorter. He randomly took a bath, got changed and went outside. Lu Li was afraid to look at Liu Yi. He sat on the carpet with his legs crossed and said in a deep voice, "Family Patriarch, go to bed now. I can cultivate through the night."

Liu Yi dried her hair and tucked herself under the cover. She did not respond. She finally managed to summon up the courage after the time it took for half an incense stick to burn. "Maybe… you can get up here and sleep as well? Tomorrow, we are going to sell Blood Caterpillar Fruits. The bed is large enough. We can sleep on two sides. It is okay…"


It was like a thunder body striking in Lu Li’s head. He became tense. He kept swallowing his saliva. Liu Yi’s meaning was quite clear; she was inviting him to be with her.

"Hold back, hold back!"

Lu Li took a deep breath. He forced himself to calm down. He thought about his parents who were still under the Ice Abyss and Lu Ling who was taken away to the Cyan Plains, a faraway place. Soon, Lu Li regained his clear mind.

However, what Liu Yi said next upset his mind again. Liu Yi said with a blush, "Lu Li, don’t overthink this. I will not force you to join the Liu Family. I don’t need you to… be responsible for me. From the moment I became the Family Patriarch, I know I will never marry someone for my entire life…"

Liu Yi’s implication was subtle, but Lu Li understood. He could be with Liu Yi but still be friends. He didn’t have to be responsible for her. He was not going to owe the Liu Family anything. It was totally without any strings attached…

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