The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 6 - The Boy Who Rolled Down the Hill

Chapter 6: The Boy Who Rolled Down the Hill

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They could not forget the first time when they saw Ji Fengyan, she was wearing clothes that had been washed colourless and was as skinny as a sheet of paper, which differed totally from the look they had expected of a Miss.

They also could not forget how her brothers had ordered her around and had such greedy looks after they had taken out the World-Termination-Armour.

“I think this incident is definitely related to Miss’s uncles. Miss had already agreed to handing them the armour, yet they still did not spare her; they are just inhumane!” A bodyguard clenched his fist in a rage.

“In any case, we owe Master a favour those years, we definitely cannot stand and watch as Miss faces trouble. I believe that even if Miss had indeed handed the armour over, those people will still not let her continue living, so we must not let Miss return. Once we have reached the city and Miss has succeeded as City Lord, we must think of a way to make her stay and not be soft-hearted and return,” the burly man said and frowned.

Despite being a 14-year-old, Ji Fengyan looked like only 11 or 12 years old. God knows how miserable her life was when she was living with her family clan.

“Chief, fret not! We only survived this time thanks to Miss, so our lives are also saved by her and we will definitely protect her!” the bodyguards each expressed their loyalty.

“Fine, just keep these words to yourselves, don’t let Miss overhear them. Miss has always been kind; Even if her family had mistreated her, she was still soft-hearted. Knowing these will only hurt her,” the burly man said.


Suddenly, at a distance of less than 20 meters ahead of the horse carriage, a black figure rolled down from a hill at the side and landed in front of the horses. The startled group of bodyguards were immediately on their guards as they thought they were ambushed again. However, when they looked at the person, they were dumbstruck.

Ji Fengyan felt the horse carriage stopping and thought something had happened. She stuck her neck out to look.

Only a young child was seen on the ground in front of the horse carriage. The child’s back was badly mutilated and his blood had stained the entire path that he had rolled down from.

“What is wrong with this child?” the burly man stepped forward to look. Ji Fengyan also came down from the horse carriage and moved towards the child.

That child seemed at most 13 or 14-year-old;He was facing the ground and his injuries were quite severe. After seeing the burnt wounds on his back, Ji Fengyan’s face darkened.

No one understood the effects of Five-Blow-Thunderstruck more than Ji Fengyan and the injuries on the child’s back clearly showed that he was hit by her Five-Blow-Thunderstruck. Moreover, from where he had rolled down from, it was within the range of her second wave of Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

Ji Fengyan was lost for words.

Indeed, she had only wanted to strike those killers, but she never had the intention to harm the innocent!

Seeing the boy’s torn skin and gaping flesh due to her Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, the guilt in Ji Fengyan’s heart… it was a feeling that could not be easily described.

“Miss, this child’s wounds…” the burly man broke the silence after being lost in thought and he looked at Ji Fengyan with an intriguing look.

Ji Fengyan felt ashamed, as an immortal cultivator, even though she could use violence, she had never harmed the innocent, otherwise she would be punished by the Heavenly Dao.

But how could she have known that this child was hiding in this remote hill?

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