The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 49 - Food

Chapter 49: Food

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The capital’s royal family personally assigned a terminator’s mount. Since the terminator was the main battling force against the Demon Clan, the mount paired with them was also mostly highly skilled in battle.

Ji Fengyan followed Linghe to the front yard of the residence. In the front yard, rows of cages were displayed neatly, with Lei Xu and Lei Min bringing a group of bodyguards to guard at the side.

But when Linghe and the rest of the bodyguards saw the mounts in the cages, their faces instantly darkened.

Regardless of which mount, the stronger it is, the more ferocious it will be. To tame it, one must train it since a young age. The ones sent over from the capital were also mostly colts but…

Looking at the weak colts in the cages, Linghe’s veins almost burst in rage!

Not only were those colts skinny, they were also dispirited, just the breed itself was totally incomparable to the ferocity of the mounts usually belonging to the terminators.

What Shijiu beast, what Bimeng—there was not even a sign of them spotted.

The 10 creatures kept in the cages before them were all common beasts and could not join on the battlefield. What made Linghe and the rest vomit blood was that there were even a few small animals—some cats and dogs—that completely lack the ability to battle in the cages… these things were even brought here as a choice for a mount?

The happiness originally was instantly turned into an incessant fury in this moment. No one had thought that the mounts Lei Xu had brought would actually be a bunch of defective and useless ones!

“Fengyan, these are the mounts sent by Your Majesty, you are not too young anymore, it’s time for you to pick one, so that you won’t be missing some help in the future,” as if he did not see the devouring stare in Linghe’s eyes, Lei Xu smiled and took a step forward, as he looked at Ji Fengyan at the side and said without feeling ashamed.

Ji Fengyan took a glance at Lei Xu as her attention was completely not on him.

But after Linghe held in a burning wrath in him, he could not help it but took a step forward and said, “Master Lei! You say these are the mounts that Your Majesty has prepared for the terminator? You think it’s a child’s play? Even though we do not have the glory of being a terminator, at least we had battled alongside many terminators. Which terminator would bring a rabbit to a battlefield!!!”

Linghe lifted his hand to point at a cage that contained a white rabbit, as his entire body bristled with rage.

Lei Xu looked at Linghe’s irate expression and was not the least nervous. He pretended to look shocked as he looked at the rabbit that Linghe pointed at, as if it suddenly dawned on him and said while patting his forehead, “Look at my memory! These are not the mounts; there are just the food for the mounts.”

As he continued saying, he turned to look at Lei Min, who was standing at the side, and pretending to be dissatisfied, he said, “Min’er, what has happened? I asked you to deliver all the mounts, but why is it that all the food for the mounts are delivered? These bunch of good-for-nothing, how can they be the mounts for the terminator? They may not even be enough for the Demon Clan to swallow in one mouth!”

Lei Min slowly said without sincerity, “Father, your blame is misplaced. The mounts sent by Your Majesty were so precious, but the people at our residence are all so clumsy. I’m afraid that when they are transporting them, they may hurt the mounts, so I asked them to bring the food that the mounts usually consume. Anyway, it’s just choosing, I believe given Sister Fengyan’s good judgement, just from the food that the mounts usually eat, she will know which type of mount she wants.”

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