The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 41 - Marry Out of Repayment

Chapter 41: Marry Out of Repayment

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The gorgeous young boy already woke up in the early morning, but at that time, Ji Fengyan was not at the residence. When she came back, Linghe did not manage to say anything to her and only saw her enter her room hurriedly and shut her doors tightly.

Ji Fengyan was unlikely to be able to avoid him this time. She instinctively had tried to evade the gorgeous young boy that she had consecutively harmed two times, but it was indeed not kind to leave an injured person aside without showing any concern. After deliberating for a while, Ji Fengyan took two bottles of elixirs that she had refined previously and forced herself to walk towards the room that the gorgeous young boy was recuperating in.

It was already afternoon, but the sunlight was not as bright as the usual afternoon sun. As the sunlight filtered through the windows, there was a trace of warmth in the room.

When Ji Fengyan walked to the doorstep, she saw a stunning figure quietly sitting on the chair facing the windows. The warm sunlight fell on that person’s body, as if creating a layer of faint golden glow around his body. It was so unrealistically beautiful.

In that instant, Ji Fengyan almost thought that she had seen an immortal who had fallen to the mortal world.

The young boy quietly sat in the room, his long eyelashes formed a small shadow over his eyes, covering the fluttering light in his eyes.

As if feeling the appearance of someone, that young boy slowly lifted his head, his clearly defined eyes looked deep and glowy, as if there were black diamonds embedded inside.

Ji Fengyan was a little dazed from his gaze. She did not feel anything before this, but this time was her first eye contact with this young boy. That pair of eyes was indeed the most beautiful eyes Ji Fengyan had ever seen, calm and deep, accompanied with a chill from the isolation of the world.

“You’re awake? Are you feeling better?” Ji Fengyan restrained her heart and pretended to be natural while walking to sit beside the victim.

The gorgeous young boy looked at Ji Fengyan plainly. After staying silent for a long while, he suddenly said, “So you were the one who rescued me?”

Ji Fengyan looked at the good-looking face of the gorgeous young boy. Maybe due to the hope that her inner core had a chance of recovering, Ji Fengyan’s mood was also delighted. After a moment of guilt, Ji Fengyan used one hand to support her chin and smilingly said to that attractive face without showing any signs of guilt, “Yes, it was me who saved you.”

No mistake!

She really saved him, wasn’t it so?

Regarding, uh, other things, he didn’t ask, did he—

Originally, she thought that the gorgeous young man would cry out of gratitude for her saving his life, but who knew that he only looked at Ji Fengyan emotionlessly and did not say anything else.

Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. Looking at the strange, gorgeous young boy in front of her, her inner evil was suddenly pumped up again. She slightly rolled her eyeballs and stared at the gorgeous young boy’s handsome face, saying, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

The gorgeous young boy shook his hand, but soon after his brows suddenly frowned. He looked up at Ji Fengyan and said, “I am not called Liu Huo.”

“…” Ji Fengyan was stunned for a while and took some time before she recalled what was it about “Liu Huo”.

Suddenly Ji Fengyan’s expression became a little awkward, but very quickly, an evil grin creeped up her face. Using one hand to support her chin, she looked at the young boy with an evil plan in mind. “Do you know there is a saying?”

The gorgeous young boy looked at her silently.

“Gratitude for saving a life should be repaid with marriage. Since I have saved you, according to the norms, you should naturally repay me by marrying me, isn’t that so? Little Liu Huo,” Ji Fengyan smiled very frivolously. That expression looked exactly like an evil woman harassing a respectable young boy.

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