The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 3 - Playing With Lightning—I Am Your Master!

Chapter 3: Playing With Lightning—I Am Your Master!

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Upon the burly man’s commands, the bodyguards disregarded their injuries and used their feeble bodies to surround Ji Fengyan, forming a human barricade to protect her against the lightning strikes.

Ji Fengyan stood between them and stared blankly at the deep hole that was just one step away, while the lightning continued to strike and flash brightly in the darkness.

She lifted her head, and her eyes widened unknowingly. Looking at the hill-slope opposite, she saw those men in black robes continuously waving wooden sticks, using them as their magic staff, causing lightning to descend from the sky.

“Miss, leave quickly! I’m afraid that we cannot hold on for much longer,” the burly man said, gasping for his breath. In the meantime, though the sword was as thick as half a finger, it cracked under the lightning attack.

“Ha?” suddenly a short laughter came from behind.

The burly man, feeling surprised, turned his head, yet he only saw Ji Fengyan, who was surrounded by his men, laughing unexpectedly. Ji Fengyan fought her way through the bodyguards and charged straight towards where the lightning had landed, with her eyes lit with a blaze.


“You want to hurt me? And you even dared to strike me with lightning? I have survived 99 lightning strikes, and now you want to hit me with lightning! You think that only you bastards have lightning?!” Ji Fengyan raged after seeing the lightning all around her.

She recalled all those years she had prepared herself, finally she had survived 98 lightning strikes with much difficulty, yet she was forcibly driven out of her body by the 99th strike. Consequently, even before she had gotten used to this body, someone else was trying to strike her with lightning again?

Did they think that she had gotten used to being struck by lightning ever since she was a child?1

“Did you really think that I could be hit by lightning? You just wait and see!” Ji Fengyan immediately tore off a piece of cloth from her shirt and bit her fingertip as the burly man gasped. Using her fresh blood, she drew a lengthy but strange illustration on the cloth.

On her last stroke, Ji Fengyan turned and grabbed the burly man’s sword. She threw the cloth with her blood into the sky and the sword tip cut the surface of the cloth.

With her clear voice, Ji Fengyan shouted, “Five-Blow-Thunderstruck!”

Following her voice, the cloth that was cut by the sword tip suddenly burst into flames, which then gradually dispersed in the air.

The burly man who had his sword snatched from him was stunned. He dumbfoundedly looked at his skinny and petite Miss, who was carrying the sword that was even taller than her. Yet all he could think of were the foreign words he had heard from her.

What was Five-Blow-Thunderstruck?

Their Miss hadn’t damaged her head, right?

Just when the burly man was still wondering whether Ji Fengyan became slow-witted because of the lightning strike, dark clouds loomed in the equally dark sky, while the lightning seemed as though they were going to penetrate the clouds and wreck the ground. Yet, the lightning was ineffably engulfed by the dark clouds.

Soon, a loud sound boomed, followed by uncountable bolts of lightning descending from the sky through the clouds, wiping out everything on the hill-slope opposite in an instant.

Within the blink of an eye, almost half of the men who tried to kill them died instead. Even the men who were originally standing at the forefront of the hill did not have time to react and had abruptly been struck by lightning, leaving only charred bodies that fell silently to the ground.

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