The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 19 - Refining Elixirs

Chapter 19: Refining Elixirs

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To refine elixirs?

Once again, Linghe and the rest were dumbfounded. They had never heard of this phrase.

Carrying their doubts only in their hearts, Linghe and the rest brought all the medicinal herbs to the backyard; even all the guards had followed them. Though they had been constantly on the move during the entire journey, and their injuries had yet to recover, all of them were dutifully ensuring Ji Fengyan’s safety.

Especially after knowing that Lei Xu and Lei Min had come to create a scene, trying to embarrass Ji Fengyan, Linghe had lost the last strand of hope in that pair of father and son.

In this remote Ji City, there was only him that could protect Ji Fengyan.

Many guards were already so tired that they had no energy. When they reached the backyard, each of them had a haggard look. They had no idea what Ji Fengyan was going to do. While they were still feeling puzzled, they were astonished to see Ji Fengyan who had taken out a huge copper vessel from thin air.

It dropped on the ground with a loud thud!

Linghe and the rest were even more shocked, and were stunned during the entire process while they just looked at Ji Fengyan light a fire beneath the huge vessel, and the container just glowed red.

Ji Fengyan quickly sorted out the medicinal herbs, then placed them into the vessel batch by batch.

This vessel was an antique passed down by her masters. It was faster than ordinary vessels and could refine elixirs that were purer so that their effects were better.

Immortal cultivators usually did not ask for help from others; Even when they were sick, they would refine elixirs themselves and provide for themselves.

Ji Fengyan did not have any interest in refining elixirs, but she was forced by that idle master of hers to refine elixirs for 10 over years, so by now, she could refine elixirs even with her eyes closed.

Upon adding the medicinal herbs into the vessel, Ji Fengyan casually used a banana leaf as a small fan, and squatted beside the vessel to fan the flames once every while.

As the sunset glow gradually faded away, Linghe and the rest, fatigued, leaned at the side, each of them already numb to their Miss’s eccentric behaviour.

Just when they were almost falling asleep, Ji Fengyan suddenly screamed, “I’m done!”

This shout instantly turned Linghe and the rest alert again, all of them shook their bodies, and opened their eyes to see Ji Fengyan take out a dark brown pill from the copper vessel.

“Come, each person take one.” Ji Fengyan happily placed a pill that was still warm from the vessel in each of their palms.

Linghe and the rest stared at the dirty-looking ‘clay ball’, their faces expressed their hesitation.

“Miss, what is this?”

“An elixir, it can cure the injuries on all your bodies,” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said.

Linghe’s eyebrows were frowning so much it almost tangled up. He could already understand what his Miss was doing, what elixir refinement? Miss was obviously refining medicine!

A power pharmacist could refine medicine that was able to cure wounds, but most of them were liquids, Linghe had never seen any in this “clay ball” form. He deeply believed that Ji Fengyan may have been duped by the bastards from the Ji family, causing her to wrongly believe that she could create things that can cure injuries just by randomly mixing and burning medicinal herbs.

After all, based on Ji family’s attitude towards Ji Fengyan, how could they have hired someone to teach her how to properly refine medicine!

It should be known that even in the capital, the existence of a pharmacist was very rare.

Everyone was hesitant, but looking at Ji Fengyan’s eyes filled with anticipation, they did not want to let her good intentions down.

With all the determination he could muster, Linghe was the first to swallow the unappetising ‘clay ball’.

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