The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 986 - Did Not Want To Worry Jiang Xuecheng

Chapter 986: Did Not Want To Worry Jiang Xuecheng

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The high priest sat in her wheelchair with dignity. Even though her limbs were broken, she still had an elegant posture.

It was as if the person who had just said those vicious words was not her.

Many of the women present were Fiennes’ former admirers. After all, this man was also the man who they had wanted to marry the most for several years!

They could not bear to see Fiennes’ horrifying appearance before his death. Now that they heard the high priest’s order of not letting go of the corpse, they could not help but explode!

No one knew who took the lead, but some people were already looking at the high priest earnestly.

“High Priest, although young master Fiennes committed a great sin of disrespect to you when he was alive, everything is over once he is dead. Can you bury his corpse?”

As soon as these words were said, many noble ladies nodded in agreement.

In the past, Fiennes had a reputation of being a playboy. However, none of the women who had had affairs with him really hated him.

It was probably because that man had always been polite and always had the keenest perception of what they liked and disliked.

However, what Fiennes had been able to offer was only affection, not love. He had never made a commitment to marriage.

So when they heard that Fiennes would marry a commoner woman, their hearts were still filled with resentment, and perhaps even envy.

Until they knew the truth, until Fiennes had died in such a horrible way.

He died at his best age, when he was in his prime. It was such a pity.

In just a short while, the number of noble women pleading for Fiennes had increased.

“High Priest, please let Fiennes’ body go.”

“Yes, he’s already dead. Why do you have to be so calculative?”

Pleas sounded one after another, full of sincerity.

Fiennes probably did not think that he would have such sincere admirers in his life.

He had been blinded by too many things in his life. If he let go of those obsessions, perhaps the ending would be different.

Fiennes was used to wrapping himself up. In fact, he might know how to spoil a person, but after all, pampering was not love.

He had teased so many women without asking for anything in return, but every time the other party fell in love with him, he would mercilessly look for his next victim.

Such a character was also a tragic inevitability.

Because of the high priest’s obstruction, Fiennes’ body was still lying there unattended, so Jiang Xuecheng still covered Su Wan’s eyes.

Although Su Wan could not see anything, when she heard the clamorous pleas around her, she subconsciously imagined that scene in her mind.

Su Wan sighed lightly and could not help but sigh.

“I really didn’t expect that Fiennes actually had so many people who liked him.”

In Su Wan’s opinion, Fiennes was an out-and-out ghost beast. He was already mentally ill.

However, looking at the performance of those girls, it was clear that they did not think so. Even though they had seen the high priest’s tragic state and understood Fiennes’ cruelty, but…

Forget it. Compared to Fiennes, Su Wan felt that the high priest was even more terrifying.

She did not even spare a dead man!

She even used such a decisive method to dispose of Fiennes’ corpse. It was really…

Su Wan recalled what Fiennes had said before his death and could not help but shudder again.

Jiang Xuecheng noticed Su Wan’s abnormal change. He silently extended his empty hand and pulled Su Wan into his embrace.

“Wan Wan, what’s wrong?”

Although the man had a strong posture, his eyes were exceptionally gentle. Even his voice softened a little, as if he was afraid of scaring Su Wan.

The situation today was too bloody. He was afraid that Su Wan would be left with a psychological scar.

Moreover, after hearing the dozens of gunshots during the day, an ordinary girl would probably not be able to sleep at night.

Su Wan rested her forehead on Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulder. She blinked her eyes. Although she could not see anything, her heart somehow calmed down.

No matter what, she did not want Jiang Xuecheng to worry.

“Jiang Xuecheng, I’m fine.”

Jiang Xuecheng let out a sigh of relief. He ignored those who were still arguing with the high priest about how to deal with Fiennes.

Jiang Xuecheng regarded Fiennes as an opponent, but he did not mean to humiliate him.

However, at this juncture, especially when CHK Virus No.3 implicated Su Wan’s life, and the high priest was the only one who knew about it, Jiang Xuecheng would definitely not offend her for this.

At the very least, they could not shed all pretense of cordiality with that crazy woman for the time being.

As for Fiennes’ “advice” before he died, Jiang Xuecheng would keep it in mind and would not take the high priest’s advice lightly.

Jiang Xuecheng’s deep black eyes flashed. He caressed Su Wan’s hair tenderly with a solemn expression.

“Wan Wan, let’s go back.”

Su Wan rested her head on Jiang Xuecheng’s shoulder and nodded gently.


Thus, the two of them left the still terrifying scene. They stepped out of the crowd and no one dared to stop them.

Fiennes was already dead. The remaining matters were much easier to deal with.

Jiang Xuecheng had already given orders.

For example, the head of the Devi family, Ye Hanwen, as the main accomplice, of course, was also involved.

Ye Hanwen had long realized that something was wrong. When the high priest appeared, he wanted to escape, but unfortunately, he was “invited” back by the guards.

Even so, the news of the high priest’s appearance had long been leaked.

As long as it was a family that had participated in Fiennes’ plan, all of them were preparing to escape, especially Madam Ye and her useless son, Keller, who were staying in the main headquarters of the Devi family today. Because they hadn’t received any news, they had already thought of the worst-case scenario!

As a result, escaping became inevitable!

The only thing that Jiang Xuecheng and the high priest had been careless about was that they hadn’t expected Madam Ye to still be in charge of the Devi family while that peerless idiot Keller had escaped.

It had to be said that this method of deceiving people was still somewhat useful.

However, the entire city was filled with people from the God’s Palace. Even if Keller wanted to escape, where could he escape to?

It was only a matter of time before he was caught.

These small shrimps were not worth Jiang Xuecheng’s attention.

An hour later, in a remote courtyard in the southern suburbs, Ming Ye also saw the shocking news on the news today.

When Ming Ye saw that Fiennes was dead and that Su Wan had escaped, she he glanced at the young girl who was still playing with the cat in the room.

Diya had no idea what was happening outside. At this moment, she was still seriously feeding Meow Meow.

The 18-year-old girl had a bright smile on her face. There was no trace of gloom.

Ming Ye had never had any brothers or sisters, nor did he know what kinship was.

But when he thought of Diya’s unconcealable pride when she mentioned Fiennes, he suddenly did not know how to speak to Diya.

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