The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 616 - Help From Jiang Xuecheng

Chapter 616: Help From Jiang Xuecheng

When Su Wan heard the sound of the door opening, she shuddered and froze on the spot!

She lifted her skirt with great effort and raised her head slightly. There was a look of astonishment on her face.

When the man entered, he happened to see this scene.

He stared at Su Wan’s hand that was lifting her skirt, and then his gaze gradually shifted back. His gaze was attracted by Su Wan’s jade-like back.

This was… her hair was stuck in the zipper?

Seeing Su Wan’s disheveled state, the emperor suddenly curled the corners of his lips.

He had originally thought that Su Wan was very stupid, but now that he looked at her, he could only say that she was even more stupid.

However, Su Wan looked even cuter than usual in this way.

Realizing that her dress was untidy, Su Wan looked at the handsome man in front of her, and her ears were stained with a thin layer of crimson.

She bit the corner of her lips, her expression carrying a hint of hope.

“Your Highness, can you call a maid for me? I don’t think I can handle this dress alone.”

Hearing Su Wan’s low voice, the man’s lips curled up into a teasing smile, but he immediately changed the solution.

“I’ll help you.”

These three words were firm and absolute.

Su Wan knew Jiang Xuecheng’s temperament, so she did not refuse. Instead, she nodded with a slightly red face.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Before Su Wan finished her sentence, she saw the man walking towards her with quick steps.

He stood behind her. His height of nearly 1.9 meters blocked out the lights above Su Wan’s head and had a strong sense of oppression.

The man stared at Su Wan’s white back and saw the two beautiful shoulder blades on her back. They were elegant, with well-proportioned bones and flesh, giving her a picturesque beauty.

He suddenly remembered the absurd first encounter in the Glory World Hotel.

There was not a single part of her body that was not beautiful. She was like a flower, quietly blooming in his embrace.

The man stared intently at Su Wan. His gaze gradually darkened, as if he was staring at his prey, with a bloodthirsty desire.

Even if Su Wan didn’t turn her head, she could feel the direct and burning gaze of his.

Could it be that he was up to no good?

Su Wan gulped. It was probably because she was very close to Jiang Xuecheng, so she knew this man very well.

Jiang Xuecheng looked like a flower on a tall mountain. It could only be seen from afar and could not be touched. But in reality, it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If it really came close, it would eat you up and tear you apart. Not even a bone would be left!

“Your Highness…”

Su Wan coughed lightly and could not help but remind Jiang Xuecheng to help her fix the zipper.

The emperor suddenly came back to his senses. His gaze was still quietly locked on Su Wan, but it was no longer as hot and terrifying as before.

“Your hair is wrapped tightly around the zipper. If you pull it up, it will get stuck more easily. I will try to pull the zipper down.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, he reached out and touched Su Wan’s back.

His fingers were long and slender. The joints were distinct, but there was also a faint coolness to them.

Su Wan didn’t know if the man did it intentionally or not, but she felt that the her right shoulder blade had been grazed by Jiang Xuecheng.

Perhaps it was because Jiang Xuecheng was a noble, but his fingertips were not rough. However, when they touched her back, it felt as if there was an electric current.

It gave her a slight tingling sensation.

As Jiang Xuecheng did not get to the point, Su Wan’s heart skipped a beat. She could not help but turn her head around and ask softly.

“Is it difficult?”


The deep male voice sounded like flowing water. As the two of them were very close to each other, Su Wan could even feel Jiang Xuecheng’s breath on the tip of her ear.

It was slightly hot, but at the same time, it carried a strong masculine scent.

Su Wan pursed her lips. She did not know why, but her heartbeat suddenly became erratic. She could not help but pray that Jiang Xuecheng would fix her zipper as soon as possible.

The washroom was very narrow to begin with, and with the two of them so close, Su Wan even felt that the atmosphere was strange.

“Are you in a hurry?”

As if he could see the anxiety in Su Wan’s heart, the man whispered into her ear.

His throat moved, and his eyes moved like an elegant cheetah. He looked at his prey today, seemingly nonchalant, but in fact, every step he took was filled with killing intent.

Why did he have to talk in her ear?

Su Wan felt helpless. She only felt that the the tip of her ear was slightly itchy.

Can’t you hurry up?

Time passed by second by second. Su Wan even felt that the reason why Jiang Xuecheng came in was not to save her, but to torture her deliberately.

Just as Su Wan was feeling anxious, she suddenly heard a “swish” sound.

The zipper was pulled straight!

Su Wan was ecstatic. Just as she was about to thank him, she saw the man let go. The dress that was not zipped quickly moved to both sides, almost sliding down her shoulder!

This man must have done it on purpose!

Just as the light blue dress was about to slide down her waist, Su Wan quickly pulled it back, avoiding the tragedy of her dress not covering her body.

However, even lowering her head and hugging the dress like this was really embarrassing.

Because of her actions just now, even her hair that had been combed was a little messy.

Su Wan’s light blue dress was half-placed on her shoulder, showing off her fair skin. Because she did not wear the dress properly, she looked like she had been bullied by someone.

The impact she gave off was not just a little…

The man stared at her without blinking. His eyes deepened, as if they were burning with a flame.

Sensing the trace of desire in his heart, the emperor frowned and quickly averted his gaze.

This woman… seemed to be able to easily seduce that string in his heart.

Sometimes, it even made him wonder if he had any self-control, but he still held it in.

After all, what happened that night was just an accident.

That was how the man convinced himself.

Su Wan didn’t know what he was thinking. She thought of the zipper that was too deeply inlaid and couldn’t help but feel a little helpless.

It would be very difficult for her to zip it up herself. She was afraid that she would repeat the same mistake.

Su Wan thought for a second and suddenly raised her head, deciding to ask for Jianng Xuecheng’s help.

She stared straight at Jiang Xuecheng, her face slightly red.

“Your Highness, the design of that zipper is rather complicated. Can you help me pull it up?”

Just as Su Wan was feeling apprehensive, the man nodded, his expression as indifferent as a lake.

This time, he did not do anything that would make Su Wan flustered. Instead, he directly pulled up Su Wan’s zipper.

It was done in one go, and it was very neat.

Su Wan looked at her figure in the mirror. After confirming that everything was done properly, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

“This dress really suits you.”

The man looked at Su Wan. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes, so fast that it was almost impossible to catch.

However, his praise was very direct.

When Su Wan heard this, she smiled sweetly at Jiang Xuecheng. “Thank you.”

After Su Wan said that, she recalled what Jiang Xuecheng had said just now, and another thing suddenly came to her mind.

“Your Highness, did you personally choose the blue diamond necklace outside?”

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