The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 613 - Her New Mission

Chapter 613: Her New Mission

Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was calm, but it was as sharp as ice-cold metal.

It sounded like he was mocking her, but also like he was mocking himself.

Su Wan was stunned. She did not understand why this man suddenly went crazy.

She had indeed learned from Ming Ye that people with dragon blood seemed to have stronger physiques than others.

This was especially true for people with almost pure-blooded bloodlines like Jiang Xuecheng. Although they were not invulnerable to weapons, they also had extremely high healing abilities.

You could hurt him, but if you gave him enough time to recover, he could quickly recover his body as if he had never been injured before.

When she was held hostage by Ming Ye on the passenger ship, Su Wan had no choice but to dig out bullets for Ming Ye. She was scared half to death, but Ming Ye seemed to be alive and kicking in just a few days, as if nothing had happened.

Ming Ye was the same as Jiang Xuecheng. This kind of person was obviously favored by the heavens.

So, wasn’t it a good thing to have this kind of ability by his side? Why did he have to act like this?

Su Wan frowned. She felt that Jiang Xuecheng’s current attitude was inexplicable, but she still tried to express her thoughts clearly.

She wanted Jiang Xuecheng to feel that she was conveying her good intentions and not giving him trouble.

“Your Highness, but I think that if you apply the medicine, the back of your hand will heal faster. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Hearing Su Wan’s almost silly words, the emperor’s expression was still as cold as a ghost’s.

Su Wan’s heart was in her throat. She looked awkwardly at the ointment in her hand, thinking that Jiang Xuecheng would reject her.

Just as Su Wan was feeling dejected, she suddenly heard Jiang Xuecheng’s words.

“Then come here.”

Those words made Su Wan’s pupils slightly open. An uncontrollable surprise followed in her heart.

This man sometimes acted like he had taken the wrong medicine. He would not turn back even if he ran into a wall.

Now, he actually relented. It was rare.

Su Wan looked up with a smile. She saw Jiang Xuecheng quietly leaning against the window, but he did not look at her. It was as if the scenery outside the French window made him feel extremely nostalgic.

Su Wan could not help but secretly glance at the scenery outside the French window. Outside the window were lush trees and a small river that looked like a jade belt.

It was the first scenery that Su Wan saw when she first came here. At that time, she thought it was very beautiful, but Jiang Xuecheng directly denied her praise.

So, he was not looking at the scenery outside the window at all, right? Perhaps he was just distracted?

Su Wan shifted her gaze back to Jiang Xuecheng and looked at him carefully.

The sunlight shined on the man’s face. He was dressed in a pure black suit, which made Jiang Xuecheng look so noble and calm, yet so lonely.

Looking at this familiar yet unfamiliar man, Su Wan silently sighed in her heart. She raised Jiang Xuecheng’s hand and glanced at the hideous scratches on the back of his hand, as well as some dried blood stains.

They were all “works” from her nightmare.

This man was also stupid. He actually allowed her to hold on to him without letting go. Could it be that he did not feel pain?

Su Wan’s heart tightened and a slight pain appeared. She raised her face and reminded him gently and pitifully.

“Your Highness, the medicine might be a little painful. Please bear with it.”

As Su Wan spoke, she took out a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant and slowly swept it across the back of Jiang Xuecheng’s hand.

Seeing that Jiang Xuecheng did not say a word and his brows were relaxed, Su Wan did not dare to be careless. Her movements were still cautious.

She had been scratched by that crazy woman, Su Yurou, in the past. The other party’s nails were sharp and her hands were swollen and bloodshot. It was also Jiang Xuecheng who had given her the medicine.

Jiang Xuecheng current situation wasn’t much better than hers. It was as if the old days had returned. It was just that the injured person had become Jiang Xuecheng, and she was the one who was applying the medicine.

The feeling of disinfectant seeping into the skin was no different from piercing through one’s heart and bones. However, Jiang Xuecheng did not seem to notice anything. His expression remained indifferent.

The emperor stared at Su Wan. He saw that Su Wan’s eyelashes were lowered, and her eyes were unbelievably gentle. It was as if he had suffered a huge injury.

When he saw Su Wan’s long eyelashes flutter, for a moment, he almost had the urge to kiss Su Wan’s eyes.

This desire came directly and quickly. If the man had not forcefully suppressed it, he would have really scared Su Wan.

Su Wan was completely unaware of Jiang Xuecheng’s emotions. She carefully applied the ointment on the back of his hand.

Following Su Wan’s gentle movements, Jiang Xuecheng felt a sharp pain on his skin.

In fact, it did not hurt at all. If Su Wan had not been so serious, he would have ignored this abnormality.

Strangely, the emperor could not help but smile. He stared at Su Wan’s serious eyes and watched the specks of sunlight dancing on her face.

Everything was so gentle and quiet, like a hard-won dream.

He gulped twice, almost wanting to stop time at this moment.

But soon, the dream stopped.

Su Wan looked up and smiled at Jiang Xuecheng happily.

“Your Highness, the medicine has been applied!”

Her tone was light, as if she did not notice that the bangs on her forehead were a little messy.

Two or three strands of messy hair lingered on the side of her cheeks, giving her a different kind of beauty.

It should have been said that Su Wan did not care about her appearance, but at this moment, he felt that she was so silly that she was cute.

The emperor looked at the bright smile on Su Wan’s face, and his heart moved slightly. He could not help but reach out to brush Su Wan’s hair.

Su Wan did not expect that Jiang Xuecheng would reach out to brush her hair. She subconsciously took a step back. This subtle action caused the man’s face, which had just recovered, to sink again.

Was she that afraid of him?

A vicious look flashed through the emperor’s eyes. Those long and narrow phoenix-like eyes were like the surface of the sea in the darkness of the night, with the possibility of capsizing the small boat at any moment.

When Su Wan saw this scene, she didn’t understand why Jiang Xuecheng would change its attitude like flipping a book. She felt a little uneasy, so she could only remind him softly.

“Your Highness, is there a reason you called me here?”

If she did not become a chef, what could she do here?

She remembered that Jiang Xuecheng had said that the God’s Palace would not keep useless people.

The emperor took a step forward and stared at Su Wan with a heavy expression. He was still unhappy with the few strands of bangs.

As someone with OCD, he once again extended his hand.

This time, before Su Wan had the time to dodge, he grabbed Su Wan’s shoulder with one hand and gently pushed her messy hair behind her ear with the other hand.

Su Wan’s face turned red when she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s action. Then, she felt a faint joy.

This intimate action was like a lover’s…

She actually liked this kind of intimacy. Did It mean that Jiang Xuecheng had become closer to her?

Just as Su Wan was surprised, she suddenly heard his cold and indifferent voice.

“Tomorrow night, Fiennes is going to hold a banquet, and I happen to be short of a female companion.”

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