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Chapter 576: Condition

Chapter 576: Condition

Lilith slowly opened her eyes and she found herself bound in chains. Her body feels very weak and she also discovered that her spiritual power, anma, and true essence were all sealed. It was then that she realized that they were defeated.

A flash of fear covered her face when she noticed that the cloth and veil that covered her face were gone. She then remembered the final scene before she lost consciousness.

"H-Hecate was defeated..." She uttered with a tinge of disbelief.

Hecate was an unstoppable general under the Lord of Asgard and even she could not beat the man in frontal combat. However, such a fierce warrior actually died and even she was captured by the enemy.

Thinking about this, she observed her body closely. She then heaved an internal sigh of relief after finding out that nobody touched her.

After gathering her senses, she adjusted her sitting position.

The clanking of the chains echoed inside the room.

"That man... is he also at the Boundless God Realm like the Lord? No... That shouldn't be possible..." She muttered absentmindedly as she recalled the image of the man who had effortlessly captured her. She couldn't even afford to fight back and the man easily defeated her with just a few casual movements. The sheer ease in how she was captured made her question her own strength.

"Woman..." A voice suddenly drifted to her ears, making her jolt in surprise.

Lilith turned her head sideways and saw the familiar face of the man who had defeated her. He looked stunning with his devilishly handsome face and cold expression. His aura was subdued and he seemed no different than a normal person. However, Lilith turned her guard up. This man was dangerous!

"What do you want from me?" She tried to hide her nervousness and she even forced herself to look straight into Jiu Shen's golden eyes, but those beautiful gold orbs almost made her enter into a dazed state.

Jiu Shen smirked coldly in his heart upon seeing the 'calm expression' of Lilith. Her slightly quivering shoulders and even the hurried beating of her heart didn't escape his senses. He knew that she was merely feigning calmness.

"Tell me more about the Lord of Asgard. Anything that you know about him..." Jiu Shen glanced deeply at her, closely observing the minute changes in her expression and gestures.

Lilith furrowed her eyebrows upon hearing his words. Her mind moved at its fastest speed, calculating how she could escape her predicament.

The man in front of her was so strong that she didn't even have the slightest chance to escape. Her only way out was his mercy, but would this guy spare her life?

She didn't know.

Lilith immediately shifted her eyes, not daring to look at Jiu Shen. He was too calm that it made her feel unnerved.

'Would he spare me if I tell him everything I know about the Lord?' She didn't mind telling him everything she knew. In truth, she held no loyalty towards the Lord of Asgard. She only joined his faction to get more resources and also to gain access to more spiritual techniques.

She didn't want to die just yet. Her only hope was for this man to spare her life.

Suddenly, an idea flashed inside her head. She then looked upwards and stared directly into Jiu Shen's eyes.

Their gazes met.

"I can tell you everything I know about the Lord, but I want you to spare my life. In return, I will offer my soul to you and be your slave for eternity." Her voice was soft and mellow like the spring breeze, her eyelashes fluttered gently.

Jiu Shen was a bit surprised in his heart. Is this woman out of her damn mind?

Offering one's soul as a slave was quite common in the cultivation world. However, the slave's soul would be placed entirely in the other's hand. They could no longer control their freedom and even their thoughts would be transmitted to their owners.

This might sound easy, but giving enslaving someone is actually a complicated process. Both parties must be willing and if one party disagrees, the enslavement would automatically fail. Failure would also cause a substantial amount of damage to both parties.

Jiu Shen leaned on his chair and thought for a moment. He wasn't certain about his chances of winning against the Lord of Asgard. The man was one realm stronger than him and he hold countless artifacts of unequal caliber. Getting the help of one more peak Celestial would increase their chances of winning. The only issue was the enslavement process. If Lilith does something during the enslavement process, his soul would be injured and he would be weakened drastically. However, he wasn't worried about this. With his Seamless Deity Physique, any injuries to his soul and body would be healed in just a few days.

"You're quite smart, woman. Alright. If your information satisfies me, then I will accept your condition." Jiu Shen pointed a finger at Lilith and the chains that bound her body dragged her closer to him.

Clang! Clang!

She was slightly startled when the chains started dragging her, but when she sensed no malicious intentions from Jiu Shen, she calmed her heart.

Truthfully, she didn't want to be enslaved. However, this was her last resort for her life to be spared.

Jiu Shen didn't look like someone who would spare his enemies so this was her only choice.

Lilith glanced at Jiu Shen's face and sighed in her heart. At least this man didn't seem to be a beast and he looked like someone who can still be reasoned with. Furthermore, he was stronger than her. The only worrying thing was that this man might be planning to fight against the Lord.

Thinking about this, she could only resign herself to fate.

After a moment of hesitation, Lilith told him everything she knew about the Lord, including the most minor details she noticed. She only stopped talking after more than twenty minutes.

Jiu Shen pondered upon her words and muttered. "Let's start the enslavement process."

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