The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 44 - I Sell Wine

Chapter 44 - I Sell Wine

"Master Fengzi, what did you say? Pill Aurora? What does it mean?" An alchemist asked with a bewildered look while all the other alchemists were looking at him curiously.

What could this Pill Aurora be to invoke that kind of reaction from Master Fengzi who was an Alchemy Sovereign?

Master Fengzi glanced at Jiu Shen who was shrouded by a golden glow. He looked at him as if he was gazing at a deity.

With a fascinated expression, he replied. "We all know that pills are subdivided into five levels according to their efficacy. The Low State, Medium State, High State, Peak State, and Perfect State. But the supreme elder of our Alchemy Hall allowed me to read a relic from the ancient times. On that relic, written after the Perfect State is the Profound State. And once a pill reaches the Profound State, it will produce a flash of rainbow radiance that is called the Pill Aurora. That was what we saw earlier..."

Hearing what Master Fengzi said, the alchemists gasped in shock. There was actually a Profound State after the Perfect State? And does that mean the silver-haired man in front of them was able to concoct a pill of such a level?

- Ding!

- Special Mission Accomplished!

- Loading Rewards!

- You received x1 Heaven Trampling Cauldron!

Jiu Shen ignored the system’s solemn voice and focused himself on his new discovery.

’So a Yin and Yang attributed item can actually enhance an Invigorating Meridians Pill’s efficacy... Well, it doesn’t matter... I don’t plan to become an Alchemy God anyway...’ Jiu Shen thought to himself as he casually grabbed the ten Invigorating Meridians Pill.

He then swept his glance at Master Fengzi and said. "Here are your Invigorating Meridians Pill. I have done my end of the bargain, so it’s time for us to leave."

Jiu Shen handed the ten pills to Master Fengzi who accepted the pills with his shaking hands.

After hearing that Jiu Shen would now leave, the alchemists felt a sense of loss, but they didn’t have the courage to hold him down. Heck! The man was a dual martial and soul cultivator! Even their supreme elder might not be able to defeat him.

"Honorable Alchemy Saint, could this lowly alchemist ask for your esteemed name?" Master Fengzi said with an expectant look.

Jiu Shen ignored the change in his attitude. He was already used to such developments that he had even grown tired of counting how many times it had happened in his past life.

With an indifferent look, Jiu Shen replied. "Jiu Shen."

"Oh, so it’s Alchemy Saint Jiu Shen! Is it possible that you are a reclusive Alchemy Saint, Lord Jiu Shen?" Master Fengzi inquired with a curious look.

Master Fengzi was an old veteran in the Profound Dragon Continent, but he had never heard of Jiu Shen’s name in all his life. Unless if Jiu Shen was a hermit who focused his life in solitary cultivation.

Jiu Shen ignored Master Fengzi and walked towards Lu Sulan who was still looking at him with a dazed face. "Sect Mistress Lu, let’s go."

Lu Sulan shook her head and said in a curious tone. "Lord Jiu Shen, I’m also curious as to who you are. I know it’s presumptuous, but could you at least tell us something about you."

Jiu Shen sighed internally, but he maintained an indifferent facade. ’Humans...they are really curious creatures.’

"I am no Alchemy Saint nor a 9th-rank Saint realm expert. I am just a simple man who sells wine in the capital city of the Silver Wing Empire..." Jiu Shen answered indifferently.

Everyone was somewhat speechless at his reply. He actually dared to call himself a simple man? Then what could they be considered as? Dregs?

"Lord Jiu Shen... You... are you really just selling wine?" Lu Sulan asked tentatively as she recalled the wine that Jiu Shen gave her before they went inside the Alchemy Hall. Could it be that he really sells wine? Isn’t it a bit too absurd? A dual martial and soul cultivator at the 9th-rank was actually selling wine?

Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly and said in a nonchalant voice. "Indeed. You can also visit my store any time if you want to have a taste of my wines... Just don’t forget to bring a few True Crystals with you..."

The room lapsed into an awkward silence after Jiu Shen spoke.

Lord Jiu Shen, this type of low-key advertising isn’t it a bit too...shameless?

"In that case, this old man will come and find Lord Jiu Shen’s store to taste his wines." Master Fengzi heartily said. He wanted to become acquainted with Jiu Shen since it can only bring him unlimited benefits to become close with someone at his level.

"Count me in, Master Fengzi! I will join you in searching for Lord Jiu Shen’s wine store."

"Yeah me too."

"Me three!"

All the alchemists expressed their desire to build a relationship with him. No matter how superficial their relationship would be, as long as they can get acquainted with him, they can boast to their descendants that they were friends with a mighty dual martial and soul cultivator.

Jiu Shen ignored them and pulled Lu Sulan’s arms.

Under the young and old alchemists’ gazes full of veneration, Jiu Shen and Lu Sulan stepped out of the Alchemy Hall.

Lu Sulan blushed in embarrassment after feeling Jiu Shen’s warm hands. In all her life, it was the first time that a man held her so intimately.

While looking at his broad back, Lu Sulan felt a sense of warmth enveloping her maiden heart like a scorching sun.

Lu Sulan inhaled the scent of his long silver hair which was now left untied. It had the fragrant smell of a newly-bloomed Jasmine, and the natural scent of a man.

Her face then turned crimson red after realizing her shameful actions.

She forced herself to look calm but the hand that was holding her made Lu Sulan feel a sense of security as if everything would be fine as long as she was behind this man’s broad back.

An alien feeling kept on rocking her heart as if it was trying to thaw the remaining coldness within.

"Sect Mistress Lu, let’s go back to the Ice Cloud Sword Sect..." Jiu Shen released her arm which made her feel a sense of loss.

"Ah- yes... Let’s go back, Lord Jiu Shen." Lu Sulan replied absent-mindedly.

With a tap of their feet, the two figures flew above the skies like an immortal couple.

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