The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 41 - Getting Ingredients (1)

Chapter 41 - Getting Ingredients (1)

"You...You... You... How did you know eerr... I mean, you’re spouting nonsense, kid! I have been concocting pill since you were still in your mother’s womb! Stop speaking a load of bullcrap!" Master Fengzi pointed his finger at Jiu Shen and snarled angrily, causing his long gray beard to tremble.

Hearing his words, Jiu Shen chuckled in his heart. ’This little brat is so funny... I don’t even know how old I am anymore. In fact, I had even seen the birth of countless worlds...’

"The Invigorating Meridians Pill has the effect of enhancing one’s potential in breaking through the 9th-rank Saint realm. Furthermore, this pill can also add an additional one hundred years of lifespan to whoever consumes it. Considering your cultivation which is still at the mid-stage 8th-rank Divine realm, this pill should be a preparatory pill for when you reach the peak-stage 8th-rank Divine realm. Little brat, you’re still wet behind the ears to fool me..." Jiu Shen calmly stated as if he knew what was happening with Master Fengzi’s life like the back of his hand.

Master Fengzi was listening to Jiu Shen’s words with a horrified expression on his aged face. The hand that he used to point at Jiu Shen was trembling uncontrollably.

After Jiu Shen spoke, Master Fengzi’s gaze towards Jiu Shen turned into that of profound dread. ’What the hell?! Did this snotty kid just call me a little brat?!’ And how the fuck did he know everything about the pill I was concocting after giving it one sniff?! Is this kid a descendant of a dragon dog?!’

As for Lu Sulan, she felt a sense of deja vu while listening to their conversation. ’It looks like even Master Fengzi is powerless against Lord Jiu Shen.’ She muttered in her heart. At the same time, she was now completely certain that Jiu Shen was an Alchemy Saint.

"What rubbish! You might have read the description of the Invigorating Meridians Pill somewhere before! And you dare flaunt your paltry knowledge to an Alchemy Sovereign?!" Master Fengzi shouted angrily despite his rising dread. The atmosphere that Jiu Shen was giving off was something that he was very familiar with. He felt the same sensation when he had faced the Alchemy Hall’s supreme elder who was a full-fledged Alchemy Saint.

Jiu Shen did not bother to give a reply at Master Fengzi’s remarks. He merely looked at him like how he would glance at a foolish mortal.

Facing his cold and indifferent gaze, Master Fengzi’s hairs involuntarily stood on end.

"If you have these ingredients, I will help you in concocting one set of Invigorating Meridians Pill." Jiu Shen handed him a piece of paper that he had written last night. It contained the auxiliary ingredients needed to concoct the Crimson Astral Blaze Pill. Of course, he added some miscellaneous ingredients in order to confuse whoever would read the contents of the paper.

Master Fengzi absent-mindedly grabbed the piece of paper and took a look at it. When he saw that most of them were rare and precious ingredients, his pair of murky eyes widened with an appalled look. "You snotty kid! Why don’t you rob our Alchemy Hall instead?! All of the ingredients written here are at least 8th-grade ingredients! Damn bastard!"

The Crimson Astral Blaze Pill was a 9th-grade pill, so all of the ingredients needed to concoct it were all high-grade ingredients.

"Ah- Master Fengzi, I will pay for all the ingredients written on that paper. No matter how much it is, I will pay." Lu Sulan spoke with a determined look on her face. She was gambling everything on Jiu Shen. After all, he was the only hope she had after all these years of finding the thing that could help her resolve her issue.

"This... Sect Mistress Lu, are you sure about this? All the ingredients he needed would amount to more than a hundred thousand True Crystals..." Master Fengzi said with a wry smile.

Lu Sulan shuddered after hearing the price, but she can still stomach it. That amount was equivalent to thirty percent of their sect’s annual income. With their sect’s deep pocket which was accumulated after several decades, it was a big amount but not that much either.

She can just accumulate that kind of wealth in less than half a year. Thinking up to that, Lu Sulan clenched her fists tightly and said through gritted teeth. "I’m willing to pay for it, Master Fengzi."

Master Fengzi was surprised at her determination. He wondered what kind of pill they would concoct using those precious ingredients. ’How did this snotty kid manage to fool Sect Mistress Lu’s naive heart? Sigh!’

"Since Sect Mistress Lu have spoken... Fine, I agree. But you should know that these ingredients are hard to come by, so you better not waste all of it, you, darned kid!" Master Fengzi coldly glared at Jiu Shen.

"You may take your seat, Sect Mistress Lu. Don’t worry, this old man will be back in a jiffy."

He then smiled kindly at Lu Sulan before he walked out of the room to get the ingredients.

The ingredients that Jiu Shen wrote were all precious and high-grade, so he had to personally get them.

Those ingredients might be rare, but as the holy land of alchemists, the Alchemy Hall had a few of them in stock.

Inside the branch head’s room, Jiu Shen and Lu Sulan stood in front of each other. When Master Fengzi left the room, an awkward silence followed.

Lu Sulan glanced at Jiu Shen with a curious look. She stared at him carefully to check if she might be able to uncover something about him. He was a man with a mysterious background, and his appearance in her Ice Cloud Sword Sect was too sudden. ’Just who are you, Lord Jiu Shen?’

After feeling her deep gaze, Jiu Shen stared back at her, causing Lu Sulan to blush in embarrassment. He then grabbed a seat for himself and sat lazily on it. ’Why do I have to meet a lot of troublesome little brats? Sigh! This life is tough...’

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