The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 34 - Ice Cloud Sword Sect

Chapter 34 - Ice Cloud Sword Sect

With a face full of smiles, the fifth princess drank her wine while looking at Jiu Shen. She would even giggle from time to time as if she was possessed.

As for her fourth brother and Defender Duanmu, they were sitting beside her with solemn expressions on their faces.

It was the first time they saw the fifth princess behaving like that. And they didn’t even need to think too deeply to know what she was feeling.

The little dragoness was in love! On top of that, she fell for someone who their empire was wary of.

They tried to investigate his identity in secret, but everything led them to a dead end. It was as if Jiu Shen appeared inside Beltran City out of thin air. There were no records of him from any part of their empire, and such a thing was impossible unless if he came from another empire or sect. But he also didn’t look like a spy or an enemy.

Jiu Shen was a man of mystery, and even the two girls with him didn’t look normal either. As for the fifth princess falling for him, they don’t know if it was a blessing or a disaster.

After drinking their wines, Defender Duanmu and the fourth prince dragged the fifth princess out of the store. She was very reluctant to leave, but she still had things to do in the imperial palace as the princess of the Silver Wing Empire.

"Wine Master Jiu, my name is Sylvia! Call me Sylvia the next time I come here!" The fifth princess shouted with a blushing face. She also felt a bit annoyed at Jiu Shen since he did not even bother to ask her name. Regardless of that, she was certain that it won’t be the last time she will visit his store.

When Jiu Shen heard the fifth princess shout, he opened his eyes and glanced at her. He then nodded his head as if he understood her.

After seeing Jiu Shen’s answer, the fifth princess smiled from ear to ear and left with her brother and Defender Duanmu. She did not even bother talking with the two men as she was completely immersed in her own thoughts. ’Jiu Shen... Jiu Shen...’

As for Jiu Shen, he shook his head while looking at the three people’s departing silhouettes.

’I still have to go to that whatever Cloud Sword Sect to get the Frozen Cloud Glacier. How bothersome... After that, I will go to the Green Mountain Lake to find the Origin Spring Water.’ His lips twitched at the thought of his current tasks.

Although the system did not release a mission for finding the ingredients, he still has to find them. After all, he was a bit curious about the new wine, Frozen Origin.

"Looks like I won’t have time to cultivate. Besides, even after cultivating, there are no signs of improvements in my cultivation. Although my strength increased a bit, my cultivation remained the same. System, do you know what’s happening here?" Jiu Shen asked.

- Ding!

- Host, you just need to finish your current tasks. You may even receive a boost in cultivation as a reward. As for why your body can’t cultivate normally, it’s because the host’s body is a Seamless Deity Physique made by the system to house the host’s soul.

Hearing the system’s solemn reply, Jiu Shen’s eyebrows knitted in surprise. "Seamless Deity Physique, what is that? I have heard of countless saintly and immortal physiques, but I haven’t heard of any deity physique." Jiu Shen muttered to himself while the system remained silent.

"Oh well, Hestia and Theia should be able to run things smoothly here. And the news about the four Earth Origin Dragon Tree inside my store hasn’t spread yet. It shouldn’t be a problem to leave the store for another few days or so." Jiu Shen sighed as he relayed some orders to Hestia and Theia.

After that, he left his store and went to the direction of Ice Cloud Sword Sect.

The Ice Cloud Sword Sect was located outside of Beltran City, but it was still within the territory of the Silver Wing Empire.

It was a sect that only accepted female disciples in their ranks. It was not that they were biased, but their secret technique can only be cultivated by women.

The Ice Cloud Sword Sect only had a few thousand disciples, but all of them were the cream of the crop. According to what everyone knows, the sect’s strength was also on par with the aristocratic families like the Liu Family, Xue Family and etc. With their background, no one dared to antagonize them.

The sect was not strict with their disciples when it comes to their relationship with the opposite gender. But of course, none of them were allowed to spread their secret techniques to any outsiders.

After a few hours of flying, Jiu Shen saw a floating ice castle above the sky. It looked sacred and untainted from the mundane world as the ice castle majestically hovered in the sky.

"So this is the Ice Something Cloud er...Ice Cloud Blabla... never mind, I’ll just ask the people inside." Jiu Shen slowly descended towards the entrance of the ice castle.

His sudden arrival alerted the beautiful disciples guarding the entrance.

"Who are you?! State your name and purpose for coming to our Ice Cloud Sword Sect!" One of the disciples said in an icy voice as she glared at Jiu Shen.

They didn’t see how Jiu Shen arrived in their ice castle. If they saw him flying earlier, they wouldn’t have acted domineeringly. But they couldn’t be blamed either since most of their guests used flying treasures or beast mounts to visit their ice castle.

"Call your sect leader, I have something to discuss with her." Jiu Shen answered calmly.

"Who the hell do you think you are to speak with our sect leader?! She doesn’t have time to talk with any random people! Tell me the purpose of your visit or you can just scram!" The female disciple said aggressively.

The other disciples remained silent, but they were glaring at Jiu Shen with hostility.

For the past few decades, no guests dared to call their sect leader at all. It was the first time they encountered someone who asked for an audience with their sect leader the moment he arrived.

When Jiu Shen heard how arrogant she spoke, he involuntarily released a bit of his aura causing all the female disciples to kneel down on the ground with boundless terror in their eyes. Even the arrogant disciple was looking at Jiu Shen with dread as her body was shaking in fear.

Jiu Shen shook his head after seeing their fearful expressions. "This is your punishment for acting arrogantly in my presence. If this was before, your souls would have been vanquished and never reincarnate again." Jiu Shen said calmly causing a wave of coldness to invade the hearts of the young ladies.

"Sire, please be lenient on my disciples." A fairly-like woman dressed in a long white dress calmly descended in front of Jiu Shen. She waved her right hand and removed the pressure of Jiu Shen’s aura.

Jiu Shen did not look surprised. He only released a bit of his aura to punish the young disciples. But he had to admit that he was somewhat surprised at the woman’s strength.

She was the first 8th-rank Divine realm expert that he had seen in Nuar ever since he had transmigrated.

"An 8th-rank Divine realm expert, you must be the sect leader..." Jiu Shen said indifferently.

Everyone in the Silver Wing Empire thought that their strength was only on par with the peak aristocratic families. Who knew that their sect leader was actually an 8th-rank Divine realm expert?

The woman felt a slight tremor in her heart after seeing how casual Jiu Shen stated her cultivation realm. It was as if he did not care about it at all.

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