The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 31 - Cultivation Realms

Chapter 31 - Cultivation Realms

The next day, inside a big mansion.

Fatty Xue was seated on a sofa and was being served by four beautiful ladies. He kept on touching them with his chubby hands making the four ladies bite their lips in shame.

They were newly bought slaves that Fatty Xue got from a friend.

Fatty Xue ignored their pleading glances as he continued to touch their most sensitive parts. His beady eyes narrowed in excitement and the fats on his body trembled.

After playing with them for a bit, he told them to leave the room.

"Weird... Sword Four and Sword Five should have already been here to report the success of their mission." Fatty Xue frowned deeply causing his beady eyes to become almost non-existent.

"Could it be... Did the two of them capture the two ladies and decided to taste them first before they plan to go here? Damn those bastards!" Fatty Xue’s chubby face trembled as he cursed in anger.

"If you weren’t Elder Ming’s servants, I would have asked the family to punish you for disobeying a Xue Family descendant! Dammit!" Fatty Xue angrily slammed his chubby hands on the wooden table causing it to break into half.

Although he was merely a 2nd-rank Elite Warrior, his strength was enough to shatter a wooden table. Even a 1st-rank Warrior is capable of doing it.

Let’s discuss a bit of cultivation for a moment. There are ten known realms in total: In the 1st-rank Warrior realm, a cultivator’s body will undergo a substantial change which will greatly enhance their physical strength and ability.

In the 2nd-rank Elite Warrior realm, a cultivator’s skeletal system will be strengthened considerably. People who reached this realm will be able to easily shatter a wooden table with their fists.

In the 3rd-rank Crusader realm, their digestive organs will be further enhanced. When one reached this realm, they would only need to eat food once every three days. Their internal injuries will also heal at a much faster time.

The 4th-rank Knight Crusader will allow a cultivator to manipulate the true essence in their bodies adeptly. They can then use true essence to strengthen their attacks by more than several times.

In the 5th-rank Spirit realm, a cultivator mind will be enhanced further. This will make it easier for them to wield their true essence and they could even possibly create a skill that could produce the elements of nature. (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, etc.)

In the 6th-rank King realm, a cultivator will be able to naturally wield the elements of nature with the use of their true essence. An expert of such caliber can create a fireball, wind blade, earth spike, etc.

In the 7th-rank Emperor realm, a cultivator can glide through the air for a brief moment and they were also able to wield a much stronger force of element.

In the 8th-rank Divine realm, a cultivator can manipulate his true essence to enable himself to fly in the air. Their strength is also more destructive and their lifespan will reach up to more than three hundred years.

In the 9th-rank Saint realm, a cultivator will have no more need for food, water, and sleep. They can simply nourish their bodies with true essence. An expert of such caliber can shatter small mountains...

In the 10th-rank God realm, a cultivator can freely command the elements of nature. If they want it to rain, then rain it shall be. But the people Nuar barely knows anything about the legendary realm.

During the great battle fifty thousand years ago, there were some 10th-rank God realm experts, but they disappeared after the great battle. As for where they went to, no one knows.

Back to the story.

Fatty Xue stood up from his seat while trembling in rage. He knew that he could not do anything against Sword Four and Sword Five with Elder Ming backing them. He can only swallow his anger and hope that the two men will not be overboard and will return with the two ladies in hand. "Damn bastards! I’ll ask Elder Ming to punish those two! That old man will give me some face on account for my father..."

He didn’t even know that both Sword Four and Sword Five were already burnt to ashes. Even if someone told him that both men failed their mission, he would not believe them. Who were Sword Four and Sword Five? They were Elder Ming’s swords, the assassins he trained that can kill anyone regardless of their strength and identity.

"Whatever... I will go and visit that damn store to check if they really did their mission well." Fatty Xue sighed and went out of his mansion. He rode a luxurious carriage with an expectant look on his fat face.

"Let’s go to that damn I mean the famous wine store of the capital." Fatty Xue told the coachman with a sour look.

"Yes, master." The coachman responded as he urged the horses to move forward.

Fatty Xue forced himself to calm down while thinking of the beautiful faces of Theia and Hestia. He chuckled with his eyes closed, his thoughts unknown.


The carriage suddenly stopped, causing Fatty Xue’s thoughts to be interrupted halfway. "What the hell are you doing?!" He shouted in anger and opened his carriage to check what was happening.

"Master, there are a lot of people blocking the road. Something might have happened to that store for a commotion this big to happen." The coachman replied innocently.

Fatty Xue glared at the coachman and glanced at the huge crowd with narrowed eyes. He then smirked while following the crowd. ’The store should already be in ruins right now. It’s understandable for a lot of people to go there and check its plight since the store has gained quite a reputation these past few days after Young Master Liu Mengdi’s advertising. Hehe! I will go check it myself.’

Fatty Xue hummed a beautiful melody while walking along with the crowd. It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

After sensing that the crowd stopped walking, he opened his beady eyes and eagerly glanced at the direction that the crowd was looking at. His small eyes then went wide like saucers at what he saw. "What the fuck?!"

In front of him was the same little store with a flashy name printed in bold capital letters: THE IMMORTAL’S WINE.

’What turned upside-down?! What burnt to ashes?! What destroyed into pieces?! It’s still fucking standing before my eyes with no damn hints of damage!’ Due to Fatty Xue’s anger, he vomited blood and lost consciousness.

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