The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 20 - Liu Xiufengs News

Chapter 20 - Liu Xiufeng's News

Jiu Shen used his spiritual power to view the expressions of the fourth prince and Defender Duanmu while they were tasting the Deep Sea Spring Dew. He might be closing his eyes, but he can see every miniscule change on the two men’s reactions. ’The old man is also at the peak of 7th-rank Emperor, but he won’t breakthrough with just one wine. He needs a much stronger catalyst if he wants his strength to be promoted to the next realm. But the kid has a higher chance of breaking through. Of course, it is still just a chance.’

Defender Duanmu slowly opened the wine bottle.

A rich wine aroma burst forth from the mouth of the wine bottle giving off the fragrant smell of a Deep Sea Dew. Both men’s eyes lit up as they greedily inhaled the wine’s sweet smell.

After filling their cups with wine, Defender Duanmu impatiently brought it towards his lips and took a light sip.

As for the fourth prince, he was muttering something under his breath as if he was chanting some kind of incomprehensible mantra. "Just one glass. Just one glass. Just one glass." With his eyes half-closed, the fourth prince also took a sip.

The fourth prince jolted in shock like someone who was electrocuted. His eyes widened in surprise while looking at the cup of wine in his hand.

When the golden liquid touched his tongue, he felt a cooling sensation enveloping his mouth. But then, just a second later, a fiery feeling assaulted his throat. The two contradicting sensations created a sort of seamless harmony, yet they retained their own uniqueness, making him drunk in the indulgence.

"I got that kind of feeling after just one sip?! I can tell that there was a Deep Sea Dew added on the brewing process which enhanced the wine’s fragrance, but what are those two distinct sensations that I felt?" The fourth prince was a well-read person since he was young. He had also tasted different kinds of gourmet dishes in the imperial palace. That was why he was able to instantly recognize the Deep Sea Dew’s unique aroma.

Defender Duanmu did not have a similar thought process. He was still drinking his cup of wine with a foolish smile on his aged face. Although he was also familiar with the Deep Sea Dew, he did not think too much about it.

He focused his attention and simply checked the minute changes in his dantian as he continued to drink the wine. ’Unbelievable! Although it was not enough to promote me to the next realm, it was still able to consolidate my foundation making it much easier for me if I want to breakthrough. What a treasure! Even his majesty’s Phoenix’ Godly Flames Wine did not have such an effect.’ Defender Duanmu thought to himself with intense excitement in his heart.

The fourth prince hesitated no more. He gulped the remaining golden liquid in his cup with an absent-minded look. He shivered the moment the wine liquid reached his throat since he felt the same fiery and cool feeling. It was as if the two opposing aftertastes were wrestling against each other in his throat. "Ahh! Good wine!"

The fourth prince felt full after drinking one glass of the wine. He realized that Jiu Shen was not deliberately messing with him at all. One glass was indeed the maximum he can consume with his current cultivation. He then glanced at the bottle of Deep Sea Spring Dew with a regretful look, but he reigned in his desire and checked his dantian.

He felt that his dantian was full of unrefined true essence, but the true essence of the wine was not violent at all which will make it much easier for him to refine. He even felt that he had a chance to achieve a breakthrough making him very excited.

Jiu Shen withdrew his spiritual force after he had seen the effects of the wine. He was fairly satisfied with it, but it was not enough to move him. He had tasted countless immortal wines in his past life which were much better than the Deep Sea Spring Dew. But of course, the ingredients used were much rarer and more precious.

On a different table were Boss Scar and the others were seated, they were drinking and talking happily among each other and it seemed like they had forgotten that a medium-level expert had died in the morning.

Liu Xiufeng knitted his brows and solemnly said. "I heard some rumors from my friends in the Liu Family that one of the aristocratic families of our empire was suspected to be selling weapons to the neighboring empires."

The atmosphere suddenly turned serious after Liu Xiufeng dropped a serious topic. Boss Scar furrowed his brows, and he could not help but ask. "Which aristocratic family are you talking about?"

Jiu Shen’s ears perked up. He was also curious about their conversation, so he listened attentively to them. In another’s point of view, he was meditating diligently. But in actual fact, Jiu Shen was secretly eavesdropping on their conversation. ’Hoho! Looks like something fun will happen in the empire some time in the near future. Of course, I have to be there to spectate the scene. It would not be fun if I will only stay here during such a lively event.’

Liu Xiufeng glanced towards his left and right before he gestured for everyone to come closer to him. He then spoke in a whispering voice. "It’s an aristocratic family that is not any lesser than the Liu Family in terms of strength and authority, the Beiming Family."

After hearing the words ’Beiming Family’, everyone’s faces immediately turned somewhat peculiar. "Nonsense! The Beiming Family is loyal to the imperial family since the founding of the empire." A mercenary blurted out in a slightly louder voice.

Liu Xiufeng hurriedly covered his mouth to prevent him from speaking any further. Boss Scar also glared at the mercenary icily.

They then realized that Defender Duanmu was looking at them with a smile that was not a smile.

They forced a chuckle and left the store in a hurry after paying their bills. They did not want to stay inside the store anymore in fear that Defender Duanmu would capture them for spreading baseless rumors.

’Even the Liu Family have discovered the Beiming Family’s suspicious transactions. If that is the case, then his majesty’s assumption was indeed right. This is bad, I must report this to his majesty in order for us to prepare for any possible outcome.’ Defender Duanmu’s heart was in turmoil as he thought of countless possibilities that may happen.

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