The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 2 - First Customer

Chapter 2 - First Customer

Jiu Shen heard the system’s mechanical voice inside his head. He was unperturbed as it had been almost a month since the system provided that mission, but no souls even went inside the store. And if there was really someone curious enough to come inside, then what would his/her reaction be after seeing the exorbitant prices of each of his wine?

Jiu Shen glanced at the small blackboard with the list of items written on it.

* Mystic Jade - 1 True Crystal

* Ables Blanc - 5 True Crystals

The prices of the wines were determined by the system, and Jiu Shen could do nothing but agree with it helplessly. And besides, he trusted the system that had magically transmigrated him to this world.

There were only two wines sold at the moment and both of which were already priced at crystals! True Crystal was the currency of the cultivators and they can also use it to hasten their cultivation speed since a True Crystal contains pure true essence. So the value of True Crystals was definitely high.

The Profound Dragon Continent used the currency of coins. One hundred Copper Coins was equivalent to one Silver Coin, one hundred Silver Coins was equivalent to one Gold Coin, and one hundred Gold Coins was worth one True Crystal.

But not everyone had access to True Crystals. Only the noble families and the rich merchants had access to it. But still, ten Silver Coins was more than enough for a commoner’s family to live comfortably for a month’s time.

* * *

As Jiu Shen was busy watching Ice lick the milk provided by the system greedily, he felt someone stepping inside his store. He curiously studied the man who went inside his store.

It was a tall and boorish middle-aged man with rough facial features. One look and anybody could tell that he was a mercenary.

The man glanced at Jiu Shen while wearing an ugly smile. He approached Jiu Shen at a pace that was neither fast nor slow, but Jiu Shen knew that the man was up to no good.

"Are you the owner here? What does your store sell?" The man glanced around the store as he asked Jiu Shen.

"If you want to buy something, check that first."

Jiu Shen pointed at the blackboard nonchalantly.

The boorish man’s pupils popped out of their sockets after seeing what was written on the small black blackboard. He speechlessly looked at Jiu Shen while pointing at the blackboard with his shaking hands.

"Are you sure that you have not written that incorrectly? I think you have mistaken Copper Coins as True Crystals."

Jiu Shen frowned at his exaggerated reaction but he shook his head in reply.

"What the hell?! A jar of wine for 1 True Crystal?! And the other one is even sold at 5 fucking True Crystals?! Are you fucking kidding me, brat?! Even if the emperor’s Phoenix’s Godly Flames Wine was sold for 100 True Crystals every jar, do you think that your lousy wine reached a hundredth of the emperor’s wine?!" The man’s messy beard trembled as he loudly cursed at Jiu Shen. His spittle dropped heavily like rain, but an invisible energy prevented it from dropping on Jiu Shen’s skin.

The man’s 4th-rank Knight Crusader strength burst like a raging storm, but Jiu Shen ignored the man and just silently watch Ice lick its milk. Even after he displayed his strength, Jiu Shen still treated him like a fart.

"This brat actually dares to disregard this Lord! Truly tired of living! Don’t blame me for being rude!"

The man’s anger rose after being ignored by Jiu Shen and he decided to erase all pretense and show his true intentions for coming inside his store.

He was about to grab Jiu Shen’s collar when he felt a hand hold his arm firmly like a vise grip. He pulled his arm with his 4th-rank Knight Crusader strength fully displayed, but the hand holding him was unmoved.

The boorish man’s body turned cold and he could not help but think of something incredulous. ’Could this young man be a 6th-rank King? Because if he was just a 5th-rank Spirit, then I could at least struggle free from his hold. So the only possibility is... this casanova-looking young man in front of me is at the very least a 6th-rank King. Ho- How is that even possible?! Unless this young man is the emperor’s bastard child and had inherited all of his dominant genes?’

The boorish-looking middle-aged man was sweating crazily at his own thoughts. He swallowed his dry saliva and his lips twitched.

"Winemaster, you misunderstand me. I merely wanted to give your shoulder a pat as thanks for allowing me to taste a wine that is on par with the emperor’s Phoenix’s Godly Flames Wine. It’s just a few True Crystals, and it’s not like I’m short on money. Can you release me now and let me have a taste of your wondrous wines?"

The boorish man forced a crooked smile as he glanced at Jiu Shen’s emotionless face. The latter formed an O shape in his mouth as if he had finally comprehended the man’s words.

"Oh, okay. Which of the two would you like to order?"

The boorish middle-aged man’s intestines contorted but he still maintained his crooked smile as he shakily pointed his order.

"I... I want something light for now, winemaster. Can you give me a jar of Mystic Jade?" This was the cheaper one between the two wines sold inside this store, but its price was still 1 True Crystal. His heart bled terribly, but who told him to foolishly storm inside this store and ask for protection money? He wasn’t even able to announce his intentions, but he was glad that he didn’t do so, or his fate would have been unknown.

Jiu Shen calmly nodded his head and went inside the storage room. After less than a minute, he arrived with a jar of wine that was emitting a dense fragrant aroma.

"This smell..."

It was similar to the smell of a rare herb the boorish man saw on one of his adventures, the Purple Blood Ginseng.

The said herb was a 3rd-rank herb which was commonly used as a medicinal ingredient because of its great effectiveness in calming one’s vitality.

’This... What the hell? What a reckless waste of resources!’ The man cursed in his heart.

Although it was only a 3rd-rank herb, it was difficult to find this herb since it could only be found in rough environments.

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