The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 387 - Gain Three Pounds After Every Livestream

Chapter 387: Gain Three Pounds After Every Livestream

Besides, ‘Eating Well for All Three Meals’ started off as a hit with extremely high ratings, but it ended in a pathetic state. It reached the highest ratings in the first few minutes of the broadcast, but it gradually began to decline.

The ratings for ‘Two Under One Roof’ gradually increased. The ratings for the few famous scenes like the appearance of the crawfish in the pot, Yan Nai, Xiang Yi playing the string instruments, and a few others had all been boosted to the maximum. Toward the end, there was still an amazingly high number of viewers even during the advertisement segment!

It was simply incredible!

There were more than ten threads on the hot search list on Weibo, gossip forums, and other social media platforms.

Countless people realized that ‘Two Under One Roof’ was not just the top livestream variety show.

It had the potential to become the most popular and hottest variety show of summer!

In the small room.

Li Jianyu’s cellphone was flooded with calls from various brands that were desperate to invest.

Fortunately, Ruan Qing was long prepared and diverted her calls to her assistants’ phones so that she could be free for the time being.

Li Jianyu said with a silly smile, “This feeling of being chased by a bunch of rich Daddies that are vying to give me money is wonderful.”

‘This is simply a godsend that’s handed to me on a silver platter!’

Ruan Qing said, “You seem really familiar with using the word ‘Daddy.”

Li Jianyu said self-righteously, “Anyone who gives me money is Daddy!”

Hearing his words, Ruan Qing pulled out a bill from her bag and slapped it onto Li Jianyu’s palm. With a wry smile, she said, “Call me Daddy.”

Li Jianyu felt a little shy and ashamed, which was quite rare of him. “That…that’s really embarrassing.”

“Give it back to me then,” said Ruan Qing, who was about to take the money back.

Li Jianyu immediately exclaimed, “Daddy Ruan! You have to keep to your word!”

Ruan Qing stroked her chin, seemingly deep in thought, and said, “So this is what it feels like. Call me Daddy again.”

‘That’s…indeed quite exhilarating.”

“Must I do so just because you asked me to?” Li Jianyu continued decently, “That’s another price!”

Ruan Qing was speechless.

The sky gradually darkened as it was getting late. Xiang Yi’s grandparents had regular schedules so they went to bed early.

Jiangjiang kept rubbing her eyes. After Zhong Yi helped Jiangjiang wash up, she hadn’t been able to fall asleep and thus returned to the living room.

The warmth of the light blended with the warm glaze on his handsome face, softening his entire silhouette, which made him seem like a stark contrast to how he looked like back when he was filming the movie.

After Xiang Yi brushed Xiao Naofu’s teeth twice, Xiao Naofu was extremely fatigued and it was tucked in its soft and fluffy bed.

“Goodnight, Xiao Naofu.”

Little Xiji licked the palm of Xiang Yi’s hand, and she rubbed its head tenderly. “Goodnight, Little Xiji.”

Zhong Yi looked at her in shock.

She could understand why Shi Sui treated Xiang Yi differently from others.

The most irresistible thing in this world is tenderness.

“Senior Zhong.” When Xiang Yi saw her, she took the initiative to greet her, “Do you want to have a late night snack?”

The viewers, who originally thought the livestream was going to end, wailed:

—— [Stop! Hold it, stop!]

—— [I gain three pounds after watching each livestream.]

—— [Xiang Yi: Are you hungry? Do you want to eat? Do you want supper?]

—— [Little Vase Spirit, did you see that man by the window? Can’t you just focus on being all lovey dovey with Shi Sui?! All you do is cook! How infuriating!]

Zhong Yi was stunned, but she somehow relaxed again. “Do you have wine?”

Shi Sui, who was reading, took a glance at her.

A little alcoholic exclaimed with glistening eyes, “Yes, yes!”

A few minutes later…

Xiang Yi came out of the kitchen happily with some stir-fried shredded squid and a few appetizers.

Shi Sui succeeded in waiting for her at the door, and he glanced at her with a smirk.

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