The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 276 - Sacked!

Chapter 276: Sacked!

The creative director’s heart skipped a beat.

He wondered how Xiang Yi did during the shoot.

‘It’s all my fault for being so preoccupied with perfecting the plan for the shoot that I have neglected Xiang Yi.”

Sophia said calmly, “I’ll look at Alice’s photo.”

The photographer hesitated for a few seconds before taking out the memory card of the DSLR, his hands trembling slightly.

*Import photos, Display Preview*——

A set of lousy photos appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The creative director had an ominous premonition. ‘Oh dear, the photos turned out so terribly, Sophia is going to hit the roof…’

To his surprise, Sophia merely looked at the few hundred photos quietly.

The photographer was secretly relieved, thinking that perhaps, Sophia didn’t see what he had done…

He could make models look beautiful in photos and likewise, he could also make them look awful.

It wasn’t his first time using that trick so he was very skillful with it. It would showcase his superb photographic skills when taking photos of lighting, portraits, and scenery while also capturing the mundane, mechanical stiffness of the people in the photograph.

He even tried to capture the expressions or movements that weren’t suitable for Xiang Yi; but to his dismay, Xiang Yi was very good at managing her expressions, and her mannerisms were very elegant and graceful too. She perfectly matched the image of the little princess in the setting, making it impossible for the photographer to capture any awful photos of her.

The staff came over and surrounded them to take a look. When they saw the photos that were supposedly “taken skillfully but unpleasant”, they immediately felt resentful toward Xiang Yi.

Flaws tend to be emphasized through comparisons.

If Shi Sui’s photos were described to be stunning, hers were shocking!

The person who had posted a derogatory statement just now even secretly took a photo and posted it onto the internet.

Thinking that no one would pay attention to her account, she posted it without further hesitation.

However, what she didn’t know was that Chinese netizens were already paying attention to her account…

As soon as the photo was posted, some people shared them on Weibo and various forums. Now that there was photo evidence, the netizens began the mockery.

——[Uh, isn’t this the standard of the photos taken at the bridal studio below my home?]

——[These photos don’t do that beautiful dress enough justice, and it’s a waste of the photographer’s excellent skills! Vase Fairy? More like country bumpkin!]

——[That’s an insult to country bumpkins.]

——[Hahahahah reality is cruel. This is probably what happens when you don’t have someone present to digitally retouch your photos.]

——[I think Vase Fairy will be boycotted in the fashion industry if these photos are included in this issue of the magazine…]


Sophia clicked the mouse gently and the first photo was displayed again indicating that she had already viewed all the photos in the set once.

The photographer heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that her reaction had remained unchanged.

‘It seems that the Big Boss did not develop any suspicions about me!’

However, the creative director looked like he was on the verge of tears as he felt that Sophia was probably going to replace Xiang Yi with someone else…

While everyone watched with great eagerness, Sophia said unhurriedly, “Did you take these photos?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Sophia nodded slightly. “Okay. You’re Mr. Steve, right? I hereby declare that you have been fired.”

“Yes, Ma’am… Huh?!”

He was stunned.

Everyone else was dumbfounded.



“That’s not fair! I demand a valid reason from you!” Steve was flustered. He was earning a stable income as a photographer, and he also had a good reputation in the industry. If he were to be fired, how could he survive in this industry in the future!?

Sophia switched on the double window mode to juxtapose Shi Sui’s photos against Xiang Yi’s.

She said in a calm and professional tone, “You have excellent photography skills, but you’re not a good photographer.”

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