The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 259 - Seven-Star Hotel!

Chapter 259: Seven-Star Hotel!

They were still a few stops away so Xiao Hua began texting her best friend enthusiastically when she was in the carriage of the subway.

[Xiao Fafa]: !!!

[Xiao Fafa]: Even during the off-peak season of tourism, the cheapest hotel room still costs several thousand yuan. All the rooms are two-storey suites with paintings of that hotel, right?

[I Love Hotpot]: Yes! There are different types of suites, such as the Royal Suite, the Presidential Suite, and so on. It’s just like that TV series we used to watch; there are butlers, chefs, and waiters who are all serving a single person!

[I Love Hotpot]: Ooooh, there are rabbit ears on the exterior of this airplane, they’re so pretty! Sis, quickly become a rich woman and make me your sugar baby!! I want a pink plane, too!

[I Love Hotpot]: [picture]

“So cute…” Xiao Hua lamented emotionally and as she swiped her finger across the screen to select an emoji, she suddenly thought of something and tapped on the photo that her best friend had sent to her. She zoomed in all the way on the photo, only to see the word on the airplane.


‘Air Bunbun!?!’

‘Isn’t that the private jet that Xiang Yi and Shi Sui have boarded?’

Xiao Hua was stunned!

She switched to the interface of Weibo and uploaded the photo onto the comments section of the page belonging to “All is Well Year Round”.

She added a sarcastic remark—[No way, seriously? Do you guys only select four-star and five-star hotels? Have you forgotten that the world’s one and only seven-star hotel is in A City? The top floor of the hotel comes with its own helipad, a sky restaurant, an underground ocean tunnel that connects to seafood restaurants, and submarine transport options~ The life of a rich and beautiful girl is just so simple and grounded. *dog emoji* *dog emoji*]

The photo was that of Air Bunbun landing on the top floor of the hotel.

After the comment was posted…


——[Seven-star hotel? What story are you making up!?! Hah!]

——[Damn… I’ve checked and this hotel really exists. The Presidential Suite that costs six figures a night has been booked…]

The fans were dumbfounded.

They pretended to have not seen it and didn’t reply for four hours.

“We have arrived at North City West Station. Passengers who are alighting, please take your belongings with you and exit through the left door of the cabin…”

The announcement of the arrival of the subway sounded, and Xiao Hua alighted, feeling all refreshed and energetic.

‘Feels wonderful to get back at them!’

She looked down and followed Xiang Yi on Weibo with a joyous smile on her face.

In the suite.

Xiang Yi had taken a nap during the flight so she wasn’t sleepy now. She pulled out her cell phone and sent her family a text message.

Third Brother Who Replies Immediately: [I’ve prepared the dress that you’re going to need for your photoshoot! See you at the castle tomorrow!]

The castle was the location for tomorrow’s shoot.

Xiang Qi’s studio was just nearby. After arriving last night, he had a flash of inspiration and worked together with his ten-odd assistants to put together three dresses.

The magazine firm had always been cordial toward him so when they heard that he had designed three new dresses, he was extremely agitated.

That was Hades’ return to the fashion world after a year-long hiatus!

Hence, the magazine firm immediately decided to feature Hades’ designs for the cover shoot.

Xiang Yu also replied very quickly. Apart from reminding her to take care of herself, he also sent nine photos of Xiao Naofu along with a video of it too…

Xiang Yi was speechless.

Looking at the chubby Xiao Naofu whose fur was flat and limp in the video, Xiang Yi sighed, wondering if Xiao Naofu would become obese before it became bald or the other way round under Xiang Yu’s care.

Her second brother didn’t answer so she thought that he was probably busy.

However, her uncle made a video call to her.

“Xiang Yi, Tantan is in A City too. Do you want to go meet him after you’re done with the cover shoot?”

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