The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 233 - Incompetent and Livid

Chapter 233: 233. Incompetent and Livid

Not wanting to be a spoilsport, Xiang Yi had no choice but to accept the greeting gifts from the grandpas… or rather, her masters.

She thought to herself that she would give them some gifts in return some time later.

Seeing that Xiang Yi had accepted the gifts, the three masters heaved a sigh of relief because that meant that she had already acknowledged them as her masters.

The atmosphere at the dining table was getting more and more harmonious.

All of a sudden…

A strange sound came from the depths of the garden. Xiang Yi was about to go take a look, but she was sharp enough to notice several figures emerging from the shadows.

The nature of Xiang Li’s profession was special, and Elder Fang and the others were prestigious masters in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine. In short, the manor was full of bodyguards who protected the big shots…

Soon, more than ten disheveled boys were carried over like baby chickens.

“Reporting! Those people had been sneaking around and trying to climb over the wall to barge in!” A person exclaimed sternly.

One of the boys retorted, “Who’s being sneaky!?! Don’t frame us!”

“Why didn’t you go by the main door then? I have a valid reason to suspect you! Speak up, what exactly is your agenda?”

Xiang Yi stood up and said, “I know them.”

Rong Huai and the others were finally released.

“What’s going on? You’re treating us like prisoners, huh?” Rong Huai muttered softly. Looking at Xiang Yi, he immediately felt guilty and muttered softly, “Sister, we don’t mean any harm, we just want to come and see you before we leave…”

After a few hours of engineering work, the boys of Mingxi Boys High School were exhausted.

Most of the children were picked up by their parents.

However, there were also some kids like Rong Huai who did not want to go home but had nowhere else to go.

They had some inexplicable feelings for Xiang Yi, perhaps because they were reliant on someone older.

They felt like they could draw a sense of security from her.

Folding her arms, Xiang Yi asked, “It’s already so late. Are you planning to stay out tonight? All of you, be good and wait here while I go arrange a car to take you home.”

“No need for that! We can hail a cab!” Rong Huai retorted. He was rather aggressive when he decided to be fierce and at first glance, he did seem intimidating.

In the next second…

Rong Huai’s stomach began growling.



The scene was extremely awkward at one point.

Xiang Yi cocked her head away, and after trying to hold it in for a few seconds, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

As soon as she smiled, even the “underlings” Rong Huai brought over began mocking him mercilessly.

Rong Huai’s ears turned red, and he gritted his teeth. “What’s so funny!?! It’s not funny at all!”

Little did he know that all the netizens in the livestream were laughing hysterically.

——[Hahahaha, incompetent but livid.]

——[Brother, you must be shy, huh? I want to see Xiang Yi bully him!]

——[Although I really like it when Xiang Yi is being all meek and gentle in front of her brother, I like it even more when she’s assertive toward a younger boy!]

Xiang Yi finally adjusted her expression and asked, “Ahem, have you guys not had your dinner yet?”

Someone among the crowd said coyly, “It’s too remote here, and there are no eateries nearby either…”

Hearing his words, Xiang Yi said helplessly, “Leave after having dinner. Go to the utility room and get a stool each.”

Rong Huai was reminded of the fact that her arms had gotten all sore from cooking in the afternoon and immediately refuted, “Who wants to eat what you cook!?! I don’t want to eat it at all!”

Someone behind him mocked, “But you ate eight of the buns that sister made in the afternoon… you even finished the seaweed and egg drop soup to the very last drop…”

Rong Huai exclaimed, “Ah, shut up!!”

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