The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 219 - Do You Think the Bunbun’s Second Brother Is Dead?

Chapter 219: Do You Think the Bunbun’s Second Brother Is Dead?

The girl murmured hesitantly. “But, it…it doesn’t have that…”

“What?” Shi Sui responded teasingly. It was unclear whether he really didn’t understand, or if he was just deliberately teasing her.

“You know, that…”

Laughter rang in her ears. The two of them were so close Xiang Yi could almost hear the vibration in his chest.

Their wrists brushed against each other, entwined by an invisible string.

A slight itch.

The irritability of entanglement.

Shi Sui leaned over and turned off their microphones. He whispered a few words in her ear and saw the results as he wished…

The crimson hue of the bunny’s ears was seemingly obvious.

Xiang Yi: …!!

Is that so!!

Xiao Naofu squinted at Xiang Yi in disgust from its hammock as it licked its paw.

Stupid woman!

It’s fine if she can’t tell my gender, but she also can’t tell how evil the two men in the room were!

Especially Shi Sui, that stinky man. He’s worse than a dog!

A few seconds later.

Shi Sui suppressed a chuckle as he said in a low voice, “You get it?”

Xiang Yi mumbled a “mhmm”.

Not far away, Xiang Li loudly flipped his book pages and coldly said, “Is our Bunbun’s hand something you can just hold if you want to?”

Ah, so the hunter becomes the hunted.

Did Shi Sui think Bunbun’s second brother was dead? 🙂

It was then Xiang Yi realized, Shi Sui had been holding her wrist…

She retracted her arm as if she’d just been burned, feeling self-conscious. “I…I’m going to go make a cake. Mentor Yin should be back soon.”

The girl hurriedly retreated into the kitchen.

Shi Sui looked toward Xiang Li, uttering a few silent phrases through his thin lips.

He turned his back to the camera so the audience couldn’t see him, but Xiang Li understood what he was saying with ease ——

[ Don’t be angry, second uncle-in-law ]

In Nancheng, men would only call their wife’s elder brother ‘uncle-in-law’.

Xiang Li ground his teeth silently. I treated you like a brother, but you’re trying to date my sister?

You’re dreaming!

Stretching into the pale mountains a fair distance away from the manor, Sheng Guang had been walking with his wife. He took off his jacket and placed it over her. “Honey, take a break.”

The cameraman followed after them silently.

Ever since returning from Mingxi Boys school, Yin Jiangxue had been in a worrisome state.

She gathered her husband’s jacket around her and sighed. “In this lifetime, some things will just not go your way. Some people don’t get what they ask for, while others have to suffer it. I really… feel sorrow on behalf of those children.”

Yin Jiangxue loved children and had been trying very hard over the years.

First, she had asked physicians all over the city and even prayed to the Buddha.

Still, she wasn’t able to get pregnant.

If she had a child, she would treasure them wholeheartedly.

But how could the parents of the boys…Yin Jiangxue closed her eyes, unable to imagine it anymore.

Gently, Sheng Guang said: “A child is like fate. You can’t force it, so we should just let things happen naturally.”

Yin Jiangxue’s red lips quivered. Perhaps the affairs at Mingxi Boys school had shocked her too much, for she began to speak her mind. “Actually…I’ve asked a master physician to prescribe me a type of medicine that could increase my chance of pregnancy, but it’s quite damaging to the body. I don’t think I’ll be able to act anymore, but I’d like to try it…”

Sheng Guang objected deeply. “No! Your health of utmost priority right now!”

The stream viewers immediately began to curse.

——[Yin Jiangxue, is your brain broken?]

——[What? I don’t understand this kind of woman, why does she HAVE to have a child?]

——[Barf…The man is okay, but this girl can’t be saved! The Qing Dynasty is gone, but you’re still thinking of continuing the bloodline?]

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