The Human Emperor

Chapter 2315 - The Decalight Universal Dampening Formation!

Chapter 2315: The Decalight Universal Dampening Formation!


Grand Supreme and Radiance Supreme bellowed, unleashing all their Stellar Energy to bolster the Supreme Essence Compass in the air.

Their combined strength made the Supreme Essence Compass grow to the size of a mountain as it descended upon Luo Supreme’s men.

This was only one attack, but Essence Supreme, Grand Supreme, and Radiance Supreme had unleashed all their strength without the slightest technique. Essence Supreme clearly wanted to defeat them all in one fell swoop.

Moreover, the Heaven-Earth Life Refining Art did not favor long battles. He only had a few hours of lifespan left. If he could not finish off Luo Supreme and Wang Chong in this time, he might be the one dying here.

“Wang Chong, strike!”

Even Li Xuantu paled at this sight.

Li Xuantu’s face turned grave as he shot out of the halo divine tool and appeared at Wang Chong’s side. The Stellar Energy in his body rumbled with metallic clattering as countless Halos of Spacetime of various sizes appeared in the surroundings. Li Xuantu’s body tensed up like a taut bow as he prepared to strike.

Essence Supreme’s side had three Grotto Heaven realm experts, and the three of them working together with that unique art had unleashed a power equal to four or five Grotto Heaven realm experts.

If Luo Supreme were killed, it would be his and Wang Chong’s turn. In this closed dimension, the two of them would be like fish that had thrown themselves into the net.

In the tense air, just when Li Xuantu was about to attack, Wang Chong’s voice rang out in his ear. “Wait!”

Wang Chong’s eyes flashed as he stared ahead, his voice abnormally calm and collected.

“It’s not that simple. Though Essence Supreme is strong, Luo Supreme isn’t as easy to deal with as you think. He still has some tricks up his sleeve.”

Wang Chong had been staring at Essence Supreme and Luo Supreme this entire time, particularly Luo Supreme, taking in every subtle reaction on his face.

Though the Heaven-Earth Life Refining Art Essence Supreme had used was astonishing, Wang Chong noticed that Luo Supreme remained cool and collected, not showing the slightest panic. This was clearly not the sign of someone who had been taken by surprise.

Moreover, Wang Chong recalled that twisting spatial passage and that massive formation targeted against clones within it. He did not believe that Luo Supreme was so unprepared as he seemed.

As expected, as all the divine warriors panicked and felt that their ends were nigh, Luo Supreme spoke, his voice unperturbed.

“Essence Supreme, you seem to have forgotten that this is my dimension, my world. No one is allowed to act recklessly in my domain without my permission!” Luo Supreme calmly said, a domineering tone to his voice.


His eyes flashed as he stomped forward with his right foot, formless air instantly becoming like solid ground and fiercely shuddering.

This stomp seemed to serve as a signal for an enormous formation to rumble to life and emerge out of thin air. Immediately afterward, tens of thousands of formations were summoned, endless waves of energy surging into the dimension.

These numerous formations centered on Luo Supreme merged together into a massive spatial sealing formation.

The Decalight Universal Dampening Formation!

This was the terrifying formation that Luo Supreme had activated.


The dimension trembled as all things in the world lost their light, darkening the entire region.

The moment Luo Supreme activated this Decalight Universal Dampening Formation, Wang Chong felt an invisible law energy traveling through the air, upon which he felt as if a pair of shackles had been placed on his body, his cultivation level plunging.

Wang Chong was not the only one to be affected. Essence Supreme, Grand Supreme, and Radiance Supreme also began to plunge in power, their destructive flames weakening.

Even Luo Supreme, who presided over the formation, was weakened to a certain extent, though it was much less severe.

“Warning! The invasion of an alien energy has been detected. Would user like to remove it?” The Stone of Destiny’s familiar voice rang out in Wang Chong’s mind.

“Yes!” Wang Chong said after a moment of shock.

“User’s request received. Activating the Power of the Archon of Destiny to expel the influence of external laws.” The Stone of Destiny spoke once more, and an invisible energy burst out from Wang Chong’s forehead and spread out over his body. In less time than it took to blink, Wang Chong felt his body lighten up, freed from the invisible fetters, and his cultivation returned to normal.

“What a powerful formation!” Li Xuantu spoke up, a deep shock in his voice. “It’s able to bind everyone’s Grotto Heaven energy. You were right. Everyone here has underestimated Luo Supreme. It’s impossible to imagine all the tricks he’s laid out in this place in these several thousand years.” There was no doubt that he had also been greatly weakened by Luo Supreme’s formation.

Li Xuantu was a very experienced Grotto Heaven realm expert and had an abundance of knowledge and skills. But this was the first time he had encountered a formation that could bind Grotto Heaven energy.

This sort of power left him deeply shaken.

At that moment, Li Xuantu felt great apprehension for both Essence Supreme and Luo Supreme.

He had believed that their side had the advantage in numbers, but it now seemed that they were actually the weakest side.

If Luo Supreme wanted to avenge An Lushan, then he and Wang Chong might really find it difficult to leave.


Just when Li Xuantu was growing wary of the other two parties in this conflict, a hand lightly pressed on Li Xuantu’s back.

“Don’t panic! Let’s wait and see!”

An invisible energy surged into Li Xuantu’s body.

A moment later, Li Xuantu felt the shackles in his body shatter and his powers return.

Though Li Xuantu was surprised, he quickly understood what was going on. Nodding, he said no more.

On the other end…


As the formation activated, energy surged in from all sides and formed a giant bronze arm above Luo Supreme, which viciously snatched at Essence Supreme’s personal ritual tool.

With a massive boom, the two energies canceled each other out. With the power of his formation, Luo Supreme managed to easily block this attack.

“Bastard! He managed to succeed with it!”

Grand Supreme, Radiance Supreme, and Essence Supreme nastily scowled.

Between above and below was called a room!

Between past and present was an eon!

A room was space, and the eon was time!

The Decalight Universal Dampening Art was an idea Luo Supreme had proposed before his rebellion as a method for suppressing the strength of a Grotto Heaven realm opponent in a fight so that one could rise above other experts of the Grotto Heaven realm.

Before the rebellion, Luo Supreme, Essence Supreme, and the other Supremes were very friendly with each other, and they would often discuss ways of breaking the shackles of the Grotto Heaven realm and reaching an even higher realm.

Once one reached the Grotto Heaven realm, one hit an invisible barrier, a formidable bottleneck. Farther above was the Divine Martial realm represented by Heaven.

But Heaven had been able to become a supreme expert of the Divine Martial realm due to many coincidental factors, and his path could not be replicated. Thus, the twelve Supremes were essentially ‘imprisoned’ in the Grotto Heaven realm, leading to their numerous discussions.

Binding one’s foe was one of the ideas Luo Supreme had proposed, though everyone had laughed at it back then.

This was because each of the twelve Supremes was an existence who had lived for several thousand years, even many epochs. They were all heavenly prodigies with a mastery of spacetime.

The spacetime that mortals could never reach was a plaything in their hands. For Luo Supreme to try to bind them, make them slaves to spacetime once more, was simply laughable.

With a Grotto Heaven Core, one was essentially their own domain and unaffected by external influences.

Luo Supreme’s idea was a delusion that had no chance of happening.

But after so many years of Luo Supreme researching the question alone, he had turned his delusion into reality!

Essence Supreme looked at Luo Supreme and sternly said, “Luo Supreme, I truly underestimated you. After so many years, you even managed to bring this idea to life! It seems that you were already anticipating your betrayal all those years ago!”

He waved his hand, upon which the Supreme Essence Compass shrank into the size of a fist and fell back into his palm.

“Essence Supreme, you are willing to serve Heaven, but that does not mean that everyone is. No one is born a King, and I am only pursuing my desires.

“To reign over the land as King is always better than being a servant or slave. Alas, after so many years, you decided to come to my doorstep,” Luo Supreme coldly said.

“If Heaven’s original body had come, I might have been a little afraid, but just you three want to take my life? You overestimate yourselves.”

Luo Supreme’s face chilled, his words spoken without the slightest courtesy.

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