The Human Emperor

Chapter 1667 - Complete Control!

Chapter 1667: Complete Control!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

There had been a gap in information. The men in black had never known that Wang Chong had replaced Zhangchou Jianqiong in his residence, let alone that Wang Chong possessed such terrifying power.


The leading man in black was the first to run, and close behind were the other Great-General-level experts, their hearts chilling as they used the Void Movement Technique to scatter.

Fleeing together would only ensure that they all died. Scattering was the far superior tactic.

This point had been drilled into their minds long ago.

“Hmph, you only want to leave now?”

Wang Chong couldn’t help but scornfully smile at this sight.

Ever since Zhangchou Jianqiong had been attacked, he had wanted to draw out these men in black to deal with them. It had already been quite a few days since he had started to disguise himself as Zhangchou Jianqiong, and now that he had drawn his enemy out, he wouldn’t just let them run.

“All-Encompassing Heavenly Net!”

Wang Chong stood motionless, showing no intention of chasing down the men in black. He merely extended a fair-skinned palm into the void.

But with this simple action, he seemed to grasp the supreme mechanism of the world, and all the energy in the area began to shift.

Just as those men in black reached the perimeter wall, the skies above the estate began to seethe. All of the energy in the area, including the scattered energy from the previous attacks, congregated on a single point as if guided by an invisible hand.


With no warning whatsoever, a Great-General-level expert to Wang Chong’s left cried in surprise as he was pulled back like a puppet on a string.

Unlike other arts, this massive energy worked directly on the Stellar Energy within this expert, and it felt like he was being pulled back to the earth by his own weight.

The same happened to all the other experts.

With a subtle adjustment of the extended hand, the men in black were all pulled back, not a single one able to escape.

“This is impossible!”

The leading man in black crashed to the ground, and his chest heaved as he stared in disbelief at Wang Chong. The Greater Void Step allowed one to move at inconceivable speeds, so fast that no one could defend against it. The men in black had always been able to escape whenever they wanted to.

But Wang Chong, through some unimaginable method, had snatched them out of the void.

“You want to run from me?”

Wang Chong sneered. After spending so many days waiting for the snake to come out of its hidey-hole, he couldn’t just let it go.

“Just be good and stay!”

Wang Chong’s eyes gleamed with cold light, and the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art erupted with a massive pull. At this moment, all the men in black felt that their energy was fighting to break out of their bodies.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had been improved now that Wang Chong had the Origin Immortal Art, and its power had greatly increased. Besides that, Wang Chong was now in the Subtle realm, so not even peak Great Generals could dream of escaping his grasp.

“Stop him!”

“Everyone, together!”

Seeing that they couldn’t escape, the men in black grew angry, their rage fueling their courage, and they now lunged at Wang Chong.

“Hmph! Futile!”

Wang Chong was like a stolid mountain, fearless in the face of their desperate attacks.


Wang Chong’s Stellar Energy rumbled once more, and the Trayastrimsa Heaven manifested again, but this time, it almost immediately transformed into a golden spear that Wang Chong tossed out.

The Origin Lance!

The was a powerful killing technique of the Origin Immortal Art, gathering all one’s energy into a peerless might that could sunder the earth and pierce the heavens. Such was its sharpness that not even Meteoric Metal could take a blow.


The spear flew with incredible speed, like a bolt of lightning. A man in black took fright, his body transforming into a thin streak of lightning as he vanished into the void in an attempt to dodge the spear.

This man in black moved with incredible speed, and his peak Great General cultivation together with the Void Movement Technique pushed his speed to the very limit, but this was still not enough.

With a thunderous boom, the man in black let out a heart-rending howl of despair. The spear shot him out of the void and pinned him to a wall several dozen meters away, the immense energy shattering both his Stellar Energy and his entire body.

Instantly slain!

Back in the northwest, in the underground palace, not even Wang Chong’s group of powerful martial artists had dared to oppose the Origin Lances of the Origin Immortal disciples, so how could this man in black?

“Number Seven!”

The other men in black were alarmed by this sight. It was one thing for Wang Chong to kill the ordinary men in black, but he had instantly killed a peak Saint Martial expert!

“Kill him!”

The eyes of the men in black turned red. Ordinary people would have long ago broken in terror upon seeing Wang Chong’s might and tried to flee, but these men in black only became more ferocious.

“Greater Void Step!”

“Fire of Mara!”

“Asura Manifestation!”

The men in black turned into dangerous flashes of light, flying around Wang Chong as they unleashed tyrannical flames. Such was the power of their joint attacks that dangerous black chasms appeared in the air.

If these attacks hit, not even a Subtle realm expert would necessarily be able to endure them. But these people were still underestimating Wang Chong’s strength.


Wang Chong blinked away, his body vanishing without warning like a bubble that had risen to the surface of the water as he moved with incredible speed.

Swish! A sharp blade cut through flesh, and the Stellar Energy barrier around a man in black burst apart. At the same time, there was a bloody streak of light, and the expert suddenly had his head separated from his body. The head flew ten-some meters while the rest of the body gushed blood.

“Greater Void Step!”

“How does he know our art?!”

“This is impossible!”

The remaining men in black panicked. None of Wang Chong’s previous attacks had been more shocking than the movement technique he had just used.

The men in black, regardless of their rank, had always had a high opinion of themselves, as if they were gods. They viewed all the martial artists of the mortal world with deep disdain. This was primarily because the martial arts they practiced were extremely bizarre and powerful, far above mortal martial arts.

But now, their target, Wang Chong, had used the Greater Void Step that only they should have known.

Even in their organization, only the greatly favored were rewarded with the right to learn this domineering technique.

This was a source of immense motivation for the men in black.

But Wang Chong was in no mood to reply.

His mind was set, and he would show no mercy.

Swish! In another bloody flash, another man in black was rendered into a headless corpse.

With three supreme techniques and his understanding of the martial arts used by the men in black, Wang Chong didn’t feel threatened in the slightest.

“Let’s end this! Life Execution!”

After killing two peak Great General experts in a row, Wang Chong could easily overwhelm the rest. Wang Chong now used the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, which was even stronger after the instruction he had received from Su Zhengchen.

Boom! The entire region shook, Zhangchou Jianqiong’s residence fiercely shuddering, as a milky-white bolt of Sword Qi that seemed even more dazzling than the sun soared into the sky.

The sundering power of this attack seemed intent on slicing Zhangchou Jianqiong’s residence in half.

The Greater Void Step with the Art of God and Demon Obliteration was like giving a tiger wings. It was more than enough to kill the remaining men in black.


But just when it seemed like those men in black were about to die, the unexpected took place.

There was a golden flash of light, and then a strange figure wearing golden armor inserted himself between Wang Chong and the men in black.

Before anyone could tell what was going on, a golden shield appeared and blocked Wang Chong’s heaven-shaking strike.

Rumble! The clash of Stellar Energies ignited a storm of destructive energy that devastated Zhangchou Jianqiong’s residence. Everything that was above ground level, whether it was the galleries, pavilions, fountains, or trees, was obliterated.

“Who are you?”

Wang Chong’s expression chilled as he stared at the man standing around seventy feet away. A moment ago, he had sensed the familiar energy of a higher dimension, the energy of the Subtle realm!

This was the first time since his return to the capital that he had encountered a Subtle realm expert amongst the men in black.

“The King of Foreign Lands truly has excellent martial arts. It seems like you greatly benefited from your journey to the northwest!”

The man on the other side wore a black robe, with his torso and shoulders covered by golden armor, and a golden helmet depicting a fierce Vajra covered his head. His first words gave Wang Chong pause.

The men in black from before didn’t seem to have a very high rank, and they seemed to have known nothing about the events in the northwest. But this man was different. Not only was he a Subtle realm expert, he had a clear understanding of the events that had transpired there.

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